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I want to see what everyones opinion is on what setups every bass fisherman should have to effectively fish for bass. I know a lot of guys that carry 4 rods and some that carry 15 rods.

I think to effectively fish for bass you need to carry a minimum of 5-7 rods. Here are six that I mostly carry

1. Flippin' stick 7'-7'6" MH/H w/6:4:1 baitcaster

2. Spinner bait rod 6'6" M w/ 7:3:1 baitcaster

3. Crankbait Rod 7" M w/ 5:4:1 baitcaster

4. Swim jig Rod 7" MH w/ 6:4:1 baitcaster

5. Worm Rod 6'6" MH w/6:4:1 baitcaster

6. Finesse Rod 6"-7" M w/ spinning reel

I would like to get everyone input on this knowing that everyone has different preferences.

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Well, I have more rods than I'd say I truly need, but I sure like that I have them now cause it makes things simpler. Anyways, this would be my optimal lineup and mostly what I use now. A few of these lengths are different from my setups, cause I now know what I'd prefer.

1. Spinnerbaits and small cranks 6'8" M Baitcaster (own)

2. Flipping 7' MH Baitcaster (own 6'6")

3. Normal/Heavy Cranks 7' MH Baitcaster (own 6'6")

4. Skipping Rod/Senkos 6'3" M Spinning (own)

5. Finesse Worms/Dropshot 7' ML Spinning (own)

6. Topwater and jerkbaits 6' M or MH Spinning (own) [i can't do jerkbaits with my left hand very well yet, much less walk-the-dog topwaters at all, so no baitcaster here]

7. Frog Rod/Lilypads 7' H Baitcaster (own)

I've got a couple lighter rods that I love busting out when fish diving into heavy cover isn't an issue, especially for cranks 1/4oz or lighter and small spinners. Makes that fight a whole lot more fun, but I wouldn't say that those lighter rods are a necessity for bass fishing.

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I got 6

1. Shimano Stratic 2500/Shimano Compre 7' Med xfast

2. Shimano Stratic 4000 /Gander brand 7' Med

3. Quantum E600PT / Gander brand 7' MH crankbait rod

4. Quantum E600PT / Shimano Compre 6'6" Med Xfast

5. Abu Garcia REVO STX / Shimano Compre 7' MH Xfast

6. Shimano Citca / (Don't laugh)7'6" Shakespere Intrepid MH

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also I would like to see what's everyone line preference on each setup. I find this to be an even bigger preference. I have been keeping it simple and sticking with 30lb powerpro on mostly everything. I usually carry one with mono and one with fluro as well.

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I have a bunch. I don't/can't always bring them all, but they are there if the conditions call for them. Funny thing is that I have been beat up on from the back of my boat by a guy who carries only one setup on a number of occasions... go figure.

Happiness as a function of rod count?? I like it! wink

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I carry 17 rods in the boat. Way too many? Yup, but I like to be prepared for all situations. My favorites:

7'11" G Loomis walleye rod, Curado with 17lb XLT for tossin and skippin Senkos

7' custom made G Loomis GLX, Curado with 17lb XLT for pitchin jigs

7' G Loomis IMX, Diawa Fuego with 12lb XLT for wormin.

7'6" G Loomis CBR906 crankbait rod, Quantum PT Burner with 12 lb floro

I bought all of my Loomis rods over the winter off [YouNeedAuthorization] and worked part time to pay for them. Got great deals. I have always wanted to update all my rods to Loomis, am almost done.

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1. Spinnerbaits and small cranks 6'8" M Baitcaster (own) 30lb PP

2. Flipping 7' MH Baitcaster (own 6'6")17lb Gamma Copoly

3. Normal/Heavy Cranks 7' MH Baitcaster (own 6'6")12lb Gamma Copoly

4. Skipping Rod/Senkos 6'3" M Spinning (own)8lb HiVis Gamma

5. Finesse Worms/Dropshot 7' ML Spinning (own)6lb Gamma Copoly

6. Topwater and jerkbaits 6' M or MH Spinning (own) [i can't do jerkbaits with my left hand very well yet, much less walk-the-dog topwaters at all, so no baitcaster here]30lb PP

7. Frog Rod/Lilypads 7' H Baitcaster (own)65lb PP and doubles as a light muskie rod

Ok, well I'm still trying to get a feel for line on each of these rods. Several of them I'm pretty set in my ways, but a few others I'm a little uncertain if I should still be using braid or not. There are times I'm glad I've got it, and other times I think I lose fish cause of it. Tough call, but anyways thats my line list.

