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  1. New Rider- Questions

    Personnaly I would not recommend the x300 - it is not made for heavy duty work or hills and the transmission is not a serviceable either. Not sure what your budget is but looking for a good quality used JD might be a good option. A X500 or X530 would also be a nice setup for you and allows you options for future attachments. Other chocies: 425/445 but make sure it is a 1999 or newer as they had issues with a plastic cam gear in earlier models. X475, X485 are nice choices and they have full hydraulics as well.
  2. Hello, I am looking at getting a new JD X320 with a 48" mower and 44" snowblower. Has anyone used one of these and can provide any Pro's or Con's. Possibly would consider a X530 but that would run about $2k more. I have a 2 acre building site with about 1.5+ to mow and average size rural yard to blow out. I believe the X320 would do the job but that is the top of the lawn tractors and the 500 series is the start of the garden tractors. Thanks for your rplies.
  3. I need to replace my front shocks on my 96 Indy classic Touring sled. They are not the rebuildable ones but what is a fair price for set of used ones? Any recommendations on which type to look for? Thanks.
  4. Propane Pre Buy,,,

    I just locked in at $1.649. After that I called another place and their current price is at $1.55. For about 10cents less and the amount I used it wasn't worth me to switch places.
  5. Potato bugs

    I just noticed that I have lots of potato bugs this year. Not sure if it is due to the wet weather recently. What is the best to control them? Thanks.
  6. Water softeners

    Jerkbait, we buy our salt from directly from Culligan. I will try the solar iron out salt and also try the the iron-out liquid and regen the softener. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Water softeners

    jerkbait - how do you go about adding the iron liquid? Do you just pour it into the salt tank and then regen the softner? I believe you are referring to those little brown containers that you can buy in the local stores called - Iron Out?
  8. Water softeners

    Hi, lately we been having some issues with rust/stains in the washer and toilet stools and I'm thinking my 9 year old Culligan water softener is starting to die. My wife ruined a few of her white shirts already so I may be starting to die soon to (haha). I have my own well for water and I know our water is very hard but don't recall the numbers anymore. When we see the rust/stains appear in the toilet I manually regen the softener and that seems to be fine for a while - weeks. What is the normal life expentency out of of water softener? I've been hearing numbers like 5-8 years is about it. If I need to replace the softner any recommendations?
  9. Contendor Peach trees

    Yeah I was kind of figuring I was on the border line for the zone area. I purchased them from Gurney's and I called them last week and they will replace the one tree. I haven't received it yet but was wondering if in the fall it would help to put up a wire mesh around the tree and fill it with leaves to help with the cold weather for a few years. Being I'm getting another tree I will take another chance on it.
  10. Contendor Peach trees

    Hello, last year I planted two contendor peach trees and they grew about a foot. This spring it appears that one of them is dead and the other one only has new sprouts on two of the bottom branches. Does anyone have any experience in growing these peach trees. They are for zone 4 which I live in - hour west of TC area. I read a few reviews on them and people had success growing them farther north. Not sure if warm spells during winter hurt them. Anything I can do to try and save the one tree - Thanks.
  11. What Would You Do? (Riding lawn mower advice)

    JJ,, I guess I would grade myself in your same category for fixing. If you question it just take the old motor out yourself being it don't work anyways. Then you can tell what your up against. Just remove mower deck and hood to get at everything. I'm assuming there is an electric clutch on the bottom of the motor shaft. You may need an impact wrench to loosen the nut on the pulley assembly because it will turn the shaft when you try to loosen it. If I remember right there is like 4-5 bolts holding the motor to the frame and few wires to the starter. Heck you got nothing to loose and if you take it to the shop you already have the motor out if you go that route. Remember to verify the mounting hole pattern and shaft size to a new one. Again I did have a slight issue with the oil drain plug not fitting correctly as I mentioned earlier but I upgraded from a 11HP to a 12.5HP so that may have been the reason.
  12. What Would You Do? (Riding lawn mower advice)

    I agree with Tom7227 - if the rest of the mower is in decent shape the $5-600 price is good for a new installed motor. About 12 years ago I replaced the motor on my JD 111 with a 12.5HP Brigg IC motor from Nor-Hydralics and I also opted for the the recoil option as well -although I never had to use it. I think that motor then cost me like $500 and I installed it myself. Only had one small issue with the oil drain not fitting through the frame. Just cut the hole opening with a hack saw and it dropped right in. You just have to make sure that the motor shaft is the same length and diameter as your old one. You can bet that new one for $1600 won't be around in 30 years.... You can't get a decent used rider for the money it will cost to get this one running again - IMO.
  13. How to get rid of gophers?

    When I was a kid we had similar problems with some rats in a pole shed that we stored hay in. Once the hay was all out we took a riding lawn mower with some flex tubing connected to the exhaust. Put the other end down the hole and pack dirt around it to seal it off. Start the lawn mower and hit the choke to create some good heavy exhaust fumes. Let it run for a few minutes and then remove tubing and cover the hole. We never had another rat problem since. I would think this would work for gophers as well. Should be safe being your outside in a well vented area.
  14. 94 Artic Cat Prowler starting issues

    So I took the battery out and put on a charger and it made no difference. I'm kind of ruling out the battery being it is brand new and has like 12.4v on it. I know someone that has a 95 Prowler and his LED flashes one time like mine when he turns on the key. Lucky I have a buddy who is more knowledgeable them I am on this and he took a look at it last night. He believes the issue is the throttle to kill switch assembly on the handle bar. I guess there is a two position switch - one at idle and another when the throttle lever is engaged. One of these must make contact before the sled will start. In looking at the throttle it appears that there is a nipple that might be missing that engages a switch in the idle position. I won't have time this weekend to confirm that but will post back what I find out. We did try to hold the throttle lever up so it would make contact and it did fire but would not start now - most likely due to the fact that we had it flooded pretty bad.
  15. 94 Artic Cat Prowler starting issues

    Ok, so I see the LED and when I turn on the key there is one quick flash and that is it? I tried starting it and it don't even seem to fire. Any ideas? Thanks,