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  1. The Rum River is fun anywhere from St. Francis to Anoka. Probably fun north of there to, but I've never done it. It's been quite a few years since I've been on it, but was all no-wake and assume it still is so you don't have to worry much about big boats.
  2. I thought they could fix anything.
  3. It was "hiding" by the seals!
  4. July 2016 These are all males, there are no females at the beach that time of year. They like to play fight for a couple seconds and then appear to collapse on each other from exhaustion. It was a fun place to check out.
  5. July 2016 Pfeiffer Beach near Big Sur, CA is famous for it's purple colored sands.
  6. July 2016 There were also whales in the bay but couldn't get any pictures of them. They would just surface enough to blow water out of their blowholes. Alcatraz
  7. July 2016 Seals or Sea Lions coming to visit These little crabs we everywhere at one of the beaches. There must have been thousands of them. Most where this size or smaller but some we dinner plate size. One of my favorite pictures. Just a small tide pool. I love this picture because of how the scale of the stone wall is very hard to determine. Notice the seals/sea lions coming in on the right side. My wife (taking the picture) hadn't noticed them yet. More seals/sea lions!
  8. July 2016 This was the first time 3 of us had ever been to the ocean and the first time any of us had been to the Pacific. Man, that water was cold!
  9. July 2016 These flies were everywhere!
  10. July 2016 The low cloud cover made the peaks almost impossible to see but it was great sight nonetheless.
  11. July 2016 Last post on Yellowstone. Norris geyser basin was probably my favorite place in Yellowstone. Grand Prismatic spring was a bit of a let down. The colors were not as vibrant as seen in many photos online and it was very foggy.
  12. July 2016 20160711_110945.mp4 Video of Old Faithful. Not sure how to post a video directly.
  13. From July 2016 This bison was strolling along the main drag disrupting traffic. This deer was trotting along the road in front of us for 100+ yards blocking the road. She finally moved to the side and trotted along side of us before going into the forest. We had some snow one of the nights we were there. It got down into the mid 20's overnight. We were staying in a tent. Thankfully I packed a big buddy heater along.