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  1. Hunten Trail Cams?

    What kind of trail cam did you buy for that price? What store did you get it from. Some seem to be real China junk others seem to do the job quite well. I leave my cameras up y ear round and they have helped in many ways. (best is they put a picture to the tracks)
  2. Lock out is on

    Maybe the Football Govenor could just take the players bargining power away from the players and all will be well again. lol.
  3. Tenderloins!!!

    Dark Cloud, I've never tried t-loins with a Pesto and hot sauce combo before but it certainly sounds like it would be good. I'll give that one a try next fall on some fresh ones. At least most people aren't overcooking them. I hope.
  4. polaris recall

    Does this mean that Polaris is also no good for Minnesota? What is your opinion on this on Kodiak, Roofer,? I'd hate to see Polaris fail because of the high cost of recall fixes. I sure hope you don't put them into into a "bad for Minnesota and American Companies because of this!
  5. Parents Articat wont start.....

    Shawnny B, Sounds like you might have a loose connection or a bad connection somewhere. If the new battery is fully charged as you say and all your getting is a clicking thats where I'd go first. If its sat for quite a while connections can get corroded causing poor and insufficent current flow. Clean up and tighten up, all the way to the starter as well as the selenoid connections. As for your footbrake not working since you didn't say what year it was you better check to see if it is even hydrolic. It could be just the right rear is manual [footbrake] and the cable is bent up or stuck due to corrosion. If its been a long time since this wheeler has seen a car wash or cleaned up this mught be somthing to check also. If its manual and stuck down the brake light would always be on when the key is left on[not helping battery life] One thing I've found about Warn winches is if you have been doing some mudding and didn't clean and wash things up good afterward you sometimes have to put them in freespool and pull a little cable out when they won't engage right from the start. Almost like they get a corrosive dead spot on them in a certain place. Once they start to work again you don't seem to have that problem anymore. Go figure! Hope this info can help you
  6. venison burger

    Heres one you might want to try. We call it our Venison Bacon burger. When you are grinding up your burger add in some CloverDale Bacon[Vacumn packed ends and pieces] it is quite reasonable to buy and you grind it in up to as much as 50% if you want to[usually less % will do nicely] When you grill these all you'll need is a slice of cheese and you've got one tasty bacon cheese burger. Been doing some this way for years and its always been an asked for favorite.
  7. Stuffed venison backstrap ideas...

    Sounds great Redhooks! I'll be a trying that one for sure. Might even do a little favorite substitutions on one end. Thanks!
  8. Hen of the Woods mushroom

    Steve, Too bad about the grit in your big prize. They are delicious to say the least. When you get a clean one that will make all the difference in the world[eating wise] We usually get them up North here in the Oak stands that have been mowed so they are pretty grit free. At worst a little grass has grown through them.[salad]. While doing an outdoor fishfry last month a local guy brought over a slightly orange mushroom to our place as he knew we eat them. It was big as a dinner plate but smaller than a steering wheel and he said we could have it if we gave him a cold beer for it. I almost knocked him over heading for the cooler! Long story made short,I took it to the trailer, tore it in about 1 inch pieces,put the clean good pieces in a huge fry pan with lots of butter, garlic salt, pepper, and some whorchester sauce to kick it up a little and cooked her up. When I brought the finished product back to the fish fry, some people who had never tasted it before actually thought it was a pan of chicken pieces. Even after telling them it was a mushroom! [it went over well] Since there were 12 of us there and now everybody knows what they look and TASTE like, I'm done getting any free gifts.[cooked my own goose so to speak]. So you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled next summer and early fall for a better product.
  9. August DL or Lake of the Woods

    Fished Devils Lake for the first time this past weekend and I must say I was impressed. You could always find a good place to fish on this lake. Getting out of the wind looked like it was not a problem and tying up to flooded timber and fishing right off the side of your boat was an added bonus! Didn't hardly burn any boat gas. We all filled out with very nice eating fish. Sure went through a lot of leeches though. As a forty year fisherman of L.O.W. I just can't wait to try it out with a house this Winter. I know I will be back again. We really had a good time and there was no crowding issues either at the dock or on the water. Local motels also seem to know what fisherman want and need, [a place to clean your fish and park your boat] Not trying to kill any L.O.W. action here just my thoughts on last weekends fishin.
  10. what do you think

    Is it true the #6 car makes the blades of your grass stand straighter and taller?
  11. what do you think

    Cool! Where did you find it?
  12. Tony Stewart

    Don't you just love it?
  13. cold weather and winches

    I agree with sledhead. The original grey rack mounted switch will cause you lots of problems. Same thing happened to mine out on the lake last winter when I really needed it. Had to loosen the U clamp bolts to get the darn thing working again. I'd vote for the new style rocker switch and end your troubles
  14. Lost Usernames - Please Read if you can't post.

    Northerns anyone?
  15. Wally1 Thanks for the e-mail, but the Pop up Pickup Camper just went to a good home by Park Rapids. I still have my Walker Elec Downriggers priced at $500 for the pair. Still quite a bargin.