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  1. my old house was a 6.5 x 12' (No V front) with an outside 2x4' in front for bathroom. I really didn't notice any difference in towing it. I know a guy who had his house built with about 2' wide V in front which opens the entire area up quite a bit and he wishes now he would have went 3' wide. And this still gives you plenty of space on the V to put your LP tanks. Wish I would have done that on my new 8x16'. The little gas the V front may save you, to me is not worth the value of that extra space.
  2. I did something similar to this as well. But I think I will add another row near the top of the rod tips to keep them separated a little better. Then just slide the rod tip through the top row and drop handle into bottom holder. Depending on the eyelet size on your rods you might be able to use a smaller diameter PVC for the top. You may also want to make the top row PVC a little longer to really hold the rods in place.
  3. So is the ice castle mini different then the ice castle scout? I too was thinking about the ice castle scout toy hauler (6.5x8') model and was concerned about weight.
  4. The new one is black and appears to have some finish on it but I already had the old one boxed up so I really couldn't compare. I know I should looked at them side by side but I didn't. I did run into another issue when trying out the new auger they sent me with the correct finish. I drilled about 4 holes and did not notice any real ice built up and then after one hole the auger would keep on spinning. I noticed that the top switch on the handle was stuck down so I had to tap the handle to release it. It did this for the next 3-4 holes and then finally it just quite working altogether. So I sent ION another email - got a call this morning and they are sending me out a new switch that I can install. I sure hope this is an isolated occurrence. Their customer support is very understanding and willing to make this right. Just hope this is my last issue.
  5. Update: I heard back from ION and they just sent me a new auger. They claimed they had a batch of augers that did not have the correct finish on them. I haven't used the new one yet as I just got it so I hope that resolves the issue. I will try it out this week and report back on how it works. Here is ION's quote: A limited batch of Ion X augers have a finishing treatment that may cause ice buildup on the bottom of the auger under certain conditions.
  6. I used a hard sided case for arrows (bow hunting). I can fit up to eight rods in it and depending on the size of your reel you may have to fold the handle down. They cost about $20 bucks - but I haven't bought one in a long time.
  7. So how long do they actually glow ? Can they last many hours on set lines at night ? I know some brands to glow much longer but never really test them to see if they glow for many hours.
  8. Update: I spoke with ION support this morning about the auger tip freezing up. They wanted more info (temps, ice thickness, snow depth...) which I provided and pictures that I had taken. They are currently going over this with their engineers to see it they can recreate it. I was very happy about their customer service - friendly and completely understanding of my issues and willing to send me a old auger bit style so I could use it until they get this resolved. At this time I'm still concerned but I really do feel that they will make this right - just have to give them the time to address it.
  9. I agree it might be on the small side - did you test it this weekend when it was minus 25F ? I have a new 8x16 and they put in a 15K BTU Empire but put in an 18K orifice. I haven't really tested it yet in cold weather to see how long it takes to warm it up. Not sure if you can put in a larger one as well? Some models you can add an fan to it which might help blow more hot air off of it. I'm thinking about adding a fan to mine as well.
  10. From what I can tell - it is an outer ring but also has some inner flat area that is attached. This also is support for the blades. Like BassThumb stated I was out in single digits temps - about 6 degrees F. I will post once I hear back from ION. But form my testing it appears to be an issue once the auger is outside for extended periods of time. But that is just my conclusion.
  11. My concern is what kind of any real life testing did they do ? Have they even tested this on a froze lake anywhere ? These augers need to work in the worse weather conditions. Not some simulated conditions in some building.
  12. I know I did not run it in reverse each time - thinking I may have only done it on the first hole if I even did it then. I will repost once I hear back from ION. I also sent them an email today with my dilemma.
  13. Ok I did a second test on my new ION-X with 8" auger. Prior to drilling I had the auger and battery in my shop which has the furnace set to 35 degrees. I went out to a local lake and drilled seven holes and did not encounter any build up. I then proceeded to fish for about an hour and a half and temps again were in single digits. I also wanted to test out the battery so that was also left outside on my trailer. I then attempted to drill some more holes - now with the auger at outside temps. I was able to drill the first two without any issues. The third hole I notices some issues but got thru. When attempting to drill the fourth hole it was only able to scratch the top surface of the ice. There was about 6" of new snow on the ice that I did not clear away. I haven't had to do this in the pasts 30 years so why should I now - right. In looking at the auger is was completely iced over just like the initial post. The battery still showed full power. I am also now completely disappointed in this new auger design. I will be calling ION on Monday and see what they have to say. If they don't do anything you will see this item for sale very soon. For now I'm going back to my 20 year old laser auger. As of now I would not recommend this new auger to anyone. I can see it only being useful in maybe permanent shacks.
  14. I went out yesterday and I drilled about 8 holes with my new ION X. I did not scrape any snow away and I even set the auger down in the snow after drilling each hole. I did not encounter any issue with ice build up. Temps yesterday were in the single digits. Now my test may now have been the same as previous poster where I would leave it sit on the ice for long enough period to ice up. I will do that this weekend. I did run the reverse each time to see how it cleared the hole out - did a good job but ice was only about 7" thick.
  15. I just wen the ION X this fall and I am hoping to get out this weekend and test it out for the first time. Should be a good test this weekend with the cold temps coming. Will report if I have the same issues.