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  1. Just Food and Drink

    I could only wish......
  2. Just Food and Drink

    Ooooooh this sounds good. Add some diced peppers and onions and you might have something...... Ummmm, maybe a Grain Belt instead. I had some iced tea in the picture. Hot sauce, yes but no ketchup! I try to avoid the toast for carbohydrate reasons.
  3. Vikings VS. Saints

    OR, maybe it was a conspiracy........
  4. Vikings vs eagles

    No worries, the NFL says it's time for the Vikings to at least go to the Superbowl......
  5. Quick ice locator holder.

    You didn't try to call me, I would have given you some old oak boards I have laying around and let you use a few of my basic woodworking tools like a jig saw, an oscillating drum sander and a router with a round over bit. I always tell my son, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.
  6. Quick ice locator holder.

    What did you use to cut out the handle hole, a beaver? I'm entering that phase right now where my son doesn't really go fishing with me anymore. He does take his buddies out to my house when I'm not there though. I hope he someday transitions back around like you did.
  7. Vikings vs eagles

    Meh, Mrs. Big Dave2 says something like that about 3 times a week.......
  8. Just Food and Drink

    Well, I don't have that kind of time in the morning so pan fried will have to do.
  9. Vikings vs eagles

  10. Just Food and Drink

    I decided to have the breakfast of champions this morning.....
  11. Vikings vs eagles

  12. Wine Making

    .25¢ on the free sip of church wine?
  13. Wine Making

    Or at least $20 in the collection basket, about the same worth.....
  14. Wine Making

    I've had plenty of their wine over the years, I'm not a fan and it's definitely not free....
  15. Wine Making

    Anyone here make their own wine? I have been doing a little research on the process and plan to give it a shot this year. One of our favorite wines is Redass Rhubarb from Hill City SD and we like other fruit wines. My wife likes anything fruity and sweet. It may take me a while to dial in a few internet recipes to something we like but that's part of the fun. I think I would try making some now but I think I would have to turn up our thermostat to get through the fermentation. It appears that a temp of 70-75 is necessary and our house is usually 62-68 this time of the year.