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  1. Snowmobilers and driveways

    Like Leech said, it appears that a grant in aid trail is running through your area. I would urge you to contact the club president or another representative and try to work out a solution. They may be able to even re-route the trail to avoid your driveway but you will not know unless you engage in a civil discussion with a representative of the club. Just let them know you have concerns and see if an agreement can be had. I would be surprised if the club doesn't have a landowners event every fall that you could attend and talk to club members as well to keep reminding them each year of your concerns.
  2. Electrical/fluorescent Light question

    Only 3 logical explanations: A. The thing Wanderer said above B. Aliens C. You are Uncle Fester
  3. Id

    Before your edit, I thought you were joking but forgot to add the .
  4. Id

    American Black Duck?
  5. Winnie gtg Dec 8-10 Dixon Lake Resort

    I hope it will do well since that's where I will be this weekend.
  6. My wife gave me money for Christmas that I was supposed to pick out an electric smoker with. I finally went and picked it up and it is seasoning as we speak. I've always been kind of a BBQ snob and never thought I would own an electric but I've had some really good Q made with electric smokers lately so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
  7. To be honest Del, I'm really just giving you a hard time about Souse vide because that's what I do. The ribs are fine, in fact I'm eating the last left-over bit of them for lunch as I type this. Everyone is free to like what they like and cook what they cook. Souse Vide certainly has a place and it's very possible that I may even buy one someday and try it myself but I won't be cooking ribs with it.
  8. The souse vide ribs were good and tender and I'd eat them again but they were more like a pork roast I'd make in the crock pot than BBQ ribs. Just not the same to me.
  9. No Yahoo Fantasy

    LOL, I haven't watched a Nascar race in 2 or 3 years.
  10. I wrapped them separately like I always do and I put them back in bone side up.
  11. Del, you're never going to guess what I had for supper tonight. My wife brought home ribs made by one of her clients for a Superbowl party but they had to cancel the party last minute. They had an over abundance of ribs made up so they sent what amounts to about one whole slab of spare ribs. I started eating them and the first thing I noticed was they were very tender but no smoke flavor. I just assumed they were made in the oven or crock pot but then my wife begins to tell me how this culinary genius made them in sealed bags with this machine that kind of boils them....... "Souse Vide", I said. "Yeah, that's it, how did you know?" She replied. Ha Ha Ha
  12. Super bowl goodies

    Don't think you're going to get a recipe from Smurfy. It appears that he is on some sort of double secret probation and has to wait for anything he posts to be approved by the mother ship before it is posted. Some of his posts make it through and some do not. He's getting tired of it and I don't blame him.
  13. Super Bowl lii

    I'm no Tom Brady fan but jeeez.....lighten up, it's only football. Maybe Brady was just letting the Eagles players celebrate and have their moment and you guys are jumping to conclusions?
  14. Super Bowl lii

    I thought the Eagles won?
  15. Super bowl goodies

  16. Super Bowl lii

  17. Eagles in Minneapolis

    Now they won the Superbowl.....
  18. Minnesota Shrimp

    Just looking at that can of Schmidt gives me an upset stomach and gas.
  19. Air Fryer?

    What model?
  20. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    All depends on lots of different circumstances. Body of water, time of year, types of spots I want to fish, etc. Also, don't forget trolling with Rapalas and the like. I've been fishing a lake every year that when we first started fishing it 20+ years ago we all jigged or used Lindy Rigs. We discovered several years later that most times the best way to catch walleys on this lake at the time of year we are always there, is to troll floating shad raps, kind of fast, through shallow water. I'm guessing that doesn't work at all times of the year though.
  21. The Ranch

    Peaky Blinders is about a family crime organization in 1920's England. It's not too bad. We watched about half of Orange is the new Black and gave up. The last good one we watched was Hell on Wheels.