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Swamped One !!!

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Was over to the Wisconsin trails this weekend. After

a couple days of riding, I jumped into a big ole

mud hole and had the misfortune of getting a wave

of water come up into my airbox. The machine died

slowly and there was was a massive smoke cloud

that came from my 750 BruteForce. Dang it.

We dragged it back and cleaned everything out that

we could get to. We pulled plugs and observed all was

well with piston travel. The same with the valves

everything was moving okay. There had been oil

mixed in with the junk under the air filter,

but we think it came from the back pressure and was

driven up there from the crankcase breather tube.

We added SeaFoam and done two oil changes so far.

The unit starts up as easily as ever, idle is fine

(no misses). The power band has no loss and there

is no smoke from the exhaust.

I did have a FI error once so far (fuel injector),

but no noticable effect to operational status. Also

had the overtemp indicator come on after some

60MPH bursts. These went away after letting the

machine sit for a short while with the fan running.

(The cause is probably mud in the fins of the radiator)

Anything else I should be doing to help in recovering

the Brute???

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Yeah, I already have a clean dipstick. Can't get over

how easy the water/mud went into the air box!! I am

surfing for a quick snorkel or upgrade to remedy

the factory junk that they put on a sport machine.

I barely got my feet wet for cripes sake. Air box

looked like I took it off and submerged it in the

stinking mud hole..GGRRRRRRR

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Luckily you didn't end up with a hydraulic seizure. You could've have been looking at a total rebuild of the motor.

Running a couple more oil changes through the Brute would be a good idea.

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That's what we thought had happened at first. One of

the guys along, said he had a Polaris do it and it

blew out both cases of the motor. He was telling me

1800 to 3000 bucks to fix mine. Another guy and me had it

running in four hours!! These V twins by Kawi are the

SHEEEZZZ. I ain't gonna push my luck anymore. Got to

be less wild around the muck and water!!

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It was going to cost me $3000 to rebuild my KFX700 motor after a little mishap. Insurance totaled the machine instead. So your buddies guess was a good one.

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You may want to check the front and rear end incase any water got in the breather hose on them as well, but you would have had to be under water a bit for much to get in there!

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I think we're okay there, it wasn't very deep at all.

Kinda too much power at entry kind of thing. The guys

wanted a picture (I didn't anticipate the smoke show)

of me hitting it. I think I have since learned,

the machine's limitations in the wet stuff!!!

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I'd drive it like you stole it for an hour or more. I sank my wheeler and after a couple oil changes the oil looked good. then I ran it hard for an hour and immediately dropped the oil, it was milky. get it hot enough for any residual water to vaporize and mix with the oil and go out the exhaust and you'll be good to go!!! I can't tell the difference between now and before I sank my wheeler. it was brand new at the time, only had 60 mile on it!!

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Originally Posted By: Ryan_V
only had 60 mile on it!!

Ryan, nice break in!! laugh

yeah, that wasn't a good day!!! had the dealer go over it and did most things they recommended, even though it may not have been necessary!! since it was new i figured an extra few hundred bucks would be worth it. I now go AROUND the big water holes!!!

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Update on the Brute. Brought it out on Saturday.

I wanted to see if I still got a temp indicator

coming on after 60MPH runs. Yup...still coming

on. In fact, losing top end speed now (only 52

MPH fully pegged).This time there was something

definetely wrong with power band. Didn't sound

quite right either. Sort of a burping sound

at acceleration instead of a nice VROOM like before.

After the last run up on the hardtop, with the temp

indicator on, I wasn't able to go much over 10MPH

without hearing the strange noise. Shut her down

so as not to damage further. We will be doing some

compression tests in the next couple days, as well

as checking with the insurance man!!!

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I'm not 100% certain, but is the limp mode tied in with the temp sensor as well as the belt sensor?

This might explain the 10 mph.

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I suppose it is a possibility??

No belt light was observed during this time??

The belt housing was dry when the plug was pulled.

Before the incident, there was never any temp

indicator problem and the power band was such

you could never keep it pegged..too much power.

I am leaning towards a head gasket. The temp

indicator only comes on when you really push the

machine, never at the lower speeds?? Will know more

when the compression test is done. I opted

out of the extended warranty, so I am kinda stuck

with fixing it on my buck now. I will float your

idea of the limp mode, by some others..Thanx

With my earlier experiences with Hopkins H.P.'s

service department, I wouldn't ever bring it

back there again anyway.

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