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  1. Is this speculation or do you have a source for this information?
  2. It's not a question, it's a statement. The fact that so many are not understanding it proves that it is an issue. The "rants" as you call them were an attempt to not only "rephrase" but to explain. Maybe I didn't do a very good job or maybe you'll never understand. Who can't understand?
  3. I never said I am repulsed by those who display this behavior. But yeah, I don't get the "loathing" or "hating" of rival teams.
  4. You posted about neither. But if you would read the article, my commentary and TJ's commentary you would know that's not really what the article is about. You have to be kidding, right? Just about everyone who has an opinion on politics at all is this sort of person. Do you look at social media at all?
  5. Because I think self reflection is good for all of us from time to time. If you don't wan't to discuss this article, why do you persist in posting here? No one is disputing that at all. The premise of the author's article is in regards to the hypocrisy of then justifying everything your chosen candidate or party does blindly while vilifying the other candidates or party. It's the "all in" sports like mentality that is being discussed here.
  6. This is what Del was probably talking about and yes he is right, we do have to pick a side or at least a candidate when we go to the polling booth but there is no need to defend every single move the candidate makes and vilify every single move the opposition makes. I'm not sure what makes us think and behave the way we do, I didn't take enough psychology or anthropology courses in college to answer that question but I do know that to me it is even more repulsive than the small minded thinking that goes in to hating one sports team although they are basically the same as your chosen sports team. I can see liking and rooting for one sports team or political faction over another but the pure hatred for the opposite team is mind boggling to me. These are the fine points of this article as I see it. Now would anyone like to have a discussion on these points?
  7. This paragraph is important because I believe that most people now when faced with a political discussion do indeed "turn off their intellect". It's the only way to get through the hypocrisy that arises when one chooses a side so completely.
  8. Lets digest this in little pieces then, shall we? This essay is talking about the modern view of politics where people pick a side and stand by it no matter what happens. We see it every day. Hypocrites are everywhere, even on this site. We know Uncle Bill, Leech and Delcecchi among others will fight tooth and nail to justify every move any Republican makes. Look at the stances of Trump which I would say are in some cases wildly different from those of the last 2 Republican nominees that they also justified tooth and nail. Nick, Ufatz, Jeuno4 and even those who claim to be an "independent" like Duff suffer from the same affliction. No matter what corrupt thing Hillary did, they were able to wash it from their minds and defend everything she did or didn't do by twisting facts and justifying because she is the chosen candidate of "their team". As stated above, the media exploits this and turns each side into a target market, feeding each of you what you want to hear and nothing you don't want to hear. You won't find stories detailing Trump's failures or indiscretions on Fox News and likewise you will not find similar stories about Hillary or any other Democrat on MSNBC or CNN. It's really quite shameful and what it results in is an entire populous that doesn't want to hear or know the truth. The media feeds us lies, social media feeds us lies and we all lie to ourselves and each other in order to keep up the facade that our chosen "team" is perfect and the other "team" is garbage.
  9. This proves that you just don't get it nor are you willing to try. Portugal had the same problem. Now we're getting somewhere. I can accept this as an answer if you can coherently explain to me what is so different about Portugal and why this policy would work there but not here. LOL. That Time article has 15 paragraphs and you picked out the one devil's advocate parograph of the entire article. You should read the other 14 paragraphs. Not my idea, someone in Portugal came up with it first and they have explained it and sold it plenty by implementing it and winning at it.
  10. Your answer wasn't even on topic. You either didn't read the article I posted or you don't understand it. Which is it?
  11. That's OK. The story needs a picture so most here can even think about grasping it. Funny that this should happen just days after Trump calls out the "liberal" media for being fake news. Like I said just can"t make this stuff up.
  12. You just can't make this stuff up......