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Rob M

Mineral Lick

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Hey guys,

I tried searching for the recipe for a homemade mineral mixture for deer, but I cannot find it using the search tool. I am going to manage some food plots this weekend and I am thinking of trying a mineral lick out.

Can someone post the link?

I appreciate it.

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It was in the archery forum under C'mere deer, harvey put how he makes his in there

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I purchased all if the ingredients at Fleet Farm but you can go to Co-ops as well.

• 1 part Di-calcium phoshate, this is a diary feed additive bought at feed stores

Comes in 50lb bags – you need 1 bag

• 2 parts Trace Mineral salt, the red and loose kind without the medications

Comes in 50lb bags – you need 2 bags

• 1 part Stock Salt, ice cream salt

Comes in 50lb bags – you need 1 bag


- Use a 3 pound or simular size coffee can to use as you measure for each part of the mix

- Mix all together well but not until you are ready to use, keep ingrediants separate until then

- Dig or tear up a circle in the soil about 36 inches wide and about 6 inches deep

- Mix your minerals with the soil

I personally have used this for 3 years now and you can't beat it for the price. I have some old stumps that I poured it on and the stumps are almost gone. Hey there is an idea for stump removal-hence my Avitar pic smile

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that is almost the same as my mix, however i don't use rocksalt/ice cream salt. there is enough salt with the trace mixin salt already. but not mentioned earlier, add a bag of hy-phos to the recipe. this bag costs as much as the others put together, but contains a lot of essential minerals. including phosphorous, which is one of the big three minerals found in antlers. try finding something with protein in it, as protein is 80% of an antler until it starts to shed its velvet. phosphorous is also important to does, as it aids in milk production, gettin them youngins off to a healthier start.

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