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  1. snare question

    I've dyed , them ,boiled them ,painted them and all worked . Many times now they get made up wiped with some balsam or cedar boughs and hung in place . I do the wipe with my hands too and never worry about gloves like I used too . I do brush them in with very thin twigs or grass to break up the profile . Nothing like giving them a necklace . TD
  2. ATV Sagging - Suspension Lock

    Although I rarely reccomend tire chains for the front . In your case I definately would have them on all fours hauling such a big pay load . The little front steering your going to have even with chains your going to need all of it . And yeah those Polaris hitches are pretty chinsey but then again atv's are not really intended to haul 4000 lb things around . Just go easy . TD
  3. caught a possum! Penned a poem!

    Well done and congrats on your catch . TD
  4. LOL . And after all that he never even wired his trap . That river rises he might have some fun . lol TD
  5. Critter Chewing Through Wood

    LOL . Call his mom . LOL TD
  6. Wolf?

    Pic is grainy but more doglike to me and I snare half a dozen or more yearly . Even that pic you put up as an example is not a true wolf but a hybrid . There are so many colour phases to wolves that it's a poor indicator to use as being either or . TD
  7. Otter Pics

    Just to add to what Johnny said . Always set abandoned beaver houses too . One year I pulled 11 otter out of one house and it continues to still produce . I named it the crack house . LOL TD
  8. how to find the hole

    Dang . I thought my post was spot on after hanging steel around beavers necks for over 40 years . Yeah I've been called insane before because I trap under some of the worst conditions and seem to take a dip every winter poking around feedbeds and channels . LOL . It's not intentional mind you and I'm not really insane for doing what I do . Just ask me .LOL 50 to 75 beaver a year would argue the fact if they could . LOL TD
  9. how to find the hole

    rotflmao Todd . As has been mentioned the channels will be where the ice is thinnest and if you put a hole in the ice and cup your hands and look down thru you can most times see the channel or hole going in . Also a poke with a stick will let you know . TD
  10. Well I think it's understandable since 911 and also them terrorists entering Canada first for a way to get into the States . Heck our agents only just got given the go ahead to carry sidearms . TD
  11. Worlds worst alarm clock.

    ROTFLMAO . Too funny . lmao TD
  12. Baiting Wolves

    A roadkilled skunk is another thing that will draw them in . I use skunk extract at all my baitpiles and even often at my box cubbies for marten and fisher . TD
  13. Well done post with pics . It will take alot of practice for anybody to keep a dog calm enough to get him out in time and thats on the outside chance the 220 does't break his neck . I've been trapping a long,long time and just the thought of having to get my dog out of a 220 locked up behind the head makes my teeth hurt . And I have never used a trapsetter while out on the line just my bare hands which is quicker . I would have to try and get him out but ........ TD
  14. Baiting Wolves

    Only one snare per bait ? [PoorWordUsage] is that law ?. I'm glad I live here and allowed to put as many in as I want although one well placed snare is better than a 100 bad ones . A beaver carcass is by far your best bait . It also remains fresh longer and wolves will hit a beaver carcass before anything else . I guess your only allowed one snare because of the tag sytem .eh ? TD
  15. How to minimize shedding in a black lab

    I never met a lab owner that shedding wasn't a complaint and all labs tend to shed alot especially if your swimming them . The reason I find they shed more is because everytime they hit the water their body tells them of the temperature change and it reacts .Colder temps to hotter temps and back and forth makes labs shed . It's in a labs genes . TD