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      Members Only Fluid Forum View   08/08/2017

      Fluid forum view allows members only to get right to the meat of this community; the topics. You can toggle between your preferred forum view just below to the left on the main forum entrance. You will see three icons. Try them out and see what you prefer.   Fluid view allows you, if you are a signed up member, to see the newest topic posts in either all forums (select none or all) or in just your favorite forums (select the ones you want to see when you come to Fishing Minnesota). It keeps and in real time with respect to Topic posts and lets YOU SELECT YOUR FAVORITE FORUMS. It can make things fun and easy. This is especially true for less experienced visitors raised on social media. If you, as a members want more specific topics, you can even select a single forum to view. Let us take a look at fluid view in action. We will then break it down and explain how it works in more detail.   The video shows the topic list and the forum filter box. As you can see, it is easy to change the topic list by changing the selected forums. This view replaces the traditional list of categories and forums.   Of course, members only can change the view to better suit your way of browsing.   You will notice a “grid” option. We have moved the grid forum theme setting into the main forum settings. This makes it an option for members only to choose. This screenshot also shows the removal of the forum breadcrumb in fluid view mode. Fluid view remembers your last forum selection so you don’t lose your place when you go back to the listing. The benefit of this feature is easy to see. It removes a potential barrier of entry for members only. It puts the spotlight on topics themselves, and not the hierarchical forum structure. You as a member will enjoy viewing many forums at once and switching between them without leaving the page. We hope that fluid view, the new functionality is an asset that you enjoy .

    You know what we all love...

    When you enchant people, you fill them with delight and yourself in return. Have Fun!!!

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Jeremy airjer W

Week 15 Winner

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Congratulations this week to Reef Runner who not only gets the weekly win but is the only team to score more than 300 points this week!! Denny Hamlin's team turning things around probably helped a bit, right reef? grin

Reef Runner 336

Capt.Blaine © 297

wyldewal © 295

Harmonica Bear 287

mnwildman 285

musky999 281

gregg52 ® 276

Rip_Some_Lip 275

mnhunter 274

wally20 271

2 by 4 and 1 by 2 268


jwhjr 267

HOF#13 266

JAR JAR ® 265

PikeBayCommanche 263

BigDave2 ® 263

Airjer 259

Papa Grump 259

eye8pout2 ® 258

BEAST/smoke20 254

BlueLundFisherman ® 254

SledNeck ® 254

Cheeser 248

Sprinter ® 245

Uncle Bill 244

legend 89 242

Harvey Lee © 242

The Pro ® 242

Bass N Spear ® 240

hanronson ® 237

jbell1981 235

88fan ® 234

Yaggie 233

2dog 232

thorski ® 231

scottstein ® 230

huckfin ® 229

metrojoe 228

Johnsonator 226

Twinlake ® 226

Double D 226

RosoRiverRat 225

Tunrevir1 224

juneau4 224

Fishing_Novice 223

BpAki987 ® 221

TNFL 219

Sutty 217

takem34 ® 215

Iron Cowboys 213

bbqhead 213

BK19 ® 212

1lkstage 212

amp88 ® 210

delzz7 210

walleyes12 ® 207

elevatorguy ® 205

eric29 ® 197

highlife2008 ® 194

fishinchicks 190

DDT26 178

Trick ® 167

shiner2367 163

SoldierGirl 150


Sifty 133

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Overall Points

The rookie hits 9 weeks in a row with a pretty comfortable cushion over second place!!