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Hiya -

"Need" is such a loaded word in this context wink I really only *need* 20 yards of line wrapped around a beer can...but who'd want to do that all day?

So I have two separate lists, one for SMB and one for LMB, with some crossovers.


7'6" ML-MF Diamondback spinning/6# mono - small grubs and jigworms

7'6" M-F Legend Elite spinning/6# mono - grubs and jigworms

6'9" ML-MF Diamondback spinning/6# Triple Fish fluoro - dropshot

6'9" MH-F All star spinning/20# braid - soft jerkbaits/dock skipping

7' St Croix M-F spinning/8# TF Fluoro - tubes

7' M-MF Diamondback spinning - 10# Fireline - Jerkbaits/topwaters

6'10" MH-MF baitcasting/20# fluoro - spinnerbaits/swim jigs

7'MH-F baitcasting/15# copoly - C-rigging/misc

7' M-F Diamondback baitcasting /10# Triple Fish Fluoro - jigs

7'6" ML-MF Diamondback baitcasting/10# TF Fluoro - cranks

(Man, looking at that list, I had a real Diamondback fetish for a while there... Wish they still made them. *sniff*)


6'10" MH-F baitcasting/12# TF Fluoro - jig and pig

6'10" MH-MF baitcasting/20# fluoro - spinnerbaits/swim jigs

7' MH-F baitcasting/40# braid - pitching

7'MH-F baitcasting/15# copoly - C-rigging/misc

7'2" MH-MF baitcasting/12# fluoro - cranks

7'6" flipping stick/50# braid - flipping/slop

7'6" flipping stick/20# fluoro - flipping/slop

7'11" MH-MF baitcasting/20# braid - big cranks

6'6" MH-F spinning/8# fluoro - jigworms

6'9" ML-MF Diamondback spinning/6# Triple Fish fluoro - dropshot

6'9" MH-F All star spinning/20# braid - soft jerkbaits/dock skipping

Factor out the double-duty rods, and it's 15 or so... Not that bad really. Not that I couldn't make a perfectly reasonable argument for a half a dozen others, but the rod locker's only so big...

How many rods do you need? One or two more. smile


Rob Kimm

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i have about 12 rods in the boat. 8 baitcasters and 4 spinning. All st. croix, fenwick, or all star rods. The reals are all Daiwa or Abu. I don't think i could do with anything less than what i have smile

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I agree with craig, 2-4 rods is all you really need but it sure is nice to have more. Im not lucky to have a rod locker in the boat so when I go I have 4 when Im with others and maybe a few more when Im on my own.

Ive got these to choose from...

7' MH F legend tournament/Calais (multi purpose)

7' MH f kisler MG /chronarch 100mg (multi purpose)

7' H M avid crankbait rod/ citica 200dpv (deep cranking)

6'6" M F guide series/ citica 100dsv (topwater, hard jerkbaits)

6'6" MH F kistler LTA/ symetre 2500 (skipping docks, jigworm)

7' M F legend elite/ symetre 2500 (jigworm, dropshot)

7'6" H guide series flipn stick/needs a reel (heavy jigs, frogs)

I just think about the type of lake im fishing, season and what lures I will be most likely to use to determine what Ill bring.

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Here are most of the various rods i use for different applications. This is what has worked best for me .


