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Peep sight and front sights

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Good Morning,

I have a Darton vapor bow I have been shooting for 2 years now i do very good groupings and have taken one deer. I always did have one problem when I look through the PEEP sight the 10 yard pin is obstructed by the curve on the bow right above. The pins are moved all the way up on the fron sight. I was looking through some tips and it says to close your eyes and anchor and you should be right on your peep sight. Well when I did this I end up noticing that my eye is right on the front sights but my peep sight seems to be 2 to 3 inches TOO HIGH! I think this is why my front sights are obstructed.

Does anyone know how long it takes and how much it costs to move my peep sight down. After that ill go and sight in my bow. Another thing is that when I do close my eyes relax and anchor i always end up in the same place (of course below the peep sight) but i see that my vision of the front sights is a whole lot better.

where can I take my bow to get the peep sight moved?

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If you shoot a release then it should be pretty easy for you.

Any pro shop should be able to do it pretty cheap and it should only take a few minutes to move the peep and set it.

If you want to do a quick test, try shooting without your peep. Put a piece of tape on your string and use that as your anchor point so that your eye lines up below the peep. You don't need a peep to shoot but you could test it out and see if your pins move down for you.

If that works then go get your peep reset.

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