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Beach bar walleye Tourney

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Who won this tournament last Saturday?

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Turk and Scott won it with about 19lbs. Kinda a tough day for a 10 fish bag tourney.

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    • My dad and I started fishing Thursday morning out of Warner.  Started in 14 fow.  Made 2 moves in that same depth and caught about 10 before 10:00.  After that we made a move out to the big ridge in 17-18 fow.  We sat in one spot the rest of the day and caught 24 more walleye in that same spot.   Biggest one of the day was 23".  All the rest were 13-17".  Rattle baits worked the best, but we caught some on spoons in a neighboring hole too.  Ended the day with 34 walleye between the 2 of us.   Friday we started in 14 fow again and caught 7-8, and then moved to the ridge again.  The ridge was slower.  I went back to the landing to get my wife and Uncle and the rest of the day we bounced around in shallower 14-10 fow.  Only caught 24 walleye all day, no big ones.   Saturday we started in 14 fow again, caught 10 and then moved out the big ridge.  Fishing right on the ridge was slow, so we moved out about 200-300 yards North (across) the ridge.  We lucked upon an active school of fish and sat in that spot making small 20-30 yard moves the rest of the day.  Ended up with 71 fish between the 4 of us.  Biggest was a 28.5" and had 2 at 24" as well.   Sunday we could only fish half the day, so we went back to the spot with the active fish from the day before. I didn't get a total number from all of us before we left, but I had 25 walleye just myself from 830-1230.  Biggest on Sunday was 29" with a 27" as well.  Would have been a great day if we were able to fish all day.   The big ridge in 17-18 fow is the biggest ridge that we found. Kind of runs SE-NW. It was very active with the warmer weather, lots of ice movement.  Saturday was tough to find a place to get back across in the dark.  We had an extension on the augers, and really didn't need it, but it was more comfortable than bending over and burying the powerhead in the slush.  We had quads and travel was very rough on Thursday and Friday morning, but got better by Sunday.  We were moving slow, 10 mph.  Lots of melt on Friday afternoon and Saturday.  The ice is very dirty.  Especially around the rough ice areas.  If all the snow melts off and the sun beats on that dirty ice, the top portion could get pretty bad quickly.  My auger blades were very run down by Sunday morning. Firetiger and brighter green rattle baits worked best, tipped with half a minnow.  Caught some fish maybe 20% on something other than a rattle bait.    We are heading up again late March....if the ice is still good!  Any questions feel free to ask!
    •   They don't do this anymore?  
    • I wouldn't be surprised to see Fletch pull something during the "break". That would give that person time to come in and get acclimated to the surroundings. I am sure the players will be having some "skates" along the way, but no organized team activities. They cannot even practice until after 5:00 the day before their first game back! That is why the results are so poor coming out. Its one thing to skate, scrimmage-like, but practice is a completely different animal and I am pretty sure the players are not going to voluntarily "bag skate". I think this is a big night tonight. Go into the break on a high note. Wouldn't be shocked if Kuemper started, but I would expect Dubnyk.   The Hawks will play 2 games while the Wild are on the break, this would put them at 3 games in hand. 7 pts up right now. They play the Yotes and Blues. I would expect 4 pts there. If the Hawks win tonight that lead is down to 1, but we would have the 3 games in hand. I think this is a must win type game. We want to win the division and kick the Hawks down a peg. They still scare me come playoff time, but this team has the best chance in their history to make some real noise in the playoffs.  
    •   You've heard of the Whiskey Rebellion, I assume.   One of the first examples of federalism.   The Washington administration's suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion met with widespread popular approval.[112] The episode demonstrated that the new national government had the willingness and ability to suppress violent resistance to its laws. It was, therefore, viewed by the Washington administration as a success, a view that has generally been endorsed by historians.[113] The Washington administration and its supporters usually did not mention, however, that the whiskey excise remained difficult to collect, and that many westerners continued to refuse to pay the tax.[33] The events contributed to the formation of political parties in the United States, a process already underway.[114] The whiskey tax was repealed after Thomas Jefferson's Republican Party came to power in 1801, which opposed the Federalist Party of Hamilton and Washington.[115]
    •   Danged tootin' it was, Del-o-rama!    Sure, I no longer drink, and they finally change the law....thought it woulda been 20 years ago. That was one of the most asinine ones we've had yet. 
    •   I am concerned about the $$$. Near $20 trillion in debt and rising along with deficits predicted to rise and more and more people becoming dependent on some kind of government assistance makes me so. I'm as fiscal hawkish as you can get because math always wins,eventually, over good intentions, religious beliefs, and emotionalism. It's one of the main reasons I didn't vote for Trump. I am waiting to see his first budget proposal if he can eventually get around to it between his Tweeting and whining. If he eventually does make real budget cuts and proves me wrong, he'll get my vote in 2020 but time will tell. Both the welfare and warfare state will need slashing   Someone mention further increase in automation. It will be interesting to see how that effects these programs and government spending over time. Taxing robots probably won't work but they will mean fewer workers will be needed, especially low and mid skilled workers, to do the same job.
    • Sweet!  Ill be posting a report from our 3.5 day trip over the weekend.  In the Canada section.    Question for you.....we saw a Cadillac Escalade with tracks and a big walleye decal on it.....was that the Blackwater Cats guys?
    •   So the pee pee video stuff will or won't come out...?
    • Just blows my mind to be honest why we allow such a good state to be so far behind in regards to laws. Why we can't use more than one rod in summer is crazy..
    • Jim, I have an Ion and love it but given the choice today I can understand your hesitation in the decision. I'm not sure I wouldn't lean toward the Fuel and KDrill. Reverse is a must so Strikemaster would be out for sure. Reverse isn't the end all for cleaning slush, I still use a slush copter, but it does allow you to clear the slush on the drill and not have to bring it all up into the house. Either way you'll have a great combination. The Fuel drill is a nice thing to have around, it's a drop dead brute, unlike anything else out there!
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