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FIELD TRIALS for Retrievers

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Well, the northern circuit is upon us. The first Field trial of the season starts Friday 5-8-09 @ 8:00 am. The trial is being held at the Benton County club grounds a few miles west of Princeton right off Hwy 95 on the south side.

This week and next weekend at Princeton, followed by St. Cloud, Weaver then Fargo.

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    • I would like to see the gun season pushed back a week! To let the deer pass on some genetics and breed with the does. And before anyone makes a comment...yea I know I'm a bow hunter and that would only please us bowhunters! So most people on here won't like that idea. My 2 cents
    • Probably the only way I will get some venison  
    • The Arby's in St. Louis Park will have a venison steak sandwich for a limited time next week in case anyone really, truly, desperately needs a venison fix!
    • Some Cabela's rods are pretty noodley and they'll be under $50 pretty easily.  Otherwise you should check out for their line-up of rods they are selling for under $50.  They use St. Croix blanks in their rods.
    • Back to the subject of multiple bucks, To me it comes down to the area in question and whether taking a buck vs taking a doe has a bigger impact on the population.   Personally if they are trying to reduce the herd size because there are too many for the land to carry or they are becoming either a nuisance or are causing damage then it shouldn't matter in real time whether they harvest either sex because you are trying to knock numbers back for the current level. If you are factoring in longer term numbers obviously taking does would reduce future total numbers. The rest comes down to whether you place more value on the headgear available to choose from. 
    • It's your choice, I'm only trying to save you some time and money.   What I think you are not understanding is that this is a standardized plug that is used on many light applications and will fit yours.  It is actually the recommended plug more so than two single ones and is more corrosion resistant.   But again, it's your choice so whatever you decide is great!
    • I think the way it sounded some did at some point at least sit out there or at least be home because you had to go uptown to register. Most were chest puffed happy to share in all their different levels of cheating. Some said apples, we store acorns, corn, birdseed, pumpkins. 2 said their husbands get em before the poachers do by hunting the Friday night before season laughing. The 12 all said they butcher their own. Oh well why worry now this has been going on for many years, maybe that 2nd buck tag is the way to go so us that can't screw our natural resources laws over can drop a 2nd one lawfully and legally or I could "party hunt" with no party around until tagging time. Like Dave said at least they are spending the $ on a tag, well most of their kills anyway.
    • love smoked cheese!!
    • Many people feed deer, even those that don't hunt. I don't own land and don't feed deer, so I'm not sure if it isn't allowed during hunting season (I used to wonder why bait shops still sold suckers and shiners after the game fish season closed - until I realized those seasons don't apply to certain rivers).   Food plots are different story. Some see them as not much different than hunting over bait, while others view them as a way to provide food and cover for lots of animals, not just deer. There is an ethical debate about baiting deer, but I believe the biological reason it isn't allowed is because the experts claims it's more likely to spread disease as deer create nose-to-nose contact while eating from a bait pile, whereas that's not really an issue with food plots.
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