1 BpAki987 ® 4,302

2 Fishing_Novice 4,144

3 jbell1981 4,132

4 Rip_Some_Lip 4,130

5 BEAST/smoke20 4,127

6 Airjer 4,120

7 Iron Cowboys 4,089

8 Reef Runner 4,083

9 PikeBayCommanche 4,031

10 eye8pout2 ® 4,030

11 Cheeser 4,027

12 DDT26 4,025

13 legend 89 4,016

14 mnwildman 4,015

15 Sifty 4,000

16 Harvey Lee © 3,995

17 HOF#13 3,987

18 metrojoe 3,986

19 BlueLundFisherman ® 3,985

20 2 by 4 and 1 by 2 3,970

20 Yaggie 3,970

22 Papa Grump 3,964

23 musky999 3,948

24 Johnsonator 3,943

25 elevatorguy ® 3,940

26 The Pro ® 3,934

27 Tunrevir1 3,931

28 huckfin ® 3,917

29 SledNeck ® 3,908

30 gregg52 ® 3,898

31 88fan ® 3,893

32 BK19 ® 3,880

33 bbqhead 3,869

34 LMITOUT88 3,868

35 walleyes12 ® 3,864

36 mnhunter 3,860

37 wally20 3,847

38 jwhjr 3,841

39 1lkstage 3,834

40 Capt.Blaine © 3,826

41 Sprinter ® 3,812

42 TNFL 3,801

43 RosoRiverRat 3,783

44 juneau4 3,781

45 fishinchicks 3,776

46 amp88 ® 3,759

47 scottstein ® 3,752

48 Bass N Spear ® 3,743

49 Harmonica Bear 3,703

50 hanronson ® 3,702

51 JAR JAR ® 3,699

52 delzz7 3,676

53 Twinlake ® 3,611

54 Double D 3,606

55 2dog 3,591

56 Uncle Bill 3,583

57 eric29 ® 3,573

58 Sutty 3,561

59 BigDave2 ® 3,522

60 takem34 ® 3,511

61 thorski ® 3,493

62 SoldierGirl 3,448

63 Trick ® 3,426

64 MEANEY 3,412

65 shiner2367 3,377

66 wyldewal © 3,259

67 highlife2008 ® 2,988

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Rank Changes

BpAki987 ® 0

Fishing_Novice 0

jbell1981 0

Rip_Some_Lip +4

BEAST/smoke20 0

Airjer +1

Iron Cowboys -3

Reef Runner +8

PikeBayCommanche +4

eye8pout2 ® +2

Cheeser -1

DDT26 -3

legend 89 -2

mnwildman +6

Sifty -9

Harvey Lee © -1

HOF#13 +4

metrojoe -4

BlueLundFisherman ® 0

2 by 4 and 1 by 2 +5

Yaggie -3

Papa Grump +2

musky999 +6

Johnsonator -2

elevatorguy ® -7

The Pro ® 0

Tunrevir1 -4

huckfin ® -1

SledNeck ® +4

gregg52 ® +4

88fan ® -1

BK19 ® -4

bbqhead -1


walleyes12 ® -4

mnhunter +1

wally20 +3

jwhjr +3

1lkstage -4

Capt.Blaine © +6

Sprinter ® +1


RosoRiverRat 0

juneau4 0

fishinchicks -8

amp88 ® -1

scottstein ® 0

Bass N Spear ® 0

Harmonica Bear +3

hanronson ® 0


delzz7 -3

Twinlake ® 0

Double D 0

2dog +1

Uncle Bill +2

eric29 ® -2

Sutty -1

BigDave2 ® +5

takem34 ® 0

thorski ® +1

SoldierGirl -3

Trick ® 0


shiner2367 0

wyldewal © 0

highlife2008 ® 0

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Congratulations ReefRunner!

I was away all weekend and didn't get to see or hear the race. Maybe a good thing, too, as this was my worst week so far! I might have been a little grumpy. whistle

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YEA! I finally did it!!! It only took a year and a half but I finally got my first, first.

Hey thanks for setting this league up Airjer. It has been a blast!! I had never watched a race before last year and now, I don't miss a one. Well,……. I might be napping during the race, but that is what the DVR is for. Thanks again.

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Nice week and win. I have no idea how to pick the pool C drivers anymore. Its close to zero for me every week there.

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Nice week and win. I have no idea how to pick the pool C drivers anymore. Its close to zero for me every week there.

