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  1. Win 7, or 8?

    I absolutely hate Windows 8. So much so that every time I open up the laptop at home with 8, I want to throw the thing out the window and then chase it to the yard with a sledgehammer. I hated the new interface from the moment I fired up the computer. Bought a stand-alone start menu to get back to a recognizable interface, then when I was forced to update it from 8 to 8.1, they disabled the goddammmm start menu that I bought and forced the horsedung interface into it again. I feel like I need a 6 pack of beer every time I operate that computer.
  2. Aluminum vs Glass

    I have been researching boats for a long time and am finally getting close to the point where I can buy a new one. I have been torn with the same issue, glass or aluminum. One of my biggest factors is my garage space. If I go glass it will be a Bass Cat, best built boats out there. In a BCB, the biggest I can fit in my garage is a Sabre. If I go aluminum it will be a Lund and looking at the 1775 Pro Guide. Two completely different boats, loaded up with the electronics I want I would be in the 31 range in the Pro Guide and 36 in the Sabre. In a glass boat, I will always favor a console, whereas in an aluminum rig, I prefer the space and maneuverability a tiller provides. One of the things I am trying to keep in mind is the region in which we live and resale value down the road. In our market, it seems as though a smaller (sub 20 footer) bass boat loses value quickly, no matter the brand. In contrast, a 17-19 foot Lund or Alumacraft holds value pretty strong in this market. My next house will have a larger/deeper garage and I will consider a 20+ glass boat at that time. I have pretty well settled on the idea of the Pro Guide 1775 for what I do. That boat has the best storage layout and use of space I have ever seen in an aluminum rig. You could easily pop a couple carpeted boards in the splash well in the back and create a pretty sizeable rear casting deck. I also think it will be more comfortable for the elders in my family that I enjoy fishing with.
  3. Lund S14 remodel project

    Here are a few photos of what I did on my S14 a couple years back. Driver's seat prepped for paint. Took out the floor and flotation foam washed it up, then ran a rag with thinner over it to get it nice and clean. View of the middle bench that I cut out and formed an edge to mount the floor too. Worked pretty slick, and after a little trial and error, I got it figured out pretty well. I took the foam from the middle bench, cut it to fit, and installed it under the floor to maintain all the floatation foam. I painted the interior white, just rattle canned. Huge improvement over what it was. Here is the front deck and pedestal seat that I installed. I have also added a Humminbird 859 with a Ram base. I have it set up so I can use it at the back bench running the tiller and I can move it up to the front deck to use at the trolling motor. I am running a 24v Minnkota Maxxum 74 up front, enough to keep me going no matter the conditions. I have both batteries in the back, tried them in the front deck and there was way too much weight up there, couldn't plane out and when I stood up there the back of the boat actually came up out of the water with all the weight on the front end. I do not have room in my opinion (using in this layout for several years now) for a livewell in this boat. I bring a bucket or a cooler and that is what the fish go in. It is hugely rewarding to rebuild a boat better than it came out of the factory. My build isn't perfect, but I like it a heck of a lot more than what I started with. I have an old Mariner 15 and get 19 mph solo with the setup and gear (packed full). With another person I drop to 16-17 mph. I plan to get a bigger motor for it, hopefully next spring.
  4. Just be glad it's not type 1.5. Wife was diagnosed as type 2 last year then when she went in for the one year checkup her numbers were off the charts. She ended up going into DKA that same night an spent three days in ICU. Her A1C was up at 14.8. Scary stuff. She had lost 80 lbs but the weight loss, healthy eating habits, and intensive exercise regiment did nothing for her. She will be taking insulin 5x a day for the rest of her life. The Endocrine doc we visited a week ago said she was lucky she didn't get it when she was 3. She said definitely not a type 2, but a late onset type 1, or what is more and more commonly called 1.5 or LADA. It is hard to deal with, but with the support of friends and family it makes things easier.
  5. Favorite Movie Quotes/Scenes

    Laugh every time I see it.
  6. Any experience with the humminbird 899

    I installed the 859DI on my boat a few weeks back. Does not have the SI or 360 capabilities but in other aspects the same unit. Using down imaging you can clearly understand everything going on under the boat, or at least if you know how to interpret the signals. My boat only tops out at about 19 mph (14' lund with a 15 on it) but at full throttle I can clearly read what is down there and have even been able to spot schools of baitfish in open water at full speed. You can even see if you have broad leaf weeds vs wispy stuff if set up right. I am planning to get a new boat either next year or the year after and the 859 will go on the bow and will likely have a 999 on the dash along with an iPilot link Terrova. It is astonishing how well the system works together.
  7. Yep, I ordered one as well. The thing cuts through braid better than anything else I have ever used. I like it a lot.
  8. The Old Man and the Trailer

    I am pretty sure we could come up with a post for a lot less than 200 to 300 bucks. Post up the dimensions from the u-bolt on the bow vertical to the trailer frame and let me know what kind of electric winch you want to use and I can draw up a post for you. I'd have to talk to him, but I have a buddy down in Rochester that would likely be able to fab it up and mount it for ya. When you pull the dimension, snap a pic of the current set up and post that too. The steel won't be that much, a tube and a few plates. Wish you the best of luck in your battle.
  9. Upper Midwest BassCat Owners!!

