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  1. Teen Vehicle

    Rav4 is a great vehicle with a good body, (unlike some of the other yotas)... Never towed anything with the one we had, so I would proceed carefully on that..
  2. Dozer issues

    You can pull it in gear if it has a torque converter rather than a clutch, because there is no direct connection to the engine - it is like an automatic transmission. Think "fluid drive". If it had a clutch you couldn't move it in gear - you could still move it in neutral, however.
  3. Dozer issues

  4. Berkshire pork

    Not sure about the hovels and squalor, but pretty sure Gaga is a free ranger....
  5. Berkshire pork

    Photos of the first chops cooked, please...
  6. Berkshire pork

    There's a whole wagon load of info on corporate pork (CAFOs/concentrated animal feeding operations) on the internets if del wants to take the time to study up on it a little....
  7. Berkshire pork

    They probably still eat pig poop though, even with that fine breeding and all.
  8. Berkshire pork

    del's idea of "good eats"...
  9. 6.5 creedmoore

    The .260 Remington is a good round, but it never seemed to get any traction. Savage was going to chamber some rifles in .260 Remington a few years ago - not sure if it ever happened or not.
  10. 6.5 creedmoore

    Competition shooters have recognized that the Swedes had the bullet right over 100 years ago. The potential of the Swede cartridge was limited by the strength of the action in the Swede rifle. In a modern rifle, however, the cartridge can be loaded to higher pressures, so it has a lot of potential.
  11. 6.5 creedmoore

    If you're shooting up that many shells in deer camp, you probably need to do a little more target practice before you get there.. If it's just because you have a poor memory, and can't remember to bring shells along, there's always a demand for a camp cook... I have a .30-30, a .243, a .300 Savage, a .308, a 6.5 Swede, and a .30-06. They will all put a deer down. But for a clean consistent kill, none of the others will do a better job than the Swede, It's a nice caliber to shoot with little recoil, and very good accuracy. No speed demon, but excellent penetration due to the sectional density of the bullet, so it can be used for larger game as well. It would make a great rifle if you ever plan to hunt mulies or antelope out west. (bring ammo along - you probably won't find it at the local convenience store) No idea how the Creedmoore cycles, but if it didn't, I would send it back to Ruger. As an aside, Tikka chambers some rifles in the 6.5 Swede, and this would be a good choice as well.
  12. 6.5 creedmoore

    Norma, Hornady, and Lapua are all making brass for the Creedmoore right now, so if it's a concern, I would just stock up on some extra ammo or brass. The cartridge is basically a necked-down .30 TC, which was originally formed from .300 Savage brass.
  13. 6.5 creedmoore

    The 6.5 bullet will be around for a long time or probably forever, because of its popularity in Europe. I have a custom 6.5 Mauser sporter in 6.5 Swede, and it's a great round for deer or larger game because of the sectional density of the bullet - and also a very accurate long range caliber. So I'm sure the 6.5 Creedmoore would be at least as good a round as the Swede. What I would do is stock up on ammo and save the brass. If the ammo ever gets scarce in the future, you could reload the brass. That's what I did with my .308 Marlin Express, although the ammo is still available from at least a couple of makers after 10 years.
  14. Plumbing Question

    There's a lesson to be learned here.. NEVER, EVER, let your wife catch you at a weak moment, and talk you into installing a garbage disposal unit.....
  15. What a dang waste and shame!

    I think they're shut down, too. Smells like no money and more welfare...