1. 7'6" loomis flippin stick/curado (50 lb powerpro) (Pitchin/flippin jigs and heavy plastics

2. 7'6" quantum tour flippin stick/abu garcia (50 lb power pro) (carolina rig/slop fishing spoons)

3. 7' M bionic blade fast action/Revo (12 lb trilene flouro) (weededge/rip cranking/lipless cranks)

4. 7' M mod action clarus/curado (10 lb sensation) ( deep/clean cranking/topwater)

5. 6'6" med heavy fast action compre/accurist (15 lb trilene flouro) (spinnerbait/buzzbait/shallow crank)

6. 6'6" med, fast action clarus/curado (15 lb flouro) (senko/soft jerkbait)

7. 7' med heavy bps extreme/citica (30 lb powerpro) (swimbait, frog, heavy cover spinnerbait/buzzbait)

8. 6'6 med heavy bps extreme/curado (15 lb flouro) (pitchin plastics)


9. 6'6" medium pflueger/trion (30 lb powerpro) (skipping docks/soft plastic jerkbaits/smaller jerkbaits)

10. 7' medium heavy extreme/quantum kinetic (30 lb power pro) (light texas rigs/heavy jigworms)

11. 7 " medium clarus/quantum catalyst (8 lb trilene flouro) (dropshot/small cranks/jig worms)

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For those of us who can't/won't go into hock for 30 $200.00 set ups and aren't into the heavy duty competition, here's a list that I find acceptable.

7.6 Flipping Stick - very versatile. You can toss cranks, pitch, flip, Is it perfect - no, but it works.

7.0 Medium casting with a longer grip - Again - very versatile. I can do cranks, worming, etc.

6.6 medium heavy spinning. 10 lb test

6.0 medium spinning - 8 lb

6.0 lite medium spinning. - 6 lb.

Yes - it's a ton of compromises - but I'm just looking out for those of us who are budget conscience - and have alimony to pay...

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This is all I have. You guys put me to shame!

7'2 mh Shimano Cumara/Daiwa Sol - 15lb Seaguar FC - dropshot/finese

7'2 m Shimano Cumara/JDM Daiwa Alphas 103 - 20lb Suffix braid - cranks/spinners/swim baits

6'8 mh Shimano Cumara/Shimano Core - 20lb PP braid - frog/jig

All with upgraded abec7 bearings and carbonex drag!

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I have 3 rods, One spinning and two baitcasters, Spinning has 6 pound transition, other two have powerpro! Seems to catch fish for me!

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For bass I have 5 rods.

7' MH fast 17lb mono for spinnerbaits, swim jigs, lipless cranks.

7' MH mod 12lb mono for almost all lipped cranks

6'6" MH extra fast 30lb braid for almost all my texas rigs.

7' H fast 30lb braid: for frogs and jigs pitching heavy cover.

6'6" M extra fast spinning, Senko's, Jerkbait, Shakeyhead ext..

With these set-ups I can cover almost any application I can think of fairly well they might not be ideal but they work.

However I could see my self getting a better Jig rod the H might be a little to stout for lighter jig applications but really all I would have to do is retie to my spinnerbait rod or worm rod depending if I want to use braid or mono. If I get into dropshoting I could get see myself getting a 7' ML extra fast for that.

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7'11" hmf soft swimbaits and toads sc4 custom

3-7'6" mhf big jointed swimbaits and 3/4 oz + sp bts/ carolina rigs team daiwa and hmg av

7' hf jigs 1/4 oz to 3/4 oz sc3 custom

2-7' mhf another jig rod 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz and plastics/ sp bts sc4 and gl3 custom

7' mm crankbaits sc4 custom

6'8 mxf light weight stuff (drop shot) sc4 custom

2-6'6" mhf big spooks, some traps, and sp bts gl3 &

shikarii custom

6'6" mm composite traps team daiwa rebuilt

6'3" mmf unknow blank poppers custom


7' mm jerkbaits 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz spidergrubs/ trick worms hmg av

7' mlf jigowrms and drop shots sc3 custom

6'8" mf sliders/ ultra heads sc2 custom

6'6" mf backup drop shot and split shot rigs hmx

These are the rods that I usally have in the boat. SOmetimes more sometimes less. It also depends on if there are muskies around in the lake. If so, I usually throw in an extra flippin' stick or two...

Looking at my list, it looks like I should build another crankbait rod or two...

On a side note, all of the "custom" rods I built myself. Nothing like catching fish on rods and baits you make yourself. It's an awesome feeling!

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I take 3 or 4 with me.

7' MF baitcaster

7' MF spinning

6'6" MF spinning

Sometimes a 5'10" MH spinning.

Top three are the ones used all of the time.

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