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  1. Actually, I'm pretty sure that this means your site has been infected with some sort of virus.
  2. Ha Ha! I didn't know "deceptive site" was referring to FAKE NEWS! Good one Leech!
  3. What is
  4. There's only one of us that's not awake......
  5. Why would I not want to protect me and my device from dangerous sites? Something must have changed recently here on HSO, why can't it be fixed from your end without endangering my PC?
  6. More of Leech's Fake News. (plus, it's old fake news)
  7. We spent the past week in Door County Wisconsin on vacation with 4 other couples and our campers. I had it all lined up for 6 members of our group to go out on a chartered fishing trip in the early morning of Thursday. The charter called me at 8:00 Wed. evening to inform me that the boat had broken down and wouldn't be fixed until later that day and there were no available re-scheduling opportunities until Monday. GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I never use soap to clean the racks. Just put them on a hot grill for a few minutes and use a brush to get the majority off. Hmmm, Gin flavored ham, mmmmmmmm.
  9. My local meat market will sell you one. They did for a friend of mine about a year ago. If you want to take a trip to Belle Plaine I can hook you up, but you should be able to find it at a meat market near you also.
  10. Value Care Vet Clinic in Chaska.
  11. My son (17) and some of his buddies from school are into the older trucks. My boy found this one for sale and had to buy it. It's a 1990 Ford F-150 2x4 with the 300 inline 6 motor. It has 120,000 original miles. So far he has put on a new exhaust, a new transmission cooling line and hung up fuzzy dice :). I put in new lock cylinders since it didn't come with a door key and this morning I fixed both power window motors. He also has a 2004 Chrysler Sebring that's in great shape but he is much more proud of this.
  12. My son and the other boys are calling themselves the "Square Body Squad".
  13. Ha! His grandpa brought that song up already and I've been singing it to him all week!
  14. I'm not too worried about all that. He'd have to TALK to a girl first.
  15. I'm not as old as you!
  16. I think I'll just buy him this instead....
  17. If he needed a chick magnet he would just take ME with him! I was happy to see that the truck had that motor. I remember it being a good one.
  18. Nah, he's just selling them to Del....
  19. You would cut off the nail flanges then?
  20. Just would you hold it in place?
  21. Basketball is a great sport, too bad the pro version doesn't resemble the game what-so-ever. Watch a few high school games and then try to tell me it's not an exciting sport.