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Shooting without sights

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I recently started shooting an older wood compound bow that doesn't have sights. It is really fun and quite challenging, much different than shooting with releases, fiber optic sights, stabilizers, and all the other technological advances I have grown accustomed to. Which brings me to my question. Does anyone have any tips on shooting conventionally? I am specifically looking for tips on aiming accurately consistently. I know there is no substitute to practice, I just wnat to make sure I am efficiantly using my time.


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The first question I have for you is what is your shooting experience? It sounds like you do from your fist post, but not knowing you, I just like to know how much fundementals are there.

If you have the fundamentals down, your body and your brain will take over the rest. At that point you have to trust the shot. Like you said, practice, practice, practice.

Untill then, make sure you have a good backstop. Then FOCUS. Concentrate on a single spot, an arrow hole in the target as upposted to the entire target. "Aim small miss small" is the key. If you can look at nothing except the point you want that arrow to be, I mean burn a hole threw that spot, your arrow will hit it. (it does take some time to refine things, it may not be immediate)

"Shooting without sights" or "Instictive" shooting is a lot like thowing a baseball or football at a target. You are not sure how you're able to do it, but you do. And with practice you can do it every time.

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I have been shooting for about three years now. Once spring hits, I spend about three to four hours a week shooting in the backyard and at parks. I like to think I have the fundamantals down. I feel very comfortable shooting and hitting my target at ditances out to 45 to 60 yards.

I like your comparison to throwing a baseball. I can definitely see how it is the same. I will give your suggestion of aiming small a shot. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. Look forward to hearing more.

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i guess i have never heard of people shooting somewhat modern equipment without the modern accesories. i know of two guys that shoot new compound bows with sights, but no peep sight, or release. they are really good shots as well. i guess once you have the basic fundementals down, and do things consistently, you can do such things.

I guess I just take all of todays gadgets and accessories for granted, and use them to the best of my ability.

I have noticed something such as keeping one eye closed helps me focus on my target and sights much better, however, shooting open sights on a rifle or smokepole, i need both eyes open. may seem weird, but that is how i consistently shoot all of my equipment

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Shooting W/O sights is definately a two eye's open activity.

Another suggestion I have is this...

Start close. I mean 5-10 yards close. Some who start down this path will say start @ 2 yards, I say 5. But close is the key. It can be very frustrating not hitting anything at distance, so start close and move when you are ready.

When you get it down, and it is old hat, you will literaly not have to worry about distance. I very rarely even think about it between 0 and 40 yards. I am confident I can hit the target. I know guys who regularly shoot out to 70-80 yards w/o sights. Remember your brain subconciosly (sp) does the work for you. Just FOCUS, point, and shoot.

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i guess i have never heard of people shooting somewhat modern equipment without the modern accesories.

I listened to an outdoors podcast once that had Ted Nugent on as a guest and he claimed he shot a deer thru the heart at 70 paces without sights. He rambled on how he does about "being one with the bow" and "being part of the natural realm in the spirit of the wild" and all that kind of talk he does but as much as he shoots I believe him.

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