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aftermarket hitch on Jeep Grand Cherokee

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My wife has a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee I want to put a hitch on. If anyone has done it, I have some questions for you.

1. If I buy an aftermarket hitch, will it hang below the bumper cover, or do I need to cut out that insert on the cover (which means you need to buy the cover/cap as well).

2. If you mounted one that doesn't need the insert cut out, which brand did you get?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I think you have two options for a hitch.

My choice would be one like this:


It will drop far enough down to clear the bumper. The above image is of a hitch made for Grand Cherokee (05-09) and is a "NO-DRILL" class III trailer hitch (round tube).

Then you have this option:


This will also clear the bumper, but limit the pulling capacity (rating) of the hitch I would think. You are using one fixed point in the center cross support, rather than two fixed points to the frame rails like the first option. The first option you are pretty much tying the frame in and making the frame area in the rear of the Jeep stronger.

What and how much are you pulling?

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Usually small things, like the ATV or a small pop up camper. Both would probably be ok for the use. The boat I pull with my truck, so that isn't a problem.

Another ? for you: Did you install a trailer wiring kit? I see on some sites that say you have to reset a code when you hook them up, others don't say anything about it. I am hoping I could do it without worrying about any codes.

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