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797 SI Settings

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I just put the 797 on the boat and have had it on the water a couple times. Dredding going to through the owners manual, owell. Does anyone have any advice on settings before I dive into it. Thanks

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Factory defaults are very good, till you get to learn the unit better. Ive had mine 18 months, and still mess with some settings.

Factory default

2dsonar 83/200 khz

side scan range, 100 feet or less, depending on what you are looking for. larger targets can use larger range, smaller targets require smaller range.

This will get you so you can use the unit. anything else is simply a matter of personal preference. Be sure to set up your 3 shortcut buttons for the selected views.

Other than side imaging, shaded depth is the 2nd most important item Ive found to be useful.

The manual is somewhat daunting, but keep in mind, that it is printed in 3 languages, so theres really only a third of the book that is important.

Now is not the time to really get to know your unit, if you intend on fishing intesively. Turn it on, change the few select settings I indicated and go have fun.


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I would second that setting the SI to 100 feet or less will definitely help. I use 100 feet almost all the time. The colored depth is nice too. Also depending on how hard/soft bottom is from lake to lake you may need to turn the SI gain up from 10 to as high as 20 to see good detail in softer bottoms. Have fun. You will love it. It just may take a while to get good at reading/understanding what you are seeing but that is half the fun.

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