I just hope they at least finish in the top thirty! blush

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • While the southern half of the state saw some significant rainfall and even some flooding this week, areas of northern Wisconsin received up to nearly a foot of new snow. Snowmobile trails remain in good to excellent condition in nearly 20 of the most northern tier counties on the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's Snow Conditions Report (exit DNR). Cross-Country Ski Trail Conditions are also good to excellent across the north.Cross-country ski trails are in excellent condition at Pattison State Park, which received nearly a foot of snow this week. The park is hosting a Winterfest on Saturday.Photo credit: Gervase Thompson A kids fisheree on Lake Noquebay in Marinette County last weekend produced some very nice fish including perch, crappie, bluegill, walleye, northern, and trout. The lake ice was nearly 2 feet thick. There have been good northern pike catches on the back waters of the Wolf River on tip ups baited with a shiner.Whitefish fishing has remained pretty decent up and down the entire Bay of Green Bay. Some anglers are targeting perch too but with moderate to poor success. Whitefish were still being caught off the Oconto breakwater in decent numbers. Toward the end of the week only anglers from Sawyer Harbor had good luck and were able to come in with their limits of whitefish after a half day out on the ice. Anglers fishing the Fox River at Voyageurs park report fishing slowed with a few walleyes and whitefish still being caught. .
    • The Peacock Bass has been on my fishing bucket list since I first saw a picture of one when I was in elementary school. I don't think I'll make it to the Amazon anytime soon so when our Florida vacation was booked I made it a point to get to SE Florida and chase these beautiful specimens! For our adventure we went out near Miami, FL with local guide Captain Scott Rose. He shared a lot of information about this unique fishery and put us on both numbers and quality fish. Our Biggest 5 weighed in at 20.5lbs! This trip was something I won't soon forget.    
    • I can recall,   farther back than you think, of running into one now and then and finding one inn a trap from time to time. And this was MORE than fifty years ago,  so they've been around a while. Maybe just an uptick in the population in southern MN.
    • For any of you that have ever had a desire to do any sledding in the Black Hills... This is definitely the year to do it. This is by far the most snow that I have seen out there. On most years, you can get lucky to ride either the Northern or Southern hills... This year both are awesome and the meadows are full! I am hoping to get out there once more before the end of the month.
    • Yeah, but somewhere in Iowa there is an imaginary line where the ratio of road kill flips from possums towards coons.   Their fur is pretty thin.   Had one under the deck a few winters ago that would literally shiver as he scavenged bird seed.  Missing a handful of toes, some bits of ear, and the end of his tail was black from frostbite.   About 20 years ago, I plowed my first armadillo in southern Missouri with the car.   Now it's about 50/50 on roadkill whether its a possum or a dillo.   They made their way up from Texas I guess.
    •   They have been hanging in there for the last couple decades in tropical Rochester area.   
    •   Too many variables. Impact strength, airflow setting and wear factors, air pressure variance,  lubrication habits, and of course the operator. It's very easy to exceed what the stick is rated for. Not break the lugs next time tight, but maybe a free brake pulsation 2-3 months down the road after the rotor is distorted and runout turns into thickness variation.  I always use a size smaller with the impact turned all the way down and frequently have less than a 1/8 of a turn left to go. I will even tailor how heavy I pull the trigger and ALWAYS follow up with a torque wrench.     Left hand lugs was an old Mopar trick. Knowing about them does date you!                   
    • Had a 69 Dodge Charger that had left and right hand lug nuts. Was pretty much a Dodge/Chrysler thing
    • Broom and shovel then Shop Vac in the spring if it's real heavy. Or leaf blower to spread out on the yard to break down if lighter. The cardinals are preferring the white millet on the ground right now 3 to 1 where I live. The other feed I am using is sunflower and safflower. 
    • I did that with some stale Christmas almonds, Blue jays found them and took all off them and deposited in the crotches of nearby tree branches. The nuts weren't out long, then they were gone.
  • MWO