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FREE - Limit Creek Rod

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No purchase necessary.

You can join the HSO Club and if you are not Staff here you are eligible to win a FREE Limit Creek Rod.

Just put a post in The HSO Club in the FREE Limit Creek Rod Thread that includes your first name. That's all there is to it. You can join the HSO Club and enter to win the Limit Creek Rod listed below by clicking here.

That's all there is to it.

Or you may enter by printing this post, signing it and mailing it along with your full name, address, e-mail address and phone number. You must include a self addressed, stamped envelope enclosed. Send it to Limit Creek Rod Entry, 565 23rd St NE. Owatonna MN 55060. It must all be received by May 22 2009. One entry per household and you must be 18 or older.

Limit Creek Rod's will donate one 8' 3" Medium-Light Limit Creek Power Spinning Rod.

Serious walleye anglers go to long leaders (many over ten feet long) to trigger ol' marble eye to bite when the walleye bite gets tough. But hooking these fish is hard with standard length rods, and the long rods on the market are a pain, two pieces, clunky, and not suitable for finesse walleye fishing. We've got the solution, the LCSE83MLF.

This spinning model is 8'3", an extremely sensitive medium light rod with a fast action. It is what you want to detect walleye bites, plus the rod slides down in size to 6'4", and extends back to 8'3" (the rod blank slides into the handle). No more headaches and tangles that come with setting up and taking down two piece rods, this model is fast to set up and once retracted to 6'4", easy for rod storage in any locker.

This rod is not just a great design in function and ease of use, but has numerous fish catching reasons for its creation. The model excels at driving hooks home when livebait rigging for walleye where conditions call for a long 8 to 14 foot leaders. Here the extra length creates more leverage due to a much larger hook sweep given by the 8'3" length. Sweep that tip high in the sky, and you'll pick up the slack in a heartbeat - fish on! Plus the extra length makes netting fish far easier.

With the extra length the model is great at deadsticking by moving the bait further from the boat, giving your actively fished rod more space. This same extra length makes the LCSE83MLF a great rod for spreading out the lines, and when positioning two of these rods on the edge of the boat, fishing four lines is easy, with minimal tangles. Just like driving hooks home with long leaders, the extra leverage makes hooking fish while slip bobber fishing easy and deadly.

If you are a serious walleye fisherman or a tournament walleye angler, this rod will flat out put more fish in the boat when using the above presentations.

Limit Creek Rods

Limit Creek Products - Click Here


You can join the HSO Club and enter to win this rod by clicking here.

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