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Water Temps and the Pike Spawn

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Hey guys, does anyone have any idea what the water temps are for pike in order for them to stage/pre-spawn, what the temp range is for them to spawn, and what they are for them to start post-spawn, and what the temperature is for them to finish the spawn totally and move on to summer patterns?

Sorry if that was a little wordy, basically can anyone give me the temperature (ranges) where pike start

Prespawn/Staging for the spawn


Finish Spawning/Post-spawn

Move out to open water/begin their summer patterns.

Thanks guys!

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34 degrees answers about the first 3, as they spawn right at ice out usually (giving them a head start on all other fish species). They won't move into the deeper water until temps start getting up over 60. Ideal water temps for pike are about 55 degrees, so they'll hang out there if they can find water that temperature.

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ive noticed that after ice out for about 4-6 weeks they stay in the shallows or adjacent drop offs/ledges to the shallow flats were the water is warmed buy the sun, mostly in bay were the fish will get sun most of the day. then post, they stay out in the deeper water still adjacent to were theyve spawned. like nick said when the water warms up to much the big girls move deep for the summer, and the hammer handle stay shallow. the only exeption to this is when there is a spring, or tributary that keeps the water cool. in addition below dams are always a different story cause the water usally cool. not very specific for temps but at 57-60 I find them in 8-15 fow, them when late june-july rolls around the big females go deep and suspended on secondary breaks/drops, ive caught big pike in july out of 40' of water. hope it helps, my little .02

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