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what prop for a 25hp mariner

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I have an 88 or 89 25 hp mariner. The prop on it is shredded after 20 years of heavy river use. Im looking for some suggestions on what size and pitch to get, or any other suggestions as what to look for in a prop. The boat is a 16 foot v hull alumacraft. Thanks

Also, the prop I currently have on it is REALLY chewed up, will I damage the motor by using this prop, Im sure its not perfectly balanced right now. (hit a wingdam late last fall, getting the boat ready to go for summer).

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Welcome to Fishing Minnesota!

First off, did the prop that you had on the motor before perform to your satisfaction? If so, there's no reason to make any changes.

I'd talk to Soderblooms and see what they'd recommend for a new prop.

With respect to running it the way it is.. that's kind of a subjective thing. If it's got a couple of nicks, missing chips you're ok. If you're missing more than 1/4 of a blade I'd advise against it.


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I have an 89 45hp Mariner that I recently purchased a new prop for. I had a steel one but opted for the aluminum since I run rivers and some pretty shallow areas. Now I keep the steel one in the boat incase shtuff hits the fan....Give Soderblooms a call. Great company to deal with.

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