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  1. Filling in oil tank room basement

    Sounds like it would make a good storm shelter.
  2. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    It's funny that you say that since one of the reasons they said they changed the structure and got rid of the all season license and multi zone licence was because it was apparently to complex.
  3. Jackrabbit Mystery

    Really, one of this sites biggest offenders of getting a thread offtrack is complaining about a thread going offtrack?
  4. Jackrabbit Mystery

    There is an area of my yard that I don't mow, about an acre or so. The fireflies are thick there, must be hundreds each summer night, maybe more. Before moving to this home 3 years ago I had never seen a firefly so it's quite the sight for me when I go and watch them.
  5. Weight loss plans

    I'm down about 35 pounds (315 to 280) in 2 months. I've been doing the Keto ultra low carb diet with a goal of less than 20 grams a day and it has been working well so far. My goal is 225 so I still have a ways to go.
  6. Alternative Medicine

    What does that have to do with this thread?
  7. First year garden

    Yes, definitely fence it if you are able. We have a large garden that we don't fence do to the size. Each year the deer do some damage but the worst is raccoons. We don't have many of them but they came through 2 years ago and destroyed our sweet corn crop. We had 4 rows, each over 50' long all gone in one night. It looked like they had a party with corn husks laying in piles all over the yard and corn cobs stripped clean everywhere. It was actually kind of comical to me but my wife was not pleased.
  8. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    Attached is what you can get with the $40 package with SlingTV. Looks like they have history but not discovery. They also have $20 and $25 packages. The only thing I watched with any regularity when I had it was ESPN so I dropped it.
  9. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    It's been about a year since I made the switch and really glad I did. I use an antenna to pick up local channels. Then just stream with with amazon, hulu and netflix. I had slingtv but found I didn't really watch enough with it to justify it so I canceled that and added HBO Now. I don't see myself ever going back to cable or dish.
  10. Kayak & Canoe Day Trips

    The Rum River is fun anywhere from St. Francis to Anoka. Probably fun north of there to, but I've never done it. It's been quite a few years since I've been on it, but was all no-wake and assume it still is so you don't have to worry much about big boats.
  11. Colon Cancer on the Rise Among Gen Xers, Millennials

    I thought they could fix anything.
  12. Elephant Seal Beach

    It was "hiding" by the seals!
  13. July 2016 These are all males, there are no females at the beach that time of year. They like to play fight for a couple seconds and then appear to collapse on each other from exhaustion. It was a fun place to check out.
  14. July 2016 Pfeiffer Beach near Big Sur, CA is famous for it's purple colored sands.
  15. July 2016 There were also whales in the bay but couldn't get any pictures of them. They would just surface enough to blow water out of their blowholes. Alcatraz