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  1. Best Option Winter/Summer

    Bad morning. got stuck trying to get on to the lake. No plowed acess. But is a 4 wheeler with tracks and a V plow the best option. for clearing a spot for your fishhouse cleaning the driveway, I'm in town so its not that big a deal. Maybe clearing a acess enough to get off and on the lake. Then in the summer you have tires obviously to go muddin or play around. Will tracks on a 4 wheeler pull a 8 X 16 house? Early Ice.
  2. I heard yesterday that the Nascar crowd is 50% - 50%, Macain - Oboma I thought we were more Conservitve than that.
  3. Vikings Comercial Idea

    How about this. So easy a cave man could do it!! You have the cave man brothers as assistants next to childress and bevell and the Vikings are down by 2 TDs and Chilly is just frustrated and P Od then the caveman brothers take over the play calling and Pterson runs wild we complete passes to Wide open recivers, and if we do have to get 4 yards on 3rd down they call a 7-8yard comeback and we come back and win by 2 TDs. Ziggy its advertizing for the team!!
  4. Just in time for the 400

    Not explainable. I was just Praying every time I hit the power button it wouldent come back on I maybe should have took off the back plastic clipped the resistor or something and then after we get the new one resodder it
  5. Finally!! On Wednesday I can go and pick up our HD TV our oldtv finally died, AWWW Yes and we have Charter Comm, with a box so the other tv wouldent work (no RCAs). How many of you guys have HD? We wont get True HD but it will be better than what we had. 2nd question is switching to Direct TV and getting Nascar HotPass worth it. Even standard tv might be cheaper with more options, Nfl Network Hopefully I can werstle the tv away from the wife and her 4 CSIs Lost and Idol.
  6. 08 NFL Draft!

    I agree tjack better step UP. KFAN was talking about Green Bay selecting a QB in the 1st round they got Bhrom in th 2nd. They have a former number 1 pick in Rogers who has been the understudy to Farve for 2 years and last years Dallas game he looked very good. I think if TJ is average or throws a bunch of picks Chilly will say Get your Booty in there. Or I'd be willing to hand off to AP for far less then those guys.
  7. 08 NFL Draft!

    Just reading some different draft related sites looking for draft Grades and they said. Booty has WHAT Small Hands of any sugnificant QB in the draft. thats ok I won my 2nd of back to back Lord Melvins Cup trophy with the Origional Smalley Daunte.
  8. Just read about Tony Stewart entertaining offers to leave Gibbs. Which is fine everybody wants to make more money but How Much?$$ Unlike the other sports they never talk about the money, which is unique to Nascar. I wouldent quit watching if driver X got more than my guy. Just wondering you see their buses they live in on rain delay weekends (which is worth more than my HOUSE) and it looks like they live pretty comfortably in the special interviews. But I was curious why the tight secercy?
  9. Monday Race Help?

    Thr Loon carries rain delayed Nascar Races??? really WOW have to check that out how does that work they dont cut into the reg programing? Do They
  10. Monday Race Help?

    I need help, (well, with this prob.) Where do you guys go to listen to the race or track it at work on the internet. I have gone to Fox Sports and just followed FoxTrax. Ther has to be a radio station that streams on the net live just like baseball. What do you do?
  11. Boats Per Capita

    Family is first right now you need diapers right. Thats why I've been working on my Fishhouse for 4 yrs. But I did get it out last year. And when I buy a boat I hope to spend around $10K 10 to 15 yrs or older. I dont think that would go over well even if we had less bills to upgrade every 4 yrs W/ $3K and work up its not a car its unnecessary Just a TOY, Fun. But I do want something shes comfortable in with a 10+ mph wind.
  12. Boats Per Capita

    The Star Tribune had some stats and Minnesota is on top per capita with 16.6 boats per 100 people. I showed my wife that and told hr we should bump the number up, I want to get a boat. But it may be 4 5 years with 2 toddlers running around. I Know its not true but my wife adamitly disagreed. I dont know vry many people you know. She said of the 16 people 10 of you make over $100,000. No specifics but Please Prove my wife wrong.
  13. I'm a little confused. On there is an article about who will be the 13th place driver when the chase starts. I thought the top 12 drivers get in Automaticaly AND anyone with wins. Because Tony Stewart had wins last year and he missed out. So if everyone in the top 12 has A win and 3 or 4 other drivers have Wins dont they get in too.
  14. Never fished the tourney. Parents have a cabin on Norway. Buy the way what do they do with the big ugly baaahhhers (If you step on them)? Bet the ake food fill for Plants and holes in the ground.
  15. I need a break!

    Gordon is winning and back on top.