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RV question

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got the seasonal rv ready this weekend for opener and have the water on and the hot water question is the cold water is fine when it comes out no smell and the hot water comes out kinda foamy white and has a distinct smell to it..anybody have any ideas what it could be and a solution to get rid of it..trailer was winterized and no leaks.just cant figure out why the cold water goes in to hot water tank warms up and then smells so bad!!!

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I had the same issue last year.

I drained the hot water tank and got all nasty water out of it, and bleached the tank. I let the bleach sit overnight, and then drained the system. There should be an exterior drain on the heater tank.

Then, with the drain plug out I turned the water pump on and flushed it all out of the heater tank.

I have bleached the entire water system also, and that worked well. It's necessary when some water is trapped in the system during storage.

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thanks for the info but how did you get the bleach in the hot water tank? mine is self contained its a park model so tthere is no holding tank the water comes right in from the water outlet so no pump in trailer..i have relief valve on outside of hot water tank but dont know if i can fluch from there or not

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