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  1. Ticks and deer droppings

    Just started tick treatment on my Lab I usally take her for walks with me in the woods this time of year and better safe then sorry.
  2. Fish breading

    Chef Roberts first Andys next in line.
  3. Blood Sausage

    We fry our also Walleye hooker, But next time Ill try bakeing. I always try two buy a few rings when I hit old school butcher shops. Have had the patties but prefer the rings preference I guess.
  4. Blood Sausage

    My father always warned me he said son if you would of saw us make it on the farm years ago there's probably know way you would eat it. lol. Crazy thing my wife even eats it good stuff!
  5. Old school sausage recipes

    We actually make our own. Only place close to the real thing was the meat market in Eden valley and now they quit making it. A little vinegar in a jar to dip it in yum!
  6. Blood Sausage

    Well being Head cheese got brought up, how many of you cooking gurus eat or have eaten blood sausage? Its another one of my favorites great breakfast accessory with some scrambled eggs.
  7. Old school sausage recipes

    Head cheese absolutely love it! We grew up with it kind of a tradition around the holidays.
  8. Welcome to the staff RebelSS

    Congrats Reb!
  9. Wild game feed

    Smurfy hopeing to get down there sat. Those guys put on one of the best wild game feeds around. Ill buy yah a beverage if we run into each other.
  10. Spinnerbait Brands

    Terminators and Booyah's
  11. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice Gills Thalman some true giants. Say Hi to Garret for me next time you fish with him. 556lague Nice pie sometimes the meat can be the ticket.
  12. 2016 spring turkey

    507 B here. Man I'm pumped was a little concerned because of the changes but guessing most are going for over the counter. Nice to see because I love the early season
  13. One more time

    Congrats Smurfy and a big thanks to the guys getting this going and donateing. Made the games a lot more interesting this year.
  14. One more time

    Carolina 35 120 yds
  15. Game Time!!!!!!

    Thanks lovebigbluegills and reinhard 1 for the opportunitys. Boy what a game I was pumped with 12 seconds left I thought for sure I would get a chance once to try some of your guys good eats. Whamo Rodgers pulls a rabbit out of his hat and throws a hail mary again and connects Overtime Any way congrats fishinstar and thanks guys for putting this on it makes game days a little more intense