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  1. Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

  2. Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

    I have a pd v2 never use a foot pedal and have no issues deploying the motor and it has a universal ducer. For me it works fine. btw I am 75 yoa.
  3. Dusty

    Went up to open the trailer for the season and found the front window had shattered sometime since last oct. Luckily it has a rock shield that covers the window so minimal water got inside. Just wondering if anyone here has replaced a camper window and what I can expect to pay. The window is 4' x 2' tinted safety glass.
  4. "new tip-up"

    I bought 3 about a month ago haven't used them yet.
  5. Vexilar FL-18 problems

    I recently had to replace the transducer on my fl 20. The cord where it goes into the transducer had broken slightly and caused me to have to turn the gain way up and even then could barely see my jig. New transducer fixed the problem.
  6. I am with you. I also hate the inlines. Have one but never use it.
  7. Directv Local Channels

    do you have a paid subscription to direct tv? u have to have a receiver box hooked to your dish and then to the tv. I live in the twin cities and have a trailer in the International falls area which is 300 miles away. I have dish tv at home I bought a second dish for the trailer. I bring a box from one of my TV's at home to my trailer and get all the stations I get at home including the local ones.

    You can buy after market bags at fleet farm precut 32 bags $8 and change. Don't recall the brand but come in a green box

    I have had 2 food saver machines over the past 15 years, the last being a game saver model I have used for the last 6. One trick I use is to wrap my moist items in food wrap prior to sealing. It will keep the juice or blood from going into the sealing area. I do this on all my venison and fish. Seldom have a problem not sealing properly. The game saver also has a moist setting feature. I have found that reusing bags sometimes causes the bags not to seal properly. So if I do things like Venison, that I know I will keep frozen a while, I use unused bags.
  10. Looking at the Accuweather forecast I will guess Christmas time in the Metro to walk on.
  11. Covering Camper Question

    I have left mine uncovered for the last 10 years. It sits on a year around lot near International Falls. No issues so far.
  12. Boat Cover

    I can highly recommend North country covers in Crystal. I had a snap down cover made for my 1850 Crestliner this spring. Not cheap at $710 but great quality.
  13. Tap the pump with a stick or other object, they often just stick over the winter.
  14. Reel Repair - West Metro

    Wayzata Bait.
  15. Planner boards question

    You mention fishing for trout and Salmon so I presume you are fishing the great lakes. If that's the case you will need a pair of double boards Which you could buy for a minimum of $100 or make your own. just goggle making double planner boards for fishing. I have made several, they work great. You need a stout line to run the boards and a 6 to 8 foot mast to run the boards off the boat. for releases we used shower curtain rings and attached small alligator clips and put rubber or plastic tubing on the jaws. Simple, put a clip on the board line and let it slide down the line. With this setup you can fish three lines on each side, if legal. At one time, in wisc. you could run 3 lines a person. so we ran three on each board two on down riggers and one straight line of the back.