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  1. Strikemaster Lazer Auger Blades

    If your area hasn't a blade exchange there are reputable places you can send them to. Red Rock Store, Fish307, Fran Connelly
  2. Leech

    Take my advice and change it back. 1 out of 10 fill figure out how to navigate though the menu and the other 9 will give up.
  3. Its been a while since my last post. To answer a frequently asked question " are you still sharpening" Yes I am. You can contact me at
  4. Kdrill or Nils

    It wasn't easy. I had to marry a Finn and be in good standing with MIL to get my foot in the door. I then meet Matti Nykänen at a Pikkujoulu Party when he noticed I had a new Nokia phone and asked to see it. We talked for hours about our ski jumping days over a loaf of Pulla. Later the conversation turned to ice fishing and Nils Master. His uncle was a sharpener in Finland and planned to come to the USA and sharpen. Said he could make a lot of money. Turned out he wasn't authorized by Nils Master and his true intent was to smuggle brown bread in the US and in doing so lost his visa. It was a huge embarrassment to his family and to Finland. Finland needed a sharpener in the US but I was a Norwegian. After some arm twisting by my MIL I was allowed to be trained but I had to sign a sworn document not to pass anything on to either Norway or the Russians. Even then I wasn't allowed to see how the blade was made, only how to sharpen and reshape a blade that needed reshaping. Retire, exercise and a Finnish Brown Bread is the key to a long life and you don't need to smuggle it. I order it online from New York and it keeps good for years.
  5. We could be riding the nsst

    We might have gotten enough cold before snow to freeze the bogs too.
  6. 85 K15 chev silverado misses

    Good to hear.
  7. Plugging in pickup

    Used to be you had to plug in your car or you weren't going anywhere. Frost plug heaters vary from 400-1000 watts or think of 4-10 100 watt incandescent light bulbs left on 24-7. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Its money wasted and using resources we should be cutting back on. As far as damaging anything, you'll burn out the heater sooner and are a pain to replace. Can't prove it but I think your creating an environment internally and externally for condensation to the engine. There is a benefit to the engine having been warmed but frost plug heaters really aren't intended to be plugged in 24-7, a couple hours is all you need. Its not likely your going to wake up 2 hours early and go outside to plug in the car when its -30. If you had a set schedule you could put the heater on a timer to turn on an hour or two and use the remote start 5 minutes before you leave. Otherwise plug it in at night before you go to bed.
  8. 85 K15 chev silverado misses

    Get the choke adjusted that should take care of the cold start issue. A weak fuel pump usually starts to show up at high RPMs. If left to idle the fuel pump fills the carb bowl, as you accelerate the weak pump can't keep up and the engine bogs and bucks. A bad fuel filter will do the same thing and is often overlooked. You probably have 2 filters, one on the gas line and one inside the inlet of the carb. Replace them, don't clean them. A fuel pump pressure test would be the next thing to do. If your getting the bog throughout the power band then I'd suspect something electrical but it could show up just at higher RPMs or load as well. Condition of plug wires, dist cap, rotor, pickup coil, and vacuum advance. 1st check all the vacuum lines for cracks and loose connections. Something that old is bound to have bad lines. While your at it clean the PCV vavle. Google HEI distributor to test the pickup coil and ohm values. Check the linkage to vacuum advance. You can do a visual on the cap and rotor but its hard to find a hairline crack. Keep us updated.
  9. Kdrill or Nils

    Not a chance that Nils is closing, quite the opposite as they can't make them fast enough. The Tanaka powerhead and transmission made by Hitachi (great product btw)was discontinued a few years back along with many other Tanaka power tools. I thought that might effect Nils but timing and trend of going electric plus new higher torque drills and lithium higher amp hr batteries made the transition seamless.
  10. 85 K15 chev silverado misses

    The electric choke dose not open and close according to engine temp. The electric choke starts to warm up when you turn the ignition key on. If you leave the key on but don't start the engine the choke will continue to warm and eventual open. So a normal cold start with any carb regardless of choke type is to pump the peddle to get a shot of fuel from the accelerator pump. If you had an automatic choke that peddle pump would set the choke too. Now crank over the engine. If your electric choke is open before you've put power to it it'll need to be adjusted. Loosen the set screws at the round black cap and rotate the cap till the choke closes. Snug the screws back up. Chances are you'll have to go back and fine tune this along with the high idle speed. I'm sure you can find that procedure on the net somewhere. The miss and cut out at higher RPMs could be a lot of things but could be related to the choke and specifically a choke butterfly closing by the increased vacuum. Thats contrary to a choke being pulled open by vacuum but I've seen it happen when the choke isn't right when under load and vacuum drops with throttle butterflies wide open. At any rate adjust the choke to fix the cold start issue and that might clear up the cut out. If your still bogging, wire the choke open after the engine has warmed and try it under load.
  11. I'd like your opinion

    When I get home I can't wait to "slip into something more comfortable" too.
  12. I'd like your opinion

    Wife walks in and your in your underwear lining up your knives on the table like they're a Hot Wheels collection. Not a big deal but taking a chug off the milk jug, huge no no.
  13. Fall skid house build, all aluminum. Need input on runners

    perchking, I see a problem with your last pictures. The shack isn't on the ice yet.
  14. StrikeMaster issue

    Should be an 8" or 10". More then likely the problem isn't the flighting. Rather the mount is bent and it happens that is where your problem is. D Rock should have been able to help you there. If they recommended to replace the drill its possible they can't adjust those any longer or because the 224 has been discontinued.
  15. Fall skid house build, all aluminum. Need input on runners

    I'd vent the door instead of bottom. You don't have a lot clearance off the ice plus add snow. The bottom vents will easily plug with snow and slush. Also where is the propane going to go when its vented under you ice house?