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Lowrance 38 & 520 Issue

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I have recently purchased a boat and had the 520 moved to the bow and had my 38 rigged at the helm (by the dealer), then both networked together. Both graphs are used. The issue i'm having is that the depth only works sporadically. It typically worked at slow speeds at lower depths. I check and the transducer was a little loose, so i tightened it. Hasn't really helped. I took the boat out tonight and the GPS couldn't lock on for either of the units. Wondering if any of you have any suggestions. I plan to bring the boat back to have the dealer correct the issue, but it won't be for 2 weeks until i can get there and i don't like flying blind on the lake. I did find one junction of wires and everything seemed tight. Also, should those graphs keep up (depth) when on plane? Even +30 mph? Thanks for any help.

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My boat goes over 50 mph and I never lose the bottom reading with my graphs --- it's all about having the transducer located in the proper position and set at the proper angle.

About your GPS - did you get a message about GPS Module Not Responding --- if so that means it's not getting power from the network. If you did not see that message then there's something else going on - maybe the puck is mounted too close to 1 of the units, or is in a bad position under a windshield, etc?

Another thing to check for is electrical interference in the wires - try moving your transducer cable, power cables, and gps antenna cables apart ---- sometimes an inch is all you need to clear up these kinds of problems. Good luck getting it fixed.

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