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  1. radio on a blackberry

    I just tried to listen live and I can't get it on the blackberry browser or through the Opera mini browser. Kind of a bummer it's not available on iheart radio.
  2. Eagle Lake

    We just got back on Sunday from Eagle. The main target was Walleye. The best luck came out of Big Viking. Managed a few chunky Northerns out of there as well..
  3. Eagle Lake Area, Fires

    Thanks for the heads up MuskyBrian. We're heading up on Tuesday. Hope they got everything under control. I'll be sure to post if we run into any trouble. Rebeleye
  4. Gigantic Pike

    what the heck do they feed on? Moose? Black Bear?
  5. Eagle Lake

    Eagle is either ON or it's OFF. You definately take a chance at having a lousy week when going to Eagle. But, at the same time you could be in for a week of a lifetime. I've been going up there for almost 6 years. I've seen alot of big walleyes caught out of there. Had probably two bad years and 4 good ones. Unfortunately the bad ones were pretty bad...
  6. April 1st...No Foolin'

    I gotta stop looking at this stuff while I'm at work.... Man I gotta get out soon!
  7. Fly Rods$$$????

    Saturday we're going to the Northwest Sportshow. Thanks for the heads up on the expo jpz. I'm gonna try and talk everyone into going there as well. Have a good weekend all.
  8. Fly Rods$$$????

    Question for A Fly Angler, When you say "high line speed" are you referring to the test or thickness of the line you're casting? Or, is it something other than what I just mentioned. Is this even worth trying to explain...LOL Bare with me, this is all very new to me. Thanks
  9. Fly Rods$$$????

    Just wondering if anyone can offer some insight as to why fly rods are so expensive??? I'm interested in buying one. But, I'm sure just like everything else you get what you pay for. thanks all
  10. Non-Fly Rod

    Thanks again DARK30, all of this definately helps! Normally I spend my summers on Lake Pepin. But, last year I found out how much I enjoy Trout fishing. Getting out and stretching the legs certainly doesn't hurt anyone. SE Minnesota has its fair share of trout streams. Good luck!
  11. Non-Fly Rod

    Thanks for the info everyone. This will be my second year trout fishing in SE MN. For opener we're going to be fishing the Root River near Lanseboro, MN. Hope everyone has a great season!
  12. Non-Fly Rod

    Anyone have any suggestions on what a good non-fly rod would be for trout fishing?