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  1. Hello from the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods! Here in Minnesota, water temps are in the low to mid 60’s and the Walleyes keep rollin’ in! Wind blown shorelines are giving up walleyes via leeches and crank-baits right along the weed line. Crawlers on a gold and/or orange spinner are producing fish out of the mud between 22 and 26 feet. Jigging has been tough this week with the strong winds, but the Mayflies have finally tapered off!! Up on the Canadian side, bottom bouncing has been filling the live wells outside of monument bay between 24-28 feet. Jigging near Skeet and Kennedy Islands have seen nice sized walleye and numerous perch. Great smallmouth action can currently be had in Tranquil channel and the mouth of Johnston passage. Muskie fishing is still sporadic with high 40” class fish being caught from shallow bottom bays or just outside of them. Fish of the Week: 49" and 46" Muskie 40" Pike At least 10 Walleye over 25" We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  2. Hello from the NW Angle! On the Minnesota side, water temperatures have dropped in the past few days due to the strong winds in the area, making boat control a challenge. Wind-blown shorelines have plenty of active fish between 4 and 14ft. Productive presentations include Rapalas and spinner rigs. The Flats south of Flag Island have stayed consistent this week with a 30” walleye coming out on Saturday! Muskie fishing is now open and underway in the Northwest Angle. With cooler water temps, fish location and activity has been sporadic. Walleye action off Gardener and Deepwater reefs continue to fill limits with gold and pink jigs being the hot colors in Canada this week. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge Staff
  3. Greetings from Sunset Lodge!! Fishing is holding strong up in the Northwest Angle! Both the East and West side of Little Oak have been producing large amounts of Walleye and Sauger between 17 and 22ft, with the largest walleye coming out of Sunset Lodge being 29 inches. The flats on the South side of Flag Island (5-7ft) have been putting fish in the box. Spinners and Jigs in Orange and Black are this week’s hot colors. Sharp breaks on the west side of Flag have also been productive. Numerous slot fish coming from the South East side of Garden Island with water temps in the mid to high 60’s. Our biggest Walleye coming out of Canada this week was a 29.5 inch pig. Jigging seems to be the most productive with gold or pink jigs from tranquil channel to Monkey Rock reef. Gardner Island also been hot up shallow on the South side with Orange and Gold jigs. Starting Saturday Muskie season is upon us and the fish are hungry! We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge Staff 218-223-8211
  4. Greetings from the Northwest Angle! With water temps reaching 67 degrees and steadily on the rise, Minnesota is producing fish close to the island at various depths all throughout the day, from shallow rocks to as deep as 26 feet. As long as you are confident in your approach, limits can be obtained on Spinner baits, Daredevils, jigs and spinners. It is a fun time to be fishing in Canada, with multiple fish over 20" our best results have been on jigs (orange and gold specifically) with a minnow. Rocky shorelines are producing great numbers of Smallmouths and we are starting to see weeds develop all over the Angle and islands. Just a reminder: Muskie season opens on June 17th! We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  5. Another fantastic week of fishing up in the Northwest Angle! Two weeks into the Minnesota season an abundance of saugers are congregating around Little Oak, as well as other small islands near Crow Duck, making for an easy shore lunch spot while staying close to home. Jigging at 18-24 has produced the most fish but it isn’t too early to be pulling spinners. On the Canadian side, walleyes are more dispersed but very plentiful on main lake points with current anywhere from 15-20 ft. of water, holes remain consistent. Almost any method is producing fish, gold/yellow/orange jigs with a minnow seems to be the most popular. The northern pike bite remains strong with many thirty plus fish being seen. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge Staff 218-223-8211
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone has fished Yellow Lake, near Webster. My wife's uncle has a cabin there, and we will be going there over the weekend. I'm not looking for anyone's hotspot, just some general tips as to what might work, and what kind of fish I could catch. I'm most interested in panfish and northerns, but will go after anything. Thanks
