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  1. Ground blind suggestions

    I did some looking around when I bought my blind but wasn't seeing any great deals on the Double Bull at that time. Guess I should have waited, as usual a day late and dollar short.
  2. Ground blind suggestions

    The Double Bull would have been my first choice but at $400+ it was out of my budget. Gotta work with the money I got.
  3. I have taken the plunge into archery hunting

    When I took my bow into a an archery shop to get it set up for me the guy said he felt like it was actually about a 1/2 inch too short after maxing it out. I believe he said its set for 30" or 30.5". Keep in mind I'm 6'4". Either way those issues were a couple years ago and I got them resolved in a couple weeks of practice and establishing a solid anchor point.
  4. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    The Warriors have an incredible situation. Incredibly talented players without the ego that typically comes with it. Most guys want to make the most money or be "The Man", these guys don't seem to care, they just want to win. I saw a quote from I think it was Klay Thompson, someone asked if he thought about ever leaving leaving to be "The Man" on another team. He said something to the effect that it would be cool to be "The Man" and for it to be his team but winning is just too much fun.
  5. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    It will be interesting to see how the Warriors react in free agency. Will they be able to keep the team together? It seems like all these guys value winning above a paycheck so they might be willing to sign deals that will still allow the team flexibility to keep good role players around them.
  6. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    I understand that you never really know when the Warriors are going to fall off or if they even will. Hopefully the Wolves can make the playoffs and gain some experience, maybe teach the rest of the team how to play defense, so that in a few years we are knocking on the door and can lure in a top free agent to put us over the edge. Its just an awful tough time to be a good team right now with the Warriors so clearly heads and shoulders above everyone else.
  7. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    My only concern is the timing of all of this. We seem to be loading up for a run in the next year or two but the Warriors are still sitting there stacked beyond belief. Can we add enough and develop our young guys enough to be a legit threat to the Warriors. Lebron, Irving, and Love barely made the Warriors break a sweat in the finals. I'd like to see them time their final acquisitions to correspond with the end of the Warriors run.
  8. Ground blind suggestions

    I am a little concerned with it fading but it needs to be left up for the deer to get accustomed to it so no way around that. I assume the sun is the main culprit in fading so I'll do my best to protect against that. One spot I'm considering is tucked into some pines which create a lot of shade, brushing it in heavily should also help keep it out of direct sun as well. Good point about a center support to help with the snow. I'll make sure to add something.
  9. Transporting fish

    If you really want to keep them intact and fillet at home I'd empty a bunch of ice into the cooler and then bring water from home to fill in the gaps between the cubes. Basically making a cooler full of slush. Just enough water for the fish to breath and plenty of ice to keep them cold if they die. This is what I do when ice fishing. I take the shavings from drilling holes and fill a buck with them and add a little water. The fish should stay alive long enough for you to make the hour drive home and clean right away.
  10. Ground blind suggestions

    I ended up going with the Gander Mountain 3 man invisi-bull blind at their liquidation sale. Price ended up being a big factor as I was able to get it for $149 which is 40-50% off depending on what sign you looked at. It looks to have all of the features I wanted and its plenty big enough for me to bow hunt out of and still have room to bring a kid along in the next few years. We'll see if the hubs hold up and overall durability is what I hope it will be. If you're in the market for stands they have a few ladder stands that looked decent at a glance for under $100. Lots of inventory still left with everything 30-50% off.
  11. Bwca

    Just plan for the worst possible situation. Given the time of year there will be bugs and likely lots of them, really no way around that. Of course there is some variability from lake and lake and day to day depending on weather conditions. What lakes are you headed toward? i've encountered some lakes to be far less buggy than others, Winchell for instance has always been less buggy for me than other lakes nearby, even during the worst times of the year.
  12. Affordable Dog Vet

    From what I've seen it seems the key is to get out of the city a little ways. A friends dog needed some sort of dental surgery and the quote from the local Twin Cities vet was crazy. They were able to find a vet about an hour outside the metro area that did the surgery for a fraction of the cost. If you're already up in the Crosby area from time to time it might make sense to do as much of the vet stuff as you can while you are up there. You may still need to do a local trip close to home if something is a more immediate need that you can't schedule but at least you'll save money on the stuff that you can schedule. Or if you're in the south metro you could call around to some vets south of the metro and see what they charge for the annual exam type stuff, might be able to find something a little closer to home.
  13. Pork butt wont pull

    Smoking a butt is actually really simple after the first time you do it. All I do is put a rub on it, tie it up to keep the muscle together and then put it on the smoker at 225-250 for as long as I have time to keep the charcoal going, usually 8-10 hours, then it gets tented with foil and put into the oven to finish until it hits 195-200. Then wrapped in foil, wrapped in a towel or 2 and into a good cooler while I get some sleep. It pulls apart like nothing when I wake up in the morning and its usually just barely cool enough to touch at that point. There really isn't much monkeying around you need to do with it. Just set it and forget it for 10-12 hours, take it out when its tender and you're good to go.
  14. Warriors/Cavs

    What a miserable time to be a competitive team not named the Warriors. I'm incredibly glad the wolves are young and still building because there is no sense making a big push right now to win a title with Golden State at its peak. Its best to play the long game and time your move for when Golden States run starts coming to an end, of course that might be another couple years. I do wonder how good this is for the NBA though. The hardcore fan will stick around but I think a lot of casual fans that just want to see competitive games will be turned off. Its getting to the point where they are playing an 82 game preseason that doesn't matter at all because at the start we all know which 2 teams will be in the finals and which team will win.
  15. Vinyl siding repair

    Fortunately it sounds like the buyers don't really care how it is fixed so I should be able to get away with a simple lap joint and wrap the current trim with a new piece that I've already purchased. In the amendment they sent over asking for the repair they specifically asked for it to be patched. We had some back and forth between realtors in order to get clarification on what damage they wanted fixed because they kept stating the wrong location. During those discussions with the buyers realtor it came out that the buyers are very not handy people and just wanted it patched because they wouldn't know how to fix it. The buying realtor actually said just to use some spray foam and caulking to fix it. While going around the house trying to figure out what corner they wanted fixed based on the location they stated I did notice another cracked corner at the very top of the house on the opposite side that I have never noticed before.