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need help finding motor's model #

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Hey guys. I just recently purchased what I was told was either a older Johnson or Evinrude 35 HP long shaft tiller. The motor has been camo painted over, so I don't know if it is a Johnson or Evinrude. The guy who sold me the motor gave me the operation and maintenance manual for OMC Models AM-35b and AML-35B. This book is about 3/4 of an inch thick and has detailed instructions on how to do repair work to the motor.

I need to get a new lower unit for this motor, so I need to find out the model # for the year and all that good stuff. On the transom mount of the motor there is a small rectangular piece of metal that reads exactly this....

"Outboard Engine, MARS

NCSC Spec 1081-001A

MSN# 2905-01-118-1275

CONTR# N61331-84D-0047

MFR Outboard Marine Corp

Serial # E6143954"

Shouldnt there be a model number included in this information? Can you tell anything from those numbers? None of them look like the traditional Johnson model numbers for their motors.

I can post pics if that would help

Can anybody lead me in the right direction for finding the model number?

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Any idea what the history on this engine is?

A search on google under MARS, as it relates to the military (which is kind of what the rest of the numbers on the tag look like, military related), shows mars stands for Military Amphibious Reconnaissance System

Where they used a long shaft 35hp engine with a jet drive on the bottom:


I would try and contact Johnson Directly with your serial number and see if they have record of what the model number is, since you won't find it anywhere else on the motor.


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Wow that's kind of weird. What could the military have possibly been doing with those jet drives? That is really interesting. I might possibly have a antique on my hands here!

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