  8. 3.13.17 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello from the NW Angle! The snow pack has diminished and snowmobile trails on the the lake are icy. The forecast for this week is great for extending our ice fishing season. On the Minnesota side, the number of perch have greatly increased with many 14 inchers being caught. Good sized saugers are being seen as well. The dead stick is still productive, rattlers and spoons used as attracting method in the sand or mud off of the rock structure. Canadian fishing has been consistent, limits of crappies are being caught in 30-33ft with fine plastics that wiggle. Walleyes can be had easily near rock structure in 22-26 feet. Until next week, Sunset Lodge Ice Team
  9. 3.6.17 Sunset Lodge Fishing & Ice Report Hello from the NW Angle! Mid-week we are expecting temperatures in the teens and a few inches of snow which should help extend the hard water season! On the Minnesota side, fishing has really picked up. The morning bite is strong up until the noon hour and picks back up again around 4pm. With the longer days, the evening bite is a little more consistent. Black and gold as well as pink and white have continued to produce the most fish. We are fishing more rock piles than in February and are having good luck at depths between 22 and 24 ft. On the Canadian side, holes between 28 and 30 feet are a solid bet for crappies. Blue and white tungsten with a red mustache worm or wax worm have been very productive. We are seeing a lot more perch in our catch. Still a couple weeks of great fishing left, come join us! Until next week, Sunset Lodge Ice Team
  10. 1.9.17 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello everyone! We are back with another fishing report for this week. We've had quite the week of weather here dealing with almost a foot of snow and some very cold temperatures. On the Minnesota side, we are still fishing in 19-27 feet of water. Our houses start at Miller Point and run down to Four Block and Little Oak now, too. Jigging a spoon or anything tipped with a minnow head has still been the best. Deadsticking has worked better than jigging for some groups. Some saugers, perch and tulibees are being caught throughout the day, giving groups some bonus fish on top of the walleyes! Best colors have been gold/red, pink and chartreuse. On the Canadian side, we are still fishing walleyes a little bit deeper in 22-29 feet of water and guys are getting their limits. Crappies have been coming in almost every night and some have been pushing that 16" mark. Best colors being gold and pink. Until next week, stay warm everyone! Forrest Huset Sunset Lodge
  11. From Inside Traders Group Owner @monstermoose78: Do "you have a passion for catching and protecting Trophy Sized Bluegills and Crappies". If so, is it possible 'you want be a Bluegill and Crappie Inside Trader then? Where Elite Bluegill and Crappie Anglers are sharing hotspots, knowledge, tips, and talk about where they find the specialized gear they need to catch Trophy Bluegills and Crappies. If you share this passion for catching and protecting Trophy Bluegills and Crappies message @monstermoose78 and let him know you are interested in joining our group. To be allowed in you must have a proven track record of sharing good information and practicing selective harvest. So get sharing good information so you get invited into the Bluegill and Crappie Inside Traders.
  12. Have fun checking all the info below and let's swap info. We'd hope to hear from you too. Iowa Fishing reports - Click here for even more SE Iowa info Anyone having any luck? I can attract fishing all night long but I can't get them to take the bait. I know a different lake from last year with the over flow from the Res and the water drop... but last winter if I saw them I would catch them.
  13. Went out shore-fishing in Johnson County a bit on the Iowa River--walleye are still biting. Also, the catfish spawn seems to be over, as the flathead and channel cat fishing has picked up in the last week. Water levels are still up, but off-current areas are yielding fish.
  14. Hi All Lots of pike action fishing 6 to 8 fow for the smaller hammer handles. Big ones are down in the 14 plus fow . Picking up monster Walleyes in the 12 to 15 fow edge of the pencil reeds. There are groups going up to Yellow Girl for the eater walleyes. Some of the Lake Trout have been caught in the 100 plus fow suspended 20 to 30 feet off the bottom. The other day one of our guests (the Lady in picture) caught this 46" Muskie. Been lots of smaller muskies seen and a few caught. The water level is still very high 2 foot plus , water temps are getting close to normal. Cheers Robert Tolen
  15. Seemed like we were missing something! Unfortunately I won't be able to put my own here for a little while. Going to work on some walleye 1st.
  16. Please post your current fishing reports and lake conditions for Douglas county which include, Amnicon, the Brule River, Lake Minnesuing, the Eau Claire lakes, Lake Owen, Gordon Flowage near Gordon, Lake Superior and the St. Louis River! Have fun.