    I am hoping to be in that group next year. If all goes as planned I will have one next spring via Eddy.
  10. Guacamole

    One of my favorites, make it on just about a weekly basis. Normally use the following for a bowl for 2-3 people: 2 Avocados 1 large or 2 small Jalapeños (seeded and finely diced) 1/2 of a medium Red Onion (finely diced) small bunch of Cilantro (finely chopped) juice from one Lime pinch or two of Kosher Salt couple shakes of Cumin One trick I use is after cutting the avocado in half, I cross hatch the flesh with my knife making slices about 1/8 to 1/4" apart in both directions, then scoop that out. If the avocado is ripe enough, as you scoop it out, some will mash but you will be left with good small chunks too. As you mix all the ingredients together, it comes around to the perfect texture. NO TOMATO EVER! Garlic doesn't need to be in there either. I have experimented with other ingredients before, but nothing beats a classic, no fuss guac. Another tip, to keep it fresh, wipe out the sides of your bowl or container you mix it in, and place a layer of plastic wrap over the quac. Start from the center and work your way out being sure to not leave any air pockets in there. It'll keep for 3 days with very minimal browning. Give it a quick mix and you will never know it wasn't made 10 minutes earlier. Take care, Tom
  11. The aluminum F150

    For those that are concerned about paint adhesion to aluminum, it was an issue Ford had a while back. I feel however, they have probably done a bit more research into the matter considering they are moving to a full aluminum body. I am in the curtainwall industry, we use extruded aluminum, formed aluminum, and aluminum panels on every project and have been doing so for a long time. If properly prepped, the paint finish on aluminum is every bit as durable and long lasting as it is on steel. There are hundreds of buildings all over the world that have painted aluminum over 35 years old and still look good, without an bi-annual wax and weekly washes. Yes, contamination can cause issues. I think Ford learned a very expensive lesson a while back about it though. They seem to have a pretty high standard for quality control over the last several years and prep/paint is surely high on that list. What I am more concerned about with the aluminum body panels is how well they will stand up to the harsh chemicals that are used to treat the roads. Aluminum can and will corrode if it is exposed to those chemicals. I would assume the body panels will be painted both sides, or at least have a good primer on the non-exposed surface. Any cut edges should also be treated as they would be exposed and prone to corrosion. If I were buying one of the new aluminum bodied F-150's (which I plan to do about 3 years from now) I would place a rubberized undercoating as a top priority on my list of truck accessories. That will go a long way in preventing any corrosion from happening.
  12. My wife and I decided we needed to get away from the cold for a bit and booked a trip to go stay in the Combate Beach area on the far southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. The hotel was pretty basic, but the beach was fantastic. Playa Sucia (translates to dirty beach) was spectacular. A good majority of the southwest corner of the island is home to a wildlife preservation area and bird sanctuary. I would have loved to have a 400 or greater lens to really get close to the birds but the longest I have is a 70-200. Really though, this trip was more about relaxing than photography. Our last night down there, we decided to head for civilization and stayed at the Sheraton San Juan. I won a hundred bucks at the blackjack table and paid for dinner and lunch the next day, gotta like that. Playa Sucia One of many Iguanas Playa Sucia Cabo Rojo Salt Flats My wife on the cliffs near the light house Playa Sucia in early light Boquerón Marina Cabo Rojo Light House Infinity pool at Sheraton San Juan (bit HDR ish) And one more from Playa Sucia As you can see, Playa Sucia was our favorite part of the trip. We were able to go there 5 times. I would have just stayed there the whole time had the sun block worked. Even with a base tan and SPF 50 I was roasted after a day. We made it work though. Gentle ocean breezes were a welcome change from the 30 below I left the day before the trip up at Lake of the Woods. Take care, Tom
  13. Extension tubes... talk to me about them.

    I have a 12mm canon extension tube Deeds. I will let you use it a bit this summer and see what you think. Any of my other lenses you are welcome to try as well, so long as I don't need em for a gig. Maybe someday this summer, a boat ride and photo day is in order.
  14. Portrait of my son

    So after several years of wanting to buy a background stand kit and a couple back drops, I finally bit the bullet and ordered up a set. For this picture I used my Canon 6D with the 40mm f2.8 STM Pancake lens, ISO 800, f8, 1/200th of a second. I forgot all about the 1/160th sync speed so I had to crop out a tiny black bar at the bottom, d'oh. Used one Canon 550EX on a stand up and to the left and another 550EX in an Orbis Ring Flash around the lens. Kinda tough to use the Orbis with a 40mm pancake, but I made it work. I really like the light the ring flash produces. I know it isn't for everyone though.
  15. wheel well rust fix

    Look on the list that rhymes with greg. You could probably find a used box that doesn't have rust. I just got rid of a 2000 S-10 that was clean. That truck was a definite testament to ziebart type rust-proofing products. It was treated several times early in its life. 14 years of MN winters and not a spec of rust. Anyway, take a look at the list and see if you can find one. I am guessing second gen so any box (same length of course) from 94-03 will fit. I have a spare 2.2 motor sitting in the garage along with a spare grille for 98+ and various other parts. Is the truck 2wd or 4wd? There is an S10 forum out there that has a ton of information on those trucks. I highly recommend it. Just don't look in the LSX topics or you will be drooling over engine swaps. I still want to build one.