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  1. H20 isn't showing WMAs

    Yeah, I have that all set up. Scouting is a lot easier when you have the GPS map and the WMA names all in one place.
  2. H20 isn't showing WMAs

    I figured it out. Menu>Map Catergories Drawn>Hunting (needs to be checked)
  3. What happened? It used to show them as orange shaded areas and now I can't seem to find them anymore. It has the lakemaster chip (same chip as before). Is there a setting that I have to turn on or what?
  4. Anyone use spinner much?

    Spinner rigs are the Mille Lacs staple this time of year. With spinners you can move a bit faster than the jigs and lindys and thus you were most likely coming in contact with more agressive fish. You were probably trolling right past the neutral to negative fish and picking off the active ones. Personally, spinners are probably my favorite presentation. You can really fish them at almost any speed by simply adjusting the blade and weight sizes.
  5. Chokes and flight control wads

    LEP, I am confused at your complaint here. A wet turkey head has no more resistance than a dry turkey head and I am assuming that your third shot was the farthest of the three shots and it knocked him dead. correct? Therefore, I would say that either you can complain about consistancy and quality control, or you missed... At 30 yards, I don't think a body shot will penetrate enough to kill a bird but it would probably shake him pretty good which is probably what happened on the first shot. Regardless, shoot what you prefer. I will vouch for the shells. My Benelli M1 & factory full choke is putting 12-20 in the head and neck at 40 yards. And they have plenty of energy. I rolled one at 42 yards last year.
  6. Chokes and flight control wads

    Either you have a goofy pattern or you missed. At 30 yards, 6 shot lead has more than enough momentum to penetrate and kill.
  7. H2OC Won't aquire satellites

    Make sure you aren't in "external antennae" mode. If nothing else works, download your points to an SD asd send it in and wait...and wait...and wait. Mine took about 4 weeks but they sent me a new unit. Hopefully it doesnt happen again.
  8. An ultralight is probably not the best option...Fun? sure it is for a while but day in and day out a medium light or medium rod will probably be your best bet for the walleyes and bass and a medium heavy rod for the pike. An ultra light doesn't give you much hook setting power or control over the fish, not to mention the lure weight limitations you are putting on yourself. Small jigs, sure it would work but are you going to be able to pull cranks, bottom bouncers, etc? I don't think so. If I were to take one rod it would be a 6'-6 1/2' Medium action spinning rod. If I were to take two it would be a 6'-6 1/2' medium light spinning rod and a medium heavy baitcaster.
  9. Playa Del Carmen - Mexico

    If you are going to go fishing, I suggest you do your research ahead of time. We figured that it couldn't be too bad and we'd catch some fish. Boy was I wrong. We got one 6-8 lb baracuda in 4 hours of fishing for like $275 or so. It was a long, boring boat ride if you ask me. You don't hold the rods, you don't bait the hooks, you don't do anything but ride in a boat.
  10. Drop Down trailer axels?

    I got it too. Thanks much I will be giving him a call.
  11. Drop Down trailer axels?

    please send this info to me as well please. dhuth at uwalumni dot com
  12. Spring Turkey 09

    442C as well
  13. Jiffy clutch issues

    I am guessing that the carb is fine since it idles fine and goes when I give it gas. It runs wide open and spins the bit a little but when I set it to the ice the power isn't being delivered to the bit (no torque) I can grab the bit with my hand and stop it at WOT. "clutch" or not, what do you recomend?
  14. The past couple weeks, my auger has been needing a little extra downforce to cut well. It was fine with me until this weekend I believe the clutch went out. The power head runs fine but if I put any pressure on the bit it stops rotating, (slipping clutch?) What do I have to do to get this fixed? Is it an easy do it yourself job or would it be quicker and less painfull to take it in? I'd like to get this done ASAP (before this Friday). Entire clutch assembly or just the springs? Any help?!