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  1. Spring Is Upon Us

    Do you see them in the morning?
  2. Spring Is Upon Us

    That's a good question. I assume your cardinal box has an open front? I have seen Robins nest on top of just about anything.
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    Makes sense.....
  4. Favorite Vacation Place

    No, there's no hook ups there. Just lots of humming generators when it's hot out. Good fishing in that lake?
  5. Favorite Vacation Place

    There's a forest campground on that lake too, right?
  6. Favorite Vacation Place

    If you were going to buy a cabin, lake lot, recreation land, etc. where would it be? What area would this place be in? Up north? Down South? Western MN? Wisconsin? Other? Personally I have spent a lot of time in Remer, Hill City and now Outing, MN. We like it because of the variety of things to do like fishing, deer hunting, grouse hunting, ATV trail riding, etc. The only thing we don't like is the almost 4 hour drive each way. So, what is your favorite vacation area and what do you like about it?
  7. Forscan

    There are ways to deactivate seat belt chime also.
  8. Hitch mounted plow

    A Jeep Wrangler with a plow sounds like fun to me.
  9. Hitch mounted plow

    How about a used plow? Looks like there are some for under $2000 on c-r-a-i-g-s-l-i-s-t.
  10. Hitch mounted plow

    What would be the advantage to a hitch mounted plow? Is it price? I'm just speculating here but I would think it would have more to do than just over-heating. I'm thinking they are just not made for running down the road.
  11. Meat Sales

    Mmmmmm.......I haven't had duck in a coon's age.
  12. Snowmobilers and driveways

    Any chance you could post some pictures so we could see how it is set up? I don't understand. Are you saying that a snowmobiler riding the ditch should go up onto a highway every time they encounter a driveway? Please keep in mind, If you live on a state or county road it is actually illegal for the snowmobile to operate on the inside slope, shoulder or roadway. You do if you want any chance of solving your problem.
  13. Uggh, Lug nuts

    I was thinking hard work, brains and determination but you liberals always do think a little different.
  14. Uggh, Lug nuts

    I doubt luck had much to do with it sir.