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  1. Bear-ly Won!

    4 at the most, maybe only 2 if they don't beat the Ravens....
  2. Bear-ly Won!

    Isn't the bye week like 3 weeks away? Week 9?
  3. Bear-ly Won!

    Highly doubtful that the Vikings pull off this win if Rogers stays healthy. They will probably have to put up more than 23 points against most teams.
  4. Best Fish House

    Just like campers. Seems to me that most RV manufacturers seem to measure their campers differently.
  5. New pack member

    Any recent pictures of the little critter?
  6. Best steam clean/vacuum cleaner for under $200?

    Actually Bangladesh is a much more believable location for this type of a post to emanate from than California.
  7. Best steam clean/vacuum cleaner for under $200?

    Leech?, Del?.....
  8. Kids & Boats

    Yeah, too many unknowns here to give you any meaningful advise. I went from a 14' boat to a 16' boat with a console and the 14' boat had more usable space but the 16' was a bit more comfortable and faster. I have not had a boat for 3 or 4 years and am looking to get one again as well. I second Dell's recommendation of a pontoon. I like an 18' pontoon set up with swivel seats in all 4 corners. That will be my next boat. I think they are the ultimate fishing boat unless you are going to be out tackling 3' swells on Mille Lacs, Leech or Winnie. Some factors to consider: What is your budget? New or used? What lakes or bodies of water do you fish? What species of fish do you target? What type of fishing do you do most, IE bobber, drift, trolling, etc. Where will you store it? What will you haul it with? Do you want to do other things with it like water skiing, etc?
  9. Tom petty

    Except he wasn't dead yet.
  10. Just Food and Drink

    It was my wife's birthday on Sunday so I made us all some steak and shrimp.
  11. Hot Water!!

    I thought for sure this was going to be a thread about Del's hot water cooking machine.
  12. Twins 2017

    Did anyone really think that game would end up any other way?
  13. Tom petty

    If he wasn't dead yet, what would the coroner have to do with it? It was fake news until 8:40 that night.
  14. Goodbye AP!

    Whatever you have to tell yourself....