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  1. I think they're shut down, too. Smells like no money and more welfare...
  2. Right next to the river, no less. Isn't anyone from the EPA concerned about this?
  3. This is very earth friendly, and good tree huggers and bureaucrats everywhere love it...
  4. yup, I've ordered a lot of different ammo online from various suppliers that isn't available in the local stores.
  5. Still waiting patiently for Federal .22 ammo in the blue box to show up in the stores. Good thing I stocked up about 10 years ago...
  6. You can find it online. I think it's from one of the eastern bloc countries - Hungary, I believe.
  7. Has anyone tried Geco ammo? Been seeing some deals on that lately. I've shot some PPU .158 gr round nose in my .38/.357 for plinking and target practice, but it's a little dirty, so wondering if the Geco ammo is any better. I've shot some Fiocchi ammo in my .204 Ruger with no complaints, but haven't tried their handgun ammo.
  8. +1. Any caliber outside of a BB gun will penetrate drywall.
  9. The importation of AKs was banned during the Obama administration, but there were a lot of them imported prior to the ban, so they are still available. Probably not at big box stores, though. You would have to shop around, and some of them bring high prices due to the mods made to them.
  10. Maybe that's because it is an AK..
  11. If you like to tinker with guns, you can get a surplus Saiga for a couple hundred bucks. All sorts of accessories available for these, and they can also be converted to 12 gauge if that's your preference.
  12. Reb's old girlfriend might have had a diaphragm, but you would find that one in the lower unit - not in the carburetor...
  13. Best thing I've seen is just old newspapers.
  14. According to Wikipedia, it's a close relative to Norway spruce. Siberian spruce and Norway spruce (Picea abies) have turned out to be extremely similar genetically and might be considered two closely related subspecies of P. abies.[3] Siberian spruce hybridises extensively with Norway spruce where the two species (or subspecies) meet in northeastern Europe; trees over a broad area from extreme northeast Norway and northern Finland east to the Ural Mountains are classified as the hybrid Picea × fennica (Regel) Komarov (or P. abies subsp. ×fennica, if the two taxa are considered subspecies); they differ from typical P. obovata from east of the Urals in having cones with less smoothly rounded, often triangular-pointed, scales. There's also a Serbian spruce.
  15. 10-4 on that. And the larger transplants take off and grow a lot faster than seedlings. No need to plant balsam fir around my place - they volunteer almost like weeds.