  17. Ice Fishing Reports by Region and/or State - Click here.:)
  18. panfish

    It's been a while since I've been active in fishing forums. Social media had taken over but I feel that there is more opportunity to help people and share valuable information. Hopefully I will be able to do that. That being said it's time to get down to business! I went out fishing yesterday with Brooke and Cole in search of anything that would bite. I was hoping for Crappies and to be honest we had to work at it. The first lake we hit was a bust. Bluegills were crazy everywhere we looked and they would constantly attack our baits. We decided to move lakes rather than wait 5 hours for the evening bite to hopefully take place. We hit the water on Lake #2 and noticed that there was a lack of good weeds so we searched for anything we could find. Surprisingly we found the fish in 2-4' of water in and around any weeds we could find. We started popping Crappies pretty well on Gulp! Alive! 1" Minnows and the Berkley Atomic Pulse tubes (which are being discontinued ). At times we had 3 fish on at once! We used floats with some success as well. It seems a bit strange for me to use them this time of year but it got us a few more bites. Hopefully everyone is having a good start to the Summer and finding some fish as well. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  19. Memorial Weekend Fishing Report! Up at the NW Angle, we have been having exceptionally good weather which has contributed to great fishing. Temperatures in the upper 70's, light wind and no cold fronts coming through. Our first bugs hatched this weekend which also helped play a part. Our water temperature is now about 50 degrees. On the Ontario side, you could pick a point anywhere and catch fish. One group caught and released 77 fish the first day and 78 fish the second day in the SAME spot!. Their largest was a 24" walleye with most in the 18"-20" range. Another group who regularly fish the NW Angle over Memorial Weekend, said this was the best fishing they've seen at this time of the year. Both the east and west side of Falcon Island were just awesome. Crappies still haven't started spawning so were more scattered. 25 feet was the magic number and 1/4 ounce jigs seemed to be the ticket. While the deer are still back in the woods having their fawns, we were fortunate to see a mama bear swimming while carrying her two cubs on her back! Until next week, good fishing!Dan SchmidtSunset Lodge Manager & Guide
  20. Mississippi River Fishing reports - Click here for even more NE Iowa info Mississippi River Pool 9 Northern pike - Excellent: Many pike are being reported. Some pike reported from the Village Creek Boat ramp and up in Minnesota Slough by New Albin. Bluegills - Fair: Some bluegill are being caught in many of the backwaters. Smallmouth bass - Good: Smallmouths have been small but plentiful using spinners and small jigs along rock piles. Largemouth bass - Good: Many sizable largemouths are being reported. Walleye - Fair: Some walleye are being caught on wing dams. Freshwater drum - Excellent: Anglers using a simple worm and sliding egg sinker in current areas for best results. Try Minnesota Slough or lower shore slough. Mississippi River Pool 10 Northern Pike - Good: Anglers still catching fish in various spots using large flashy spinners and spoons. Channel catfish - Fair: Bluegill - Fair: Some good catches of fish in the backwaters on jig and night crawler. Largemouth bass - Excellent: Catching fish in the Harpers Spillway tube and tailwaters. Also try Mud Hen and Joyce Lake. Some fish are being caught near the Sny Magill area and Bussey Lake. Crappie - Slow: Crappie fishing has been slow for a while but this is our first decent report of at least some being taken. Sauger - Slow: Some sauger are being caught in the tailwater drifting a night crawler. Freshwater drum - Excellent: fish a night crawler on the bottom Mississippi River Pool 11 Tailwaters: Northern pike - Excellent: Fish are being caught on spinner-baits or on large chubs fished under a large bobber. Channel catfish - Fair: Some fish can be caught along rocky shorelines using night crawlers on the bottom. Flathead catfish - Good: Flatheads have moved into current areas near tailwaters. White bass - Good: A lot of white bass being caught on small spinners and jigs on the Wisconsin side of the dam. Many small fish but some nice sized. Also fish being caught on the Iowa side. Bluegill - Fair: Catching some bluegills on bobbers and worms in various locations. