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tilt/trim burning fuses

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I just pulled the old '81 Glastron out of the shed. When I put it away (2 years ago) the power tilt/trim had quit working out on the lake. I traced it down to a burned fuse. In order to get it on the trailer and back home, I just put a little piece of tin foil in to jump it. had no problems. put it away, didn't get it out last year, now this year, I bought some new fuses, put one in....nothing, another.....nothing. looking at the fuses, it looks like it is burning them out right away. It had a new selanoid (sp) put in the year it first blew the fuse. Any ideas????? is this going to cost me an arm an a leg?? I did start it up and it still purrs like a kitten. the boat and motor are both '81. up until the selanoid, we had not had the boat in the shop for any reason....and this thing has been used plenty in it's day!!! still looks almost as good as it did the day dad pulled it off the showroom floor in '81!! Let me know your thoughts on the tilt/trim issue. thanks!! hoping to be able to get it out this weekend.

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Sounds like you have a dead short... I'd follow the wires from the relay to the motor and make sure they're not rubbed through or pinched.

If that's not the case then it's likely in the tilt and trim motor.


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