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MN Shutterbug

A few unique ones

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A friend and I went over to Waubay, SD yesterday afternoon for something a bit different. It's an amazing area. Many years ago, this area had way too much rain and some small lakes met up and formed one huge one, called Waubay Lake. Besides the lake, if you travel the gravel roads just outside of the town of Waubay, you can't drive 1/2 mile without seeing sloughs. There are many roads that are closed, due to the roads being under water. However, it's at the end of these roads where much of the wildlife will be found. I spent a lot of time driving in reverse, due to the roads being too narrow to turn around on. Also, many of the birds aren't quite as flighty, due to the limited amount of traffic they see.

I was almost wishing I would have had my canoe with, as the Grebes were a long ways out and this was at the end of a closed road that ended at a large bay of the lake. When we got to this area, there wasn't hardly a ripple on the water. The only problem is, when we left town, the winds were gusting well over 40 mph. It was after a brief storm went thru, that everything calmed way down.

My new bird ID books sure came in handy, after I got the photos on the computer. Many of these I had never seen, let alone photographed.

There is nothing that exciting in this series, but I believe there are at least a couple birds here that haven't been shown on this forum, at least not recently.

Western Grebe


Black Tern


Black Tern in flight


American Avocet (notice water droplet at end of beak.)



Semipalmated Sandpiper digging thru the mud.



Marbled Godwit


Looks like a worm wrapped around his beak.


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Looks like a fun afternoon, great variety as well!

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What a nice series, and a nice adventure too.

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Looks like you had a great trip. Those Avocets are neat looking birds.

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