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Liquid weed control tip

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If you're going to use some liquid broadleaf weed control on your yard, a tip is to use a bit of liquid dish soap in your mixture as well.

Just as you see the ads on TV, when a drop of dish soap is put on the greasy plate and everything "swoops" away, the dish soap will help your chemical spread out over the leaf of the weed better.

Not alot of soap, about 1 tsp per gallon of mix, at the most.

There are actual legit chemicals called Surfactants, but the soap will do the same.

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Thanks for the tip. I am waiting for the wind to go down so I can apply a roadleaf spray. I will try it.

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Good tip LM2 smile

I have had good luck with this tip when killing off grasses and weeds in the past with Round Up. I was told to do it for the reason LM2 said and was also told it bonds the chem to the leaves better and helps keep it their if you get an unsuspected rainfall soon after the application.

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