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Replacing Vinyl Shutters on Vinyl Siding

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Alrighty then...

I have a house built in 2000. The original owners put up some cheapo Vinyl shutters that have now already faded into a pinkish mess.

Anyway, I am planning on ordering new ones from a place here in town. They have a 40 year guarantee against fading...YAY.


My house is Vinyl over that wafer board stuff (forgot actual name)wrapped in Tyvek I am assuming it would be best to plug the holes that the shutter screws put into the wafer board.

Would it be better to put like Tyvek tap under the siding? or just plug the hole with Silicone caulking?Maybe just laying the shutters on top of the other and lining up the holes?

I dont know. I am a pretty inexperienced homeowner if you couldnt tell.

Thanks in advance

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you could tape the holes in the tyvek beneath the siding w/ tape, but personally I would just throw some clear caulk in the old holes and try to line up new shutters in the same as the old. your vinyl siding may not be as faded under thoseold ones. 40 Years against fading??? wow pick as lite of a color that you can. the darker the color the faster the fading.

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You'll have to pull the siding off to tape the holes. Now you have more holes.

Use your old shutter as a template for the holes in the new shutter.

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The new shutters with be the same size as the old so lining them up would be possible.

I would just have to make sure I mark the shutters upon removal.

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