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  1. I caught some carp last week. Light bite, but its on like donkey kong.
  2. Marcum LX 5 problem

    Yep they're closed till January 2nd. I took time off work to go ice fishing this weekend...with two small kids I don't get too much any more. I've had too many problems with the Marcum in the last 6 years and this is the last straw. Zero problems with my 10 year old FL8...the blue box is still running on the original battery for gosh sakes. I was stupid to gift that out to my I am without sonar. I'm going to go buy a new Vex, take heat from wife for spending more money, and get the red demon fixed and dump it on hsolist.
  3. Marcum LX 5 problem

    The Marcum is making a very loud sound that it never made before...I'll try taking it in.
  4. Marcum LX 5 problem

    Yeah not doing the battery. Just got a new one last year. I'll call them up tomorrow and see what they can do.
  5. Marcum LX 5 problem

    I have a Marcum LX 5 that I've used lightly for about 6 years. Last time out, the unit started acting sporadically. It started losing the bottom and finally let out a loud beeeeeeep and then shut off. I figured the battery had ran outta charge. I charged the battery. Today I went out fishing and the Marcum would only show a single red mark at the zero mark. It was also running much louder than normal (WRRRRRRRRR). I goofed around with it for abit, but could not get it to work. To add to my frustrations, my brother was suppose to bring my old FL8 (which has been beat to heck and still works like a champ), but he forgot. So my annual Christmas day fishing outing ended up being a bust. I do not want to dish out another 500 bucks on a new Vexilar, yet I have heard that Marcum's customer service can take up a month to fix these units. Any suggestions?
  6. Clear Lake Ice Out

    Hey how are the ice out yellow bass?
  7. yellow bass through the ice.

    I'm going to be swinging through the area on Sunday and would like to help in the removal of yellow bass from Clear Lake. Whats a good area to fish for them right now? I'm walking out.
  8. yellow bass through the ice.

    The ones I had tasted just like gills or crappies.
  9. yellow bass through the ice.

    The crappies were nice at 10-11” with both whites and blacks. They seemed to be mixed in with the yellows when schools moved through. The fishing was pretty good considering neither one of us had ever fished clear lake. Those little yellows do indeed make for a fine fish fry.
  10. yellow bass through the ice.

    Kevin, I'm from Iowa and have family not too far from the Clear Lake area. I fished for yellows on Clear on Christmas eve and did indeed get into some, unfortunately the were all around 6-7". Thats all the bigger I saw other people getting too (the crappies were another story). What size of yellows are you getting? Is a 7" fish a keeper? We did keep some because they were fairly thick in the back. Ben
  11. MN River Cats...what's going on?

    Its worth a try, maybe the fish in the MN have quit feeding on the bottom.
  12. MN River Cats...what's going on?

    Making stuff up on the internets like a pro, I suppose.
  13. MN River Cats...what's going on?
  14. MN River Cats...what's going on?

    I don’t know if others have noticed it but there’s just a ton of bullheads everywhere. Something ain’t right if those things are swimming free and unafraid.
  15. Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish Brad! Brad Durick knows how to put people on fish!