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  1. What specific things make him indecent or classless? Did he grab women by the pu**y? Did he make fun of a disabled reporter? Did he call most Mexicans rapists? Did he make fun of John McCain because he was captured in Vietnam? Did he repeatedly claim that the POTUS was born in Kenya? Did he repeatedly claim that the POTUS was a Muslim? Did he say Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever"? Did he say "Laziness is a trait in the blacks"? I'd be interested to know what things Obama has done that are more indecent and classless than this.
  2. What reasons did you vote for Trump? Did it ever occur to you that those reasons may have been just things to get you to vote for him?
  3. I know. I guess I forgot to put the after my post. Court decisions is what I was referring to because I also do not know of any laws officially separating church and state. There may be laws at the state or local level I don't know. The 1st amendment is not always interpreted by courts the same way.
  4. Anyone who thinks this country isn't heading to single payer, government funded healthcare is fooling themselves. I'm not in favor of it but we may as well just do it and get it over with now.
  5. But will you recognize it? Just like I am sure that President Obama has signed legislation and done other things that YOU think are "good things" for America that Sledneck doesn't recognize.
  6. Why would they worry about the debt, we can just print money????
  7. Hopefully he burnt certain anatomic parts to the point that they are rendered useless...
  8. Is it really a religious symbol or just a convenient place to get rid of foot sweat?
  9. I agree but my question pertained more to the butt-hurt that the Christians are displaying. Why should it even be news? If the law states it should come down then just take it down and accept it or work to change the law. That goes equal for both sides of this issue. Amen
  10. Just like, it only takes something as simple as this to offend a Republican...
  11. Meh...I'm old and out of touch. I don't even know what a K-Drill is. I'll just keep using my old Strikemaster.
  12. To be honest, I think of the cross as representing a burial site of a fallen soldier. I don't necessarily even think religion when I look at the thing. In my opinion it is not even a religious symbol in that context. But that's just me.
  13. Like politics, fishing spots, antler size and Vexilar being better than Marcum? Just the way I like it.
  14. Relax man. Did you read the story or listen to the video? I titled the thread Freedom FROM Religion because that's the name of the national organization that is causing all the ruckus. But my point still stands. If religious symbols are allowed to be placed on public property my guess is the same people who are offended by having to take down the cross would also be offended by a Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist symbol being placed on that same property. All I am saying is be careful of what you ask for.
  15. That's funny. I just used the term "brainwashed" in another thread. You should check it out, it might interest you...