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Fishing near the dam and in the spillway. Other rocky shorelines are also producing some fish. Anglers using jigs and spinners near rock. Walleye - Fair: Some smaller walleye are being caught on wing dams trolling crankbaits or three way rigs with night crawlers. Freshwater Drum - Good: Anglers are using a simple hook baited with a night crawler and an egg sinker for weight. Mississippi River Pool 12 River stage at Dubuque is 8.5 feet and is forecast remain stable to slowly fall over the next week. Water clarity is fair. Water temperature is in the high 60s. Channel catfish - Fair: Some fish being caught in the shallows in backwaters and in side channels. Bluegill - No Report: Look for bluegills in marinas or backwaters around structure. Fish a wax worm on small jigs under a bobber. Largemouth bass - Good: Reports of bass being caught just about everywhere: in backwaters and side channels around woody structure and/or rock and rocky shorelines along the main channel. Crankbaits are producing well. Crappie - Good: Crappie are starting to be caught in the marinas around docks on minnows or jigs under bobbers. They are also being caught in backwaters in shallow water (1 foot). Walleye - Good: Fish are being caught on the wind dams and flats on three way rigs tipped with crawlers, leeches, or minnows or crankbaits. Reports of a lot of fish in the 20-27 inch protected slot and fish under 15 inches, as well. Freshwater Drum - Good: Fish crawlers on the bottom in areas with moderate current. Mississippi River Pool 13 River stage at Bellevue is 6.4 feet and slowly falling. Water clarity is fair. Water temperature is in the high 60s to low 70s. Channel catfish - Fair: Catfish are starting to bite along rip rapped shorelines. Largemouth bass - Good: Throw crankbaits along rocky shorelines or below the dam in Bellevue. Spinner-baits and soft plastics in the backwaters have also been producing. Crappie - Good: A few crappies are being caught in Brown's Lake, Spring Lake, and South and Middle Sabula Lakes. Fish are biting on minnows or jigs under a stick bobber. Walleye - Good: A few fish are being caught on wing dams on a variety of baits. Three way rigs tipped with worms, crawlers, or leeches are producing, as well as crankbaits. Larger fish are coming on crankbaits. Good numbers of fish in the 20-27 inch protected slot reported. Freshwater Drum - Good: Fish a night crawler on the bottom in areas of moderate current. There is good shoreline access at Pleasant Creek Recreation Area south of Bellevue. Mississippi River Pool 14 River stage at Camanche is 10.22 feet and is forecast to rise to around 10.4 on Friday then continue to fall. Water temperature is in the high 60s low 70s and water clarity has degraded with the recent rains but should improve once water levels start to drop. Channel catfish - Fair: Catfishing is starting to pick along rocky shorelines. Leeches under a bobber have been producing. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills are starting to bite in the backwaters. Try small jigs with crawlers or wax worms under a bobber. Largemouth bass - Good: Fish crankbaits along rocky shorelines or fish spinner-baits and soft plastics in the backwaters. Crappie - Fair: Crappie fishing is starting to pick up in the backwaters. Walleye - Fair: Walleye have moved onto and are starting to bite on the wing dams. Crankbaits have been producing best. Mississippi River Pool 15 No reports received from Pool 15.
  21. Hello all, I am a guide up here on Chequamegon Bay and in the Apostle Islands. I will be doing a report here every week on the fishing here to keep people up to date on what is going on. I know after the passing of Mr. Hudson things have gone downhill here for updates and reports for this area. I will do my best to keep everyone updated and answer questions anyone has on the area be it fishing related or not. I look forward to talking and sharing information with everyone about this great fishery! Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report 5/28/2015 Fishing has remained good this week for Bass and Walleye in the Bay. The Bass have moved back in shallow and I have seen some fish back on their beds. Wacky rigs, Berkley Gulp!, and other soft plastics have been the go to for many anglers. The water clarity is great and sight fishing is a great way to target these fish. Top water is another great option for lure choice. Look to fish in 2ft or less and keep moving till you find a “hot stretch”. Walleyes continue to be caught at the head of the bay and off of second landing. Look a bit deeper than last week now with the warming water. 8-12ft is a good place to start, pulling crank baits or harnesses. Change up trolling speeds, colors, and depths until you find where the fish like and what they want that day. One thing to remember when trolling for walleyes is that the trophy fish usually are caught in deeper water 15-25ft on big, deep diving stick baits. They are out there chasing bait, find the bait and you will find some nice sized eyes along with them. A popular spot to target big walleyes is in and around the shipping channel, from the hot pond to the lighthouse. Some Anglers have been casting the mouth of fish creek as well as the hot pond from shore with great success on a mixed bag of pike, walleye, and bass. As always with walleye on the bay, low light periods are key to getting in on a good bite out there. Water temps in the Islands are rising and the fish have moved a bit deeper. Look in depths of 20-80 ft for the trout and salmon near shore. I like to run a mix of flatlines and dipsys to find where in the water these fish are roaming. Spoons, Flies, and stick baits are all great for trolling trout and salmon, This time of year I prefer the spoons and flies behind dipsys. Capt. Drew Matheus Reel Shot Adventures 715-209-5843