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  1. On my recent trip to LOW, my H'bird Ice 45 wasn't picking up my jigging spoons well at all in 25fow. Not even the biggest spoons. I had the gain at max (50), made sure there were no bubbles or any other buildup on the 'ducer. Had the 'ducer well below the ice as well. Batteries are new & were fully charged. Also, I had to use the narrow beam to get anything to show. Wide beam shows absolutely nothing. Connections on the back of the unit were good as well. Anybody with expertise be able to tell me if this is a unit problem or a transducer problem? I know the transducer has been banged around a couple times. Maybe one too many times? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Vikings 2014

    It'll be a tough test. The Pats will be hungry & ticked off from their loss today.
  3. Vikings 2014

    To RRR: No offense, but why do you even bother looking at schedules, commenting on teams, or having any vested interest in football at all if you feel that way??? On a game was a decent win, but against a very depleted Rams offense. A Rams team that lacked discipline (how many penalties?) and a team that was way overrated coming into the season. Still though, 34-6 is how you should beat teams of this caliber. Good to have the win, but we'll find out very soon what this team is made of and capable of.
  4. Vikings 2014

    I'd be "happy" to see the team go 7-9 or better. QB position is still questionable. I think we need another good corner and IMO we are still a bit weak at the LB position.
  5. Best trail cam?

    Thanks everyone for the replies & info. I've passed your comments on to my dad and he'll look into each of the makes/models suggested here.
  6. Best trail cam?

    My dad is wanting to buy a trail camera. He wants the very best one available with pretty much every option available. I know nothing about them. Can I get some recommendations??? Price I guess is not a barrier. Thanx!
  7. approx. cost of trailers?

    What can a guy expect to spend on a new 4000lb+/- roller trailer for an 18.5' boat which has breaks, swing tongue, etc? Just a general range would be nice to know.
  8. Yeah, the 912 is the model I'm looking at. The gun I have right now has the safety on the back side of the trigger mechanism which is opposite of the Franchi, but I can get used to it. Years ago I had a gun with a safety on the front side and was fine with it. Have you shot yours in the "extreme" cold at all? My big concern is when temps dip down into the low 20's and whether the action is as smooth as if it were 60 degrees out.
  9. I'm looking at a new shotgun and am considering a new Franchi semi-auto that shoots 3.5". Anybody have one (or know somebody who owns one) and care to comment about them?
  10. What's the infatuation?

    Well, I don't want to get into the whole debate of "it's made here" or "it's made there", but Merc has the American name and I'm a big fan of the black color for a motor. E-tecs have nice motor hoods too. Yamahas are just plain 'ol grey on their 4-strokes and HPDI's. But that's beyond the point I guess. The thing is, you can't find many new or used boats out there with a good Merc on it. Everyone has got to put a Yammi on for whatever reason. My folks have the Merc 115 4-stroke. It's extremely quiet and nice fuel efficiency, but it's gutless. I don't know if the Yamaha 4-strokes are similar....gutless.....but I'd take the supercharged Verado any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I'm just tired of seing the same 'ol grey Yammi on nearly every boat out there that I'd be interested in buying. Really limits a person's selection on used and sometimes, new boats.
  11. What's the infatuation?

    So why is there such an infatuation with Yamaha motors? All these dealers and manufacturers rigging their boats with Yamaha motors. I have been a Mercury fan for as long as I can remember (and still am), but why are there soooo many boats being pre-rigged with Yamahas? Are they less expensive than Mercs?
  12. Sylvan Viper Anyone??

    Anyone running a Sylvan Viper or know someone who is? Any thoughts or comments about the boats (particularly the Viper 180). Thanks.
  13. Walleye Photo Gallery

    Here's my 4yr old nephew's first walleye ever!!! A 32" bahemouth from the Hutch area on Sunday. The look on my nephew is just priceless.
  14. Lowrance HDS question

    The sonar screen hesitates/pauses quite regularly, freezes up in tall weeds every time, freezes up when not in the weeds, will just go black for no reason at all, won't read when driving at all, won't read the Lakemaster chip at all, way too many menus to search through to "try" and find simple functions (like overlay data as one example of simple info), user manual doesn't match the on-screen menu is some instances, sonar output is very "dotty" regardless of adjusting various settings, sometimes takes a long time for sonar to come up when turned on and basically takes a computer wiz to figure out. I've heard people say it takes "some" getting used to and it is a "little different" with the menus compared to the previous models. IMO, it takes a lot of getting used to and is very different from the previous models. I better stop there.
  15. Lowrance HDS question

    My dad has the HDS7 and we used it this weekend. I have nothing positive to say about it and I must leave it at that.