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  1. I think you and Del are closer to being on the same page than it may seem but Del just likes to argue. After all, he is an expert at......well....everything.
  2. I like to do about 3 dozen at a time. I guess I could do them in batches...
  3. I absolutely despise peeling eggs, and yes, I have tried the "p-r-i-c-k" method... Hmmmm, I've never tried one of those before. How many can you do at a time?
  4. Had to dig up this thread so I could peek at what went into these eggs. We made 2 batches right away but then we haven't made any more. My wife is requesting more so it looks like I'll be peeling eggs this week.
  5. Yes, if you are on a fixed, government income then you should probably be aware and cautious. For those of us still working and making an income, buy what you want. It's your money.
  6. Simple solution....don't listen to the stories, just taste the product.
  7. The two examples you are referring to may have done just what you said but the idea was to get them started. Whistlepig now has their own distillery in Vermont and is producing their own rye whiskey. The problem is when you age your product for anywhere from 2-15 years, it takes a while to have product to sell and revenue coming in. I believe Templeton is about to open their own distillery in Iowa as well. I say, if you like it drink it.I'm not nearly as concerned about a whiskey producer's back story as I am the taste of the product.
  8. Happens with lots of products, not just bourbon. Here's my newest bottle. It's pretty good but nothing too special. I got it because it was on sale, not sure I would buy it again...
  9. I think anytime it is actively green and growing would be a good time. The stuff you are going to use is probably taken in by the plant during photosynthesis.
  10. OK, sorry I derailed this topic. Sounds like PK does have a power source so let's get back to Perchking's question now. Tom's comment is a good one and something I was thinking about as well. Would Perchking have to keep the cabin at comfortable temps all winter long? How fast will a system like this recover if left at a low temp like between 40-50 degrees? Even if augmented by a wood stove to heat it up once you arrive, would the temp of the in floor system recover from say 45 degrees to say 68 degrees in 2 days? If not, maybe Perchking plans on leaving the in floor system at a low temp all winter just to keep the cabin from freezing and supplementing with some other heat source?
  11. This camp does not have any options for electricity. Too many trees for solar or wind power. It would need to run off of propane alone I think. Maybe not a good idea.
  12. Is it possible to install an in-floor heat system in a cabin with no electricity?
  13. There may also be some overhead options that will fit the bill.
  14. For something different and a little less expensive you could consider a Texas hog hunt.