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  1. Found some kitties, n more crappies
  2. Not much happening yet.... Caught a crappie....
  3. Shane- If I get my butt in gear and get the countertops in thursday/friday maybe we can meet up out there on Saturday, and your daughter and mine can fish in the house with us? just a thought, otherwise Im sure they can find something to do out in the snow....
  4. Hey everyone Thanks for having us out there, the food was good the fishign was ok, the only bad thing was, I think, for you guys =-) I think hovermn Aka Dave and I will be out there more! All in all we caught 1 itsy white bass, a small white crappie, one 11" white crappie, one 10" black crappie and around 5 walleye/saugers that ranged from 6"-15". Did anyone stay out past sunset and howd ya do? Sorry to hear about your dad Bman, Hope all goes for the best for you two. ShawnnyB
  5. Catfish Caption Contest Week 9 Submit your Entries

    Schya I told you it happened, otherwise would I have caught this flying out of my @ss?
  6. Water heater question

    Thats great bill, and I wont tell anyone if you dont!!! lol Hey sorry to change the subject but did anyone call you or did your "free" movies work ?
  7. Water heater question

    I dont know Wallabee, I mean look what happened with changing the light bulb =-) In all honesty its not that hard, did one at home myself, it was more difficult getting the unit down stairs and moved into my small room then it was to hook it up, as long as you have a water and Gas shut off valve at the tank, I had to install one. as far as the gas lines, make sure to use the soap water mixture. and make sure that you know how to sweat the pipes to connect to the new tank. Shawn
  8. HD Receiver question

    Thank you Guys! I try my darndest to make sure everything is up to spec when im there nad to make sure that your not going to have an issue, now if only i can make sure that the other guys out there are doing there stuff 100% of the time .... Thanks again!
  9. HD Receiver question

    Thanks Shane and JW!! I try, I take pride in my work and like to think that I can offer something of a reasonable offer as much as i can, being tha ive been doing this type of work for 8 years. I will always do my best at getting whats the best out there for you and if your schedule and mine match up, what a better way to meet an Fellow FMer! Bill- I sent ya a responce back! ShawnnyB BTW Shane I sent ya an email about rods...
  10. Thru the ice

    that would be AWESOME to pull threw...through ..whatever the ICe ... Im with Dave on this, as said with the other post that got split, I wanna ice one this year!!
  11. HD Receiver question

    Shane your very welcome, and thanks for the Jerky, sorry bout the box mess up, dont know what happened. If you have any quetsions, issues give me a haller. Im sure we will see each other out on the ice/open water one of these days. Shawn
  12. Spray on bed liner

    That just have the drop in liner? i know i saw something on it Pat had the Line-X installed on his truck and it still looks good. and he said he paid 325 for it.
  13. F150 Ticking

    You know dave, I dont think I will be helping you install anything on that new ride of yours, its too
  14. Catfish Caption Contest Week 8 Submit your Entries

    so is this what it feels like when you bite your tounge?
  15. what a jerk!!!!!!

    Well, atleast it was only one, Hovermn and myself spend 5 days up in ely on a lake outside of town, we were camping on the other side of the lake, and someone slashed 2 of his tires, what a nice way to come back to the truck, and just luckly had service to call teh tow company otherwise it was 15 mile walk to a major road. the other thing is, are you sure it was him, could it of been someone else that did it? well traveled road? and just remember what comes around goes around, if it was him, he will get something coming to him...