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  1. My budget would be more like this one:
  2. For those of us who are gun owners it seems we are always looking at guns and salivating over the "next" gun we want to get our hands on. What is that "next" gun for you? For me, I don't have a lot of guns and I'm usually very practically minded when it comes to guns. I'm usually after something to do a specific job like an over-under for grouse or a rifle for deer but with growing sentiment for gun control laws in this country and state, I am considering something a bit less practical before it is too late. I know everyone now days wants an AR-15 and I also think they are cool to look at but not that practical in my mind for the things I want to do with it. Not to mention the money a good one can cost. You can laugh at me all you want but the next firearm I purchase will probably be a Hi-Point carbine in 9mm. I know, I know, Hi-Points are cheap guns, right? But I have a Hi-Point .45 pistol and I love the thing. It's big and ugly just like me and when you pull the trigger it goes bang every time. What more could you want for a sub $150 gun. The carbines can be had for under $300. No-brainer to me. So, what is YOUR next gun?
  3. A gun is a gun, I like them all! This one is BA but a lot more than I personally would spend on an air rifle.....
  4. Some even think Christianity is to blame for crime in America.......
  5. Anyone here know anything about this round? My father-in-laws's uncle used to have a lever action rifle that shot .35 Whelen. I just did a search to try and learn more about the round and see what the gun may have been but it appears that lever action guns were never really available in .35 Whelen and it was most likely a .30-.06 that was altered. If that is true it sure makes me want to learn more about that gun. Does anyone here have any knowledge of .35 Whelen? I'm thinking of getting a lever action soon and because of price and availability of ammo was only considering a .30-.30 but now am looking harder at a .35 Remington.
  6. Do you know what model that would be? I suppose it's possible but it's just not reality. The large majority of criminals identify as Christians and that's a fact.
  7. We've went over this before but over 85% of this country's population is Christian. Guess who is causing over 85% of the crime? And actually, there have been terroristic threats against the couple of outed atheists here in Belle Plaine.......
  8. Meh, I can protect myself just fine with or without a $1000 rifle. My $100 Hi-Point .45 will make you just as dead as that AR. It's more than likely one of those crazy arse Christians that I need to protect myself from.
  9. The couple

    For all good quality tails we pay the following: Gray, Fox & Black Squirrel Tails 16 ¢ each — under 100 19 ¢ each — over 100 21 ¢ each — over 500 22 ¢ each — over 1000 Premium Tails 20 ¢ each — under 100 23 ¢ each — over 100 25 ¢ each — over 500 26 ¢ each — over 1000 Red Squirrel Tails (Hair at the base of the tail must be at least 1" long) 8 ¢ each — under 100 9 ¢ each — over 100 10 ¢ each — over 500 11 ¢ each — over 1000 Plus, you can double the value of your tails by exchanging them for Mepps lures. Call 800-237-9877 or e-mail to place your order or get more details. No other discounts or special offers apply.
  10. The couple

    .26 cents if you have over 1,000 premium tails. LOL.
  11. We recently threw out our fry daddy type deep fryer and I was thinking of getting smaller air fryer for french fries and things like that. Anyone here have any experience with those? Do they work good? Can someone recommend a specific brand?
  12. Sous Vide Turkey

    Maybe in the backwoods and swamps of New Orleans or something but not a common practice in northern Alabama, Tennessee or Georgia where I lived. Nope, these were good ole' Midwestern Minnesotan's eating these chicken feet.
  13. Time for a smoke This is what is supposed to be the best accessory for the MES-40.
  14. Just Food and Drink

    I could see you using one and inviting us all over to eat the food.
  15. Just Food and Drink

    I never thought I'd want an electric smoker either but last summer when we were in the Black Hills our neighboring camper brought over some brisket he had smoked that day on one of those Masterbuilt's that were made for Cabellas and oh my word was it ever good!!!! I decided right there that it's more about the cook than the cooker so I'm probably going to get an electric before spring and give it a whirl.
  16. Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    I think most of the time trailer tires are recommended to be operated at max air pressure. It should also help the tire wear more evenly and help prevent a blow-out.
  17. Time for a smoke

    You going to smoke the moose and squirrel with this or does it souse vide?
  18. Time for a smoke

    Yep that seems to be a pretty standard complaint and fix according to the internets.
  19. Sounds about right. The other factor is they make the Judge in a few different barrel lengths which could also affect the range with the shorter barrel ones that people are more apt to purchase for carrying. I would bet that you would only have a chance at a 15 yard effective kill shot with the longest barrel Judge. The other issue as I see it is how often do you see a coyote or raccoon at 10-15 yds and what is the chance he will still be at 10-15 yds. by the time you get the gun out, get ready and fire? Don't get me wrong, I think they are cool guns and one is definitely on my list someday as well but I just don't want to see rl_sd spend a good amount of money on something that may not be suited for what he wants to do with it and be disappointed.
  20. I think the problem will be that you would have to be pretty darn close to actually hit one with enough bbs to do any damage. I always hear that the effective range with a.410 shot shell in such a short barrel is like under 7 yards. I would think that a good .22 rifle kept handy or even a 9mm hand gun would be a better choice for what you want to do with it.
  21. Time for a smoke

    Depends a lot on what your budget is but this one is very popular with electric smoker users and has a lot of bang for the buck:|THD|google|D24+Paint&mid=sESWFyjNs|dc_mtid_8903alh25183_pcrid_48288740857_pkw__pmt_b_product__slid_&gclid=CjwKCAiA3o7RBRBfEiwAZMtSCeknguEGPirJb7Yk8GBxszNJWkewFezJEEigmiP2Huky-mMQz7jkAhoC1A8QAvD_BwE This one is also electric and is the one that Del recommends.....
  22. All I'm saying is that is usually the allure of those guns that shoot .45 or .410.