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  1. Not using fuses ??? (on-board charger)

    "Chargers with a yellow fuse holder use a 30 amp AGX 32V automotive fuse. An AGC can be used but may not fit as well as the AGX. Chargers with a red fuse holder use a 30 amp ATC 32V automotive fuse. "
  2. Vinyl siding repair

    I can't tell by scale size but that looks to be J Channel, not that it matters other then making a patch job a little easier. If that damage didn't bother you for the past 10 years, a simple a patch by cutting off the end and a butt or lap joint would be acceptable BUT will the buyers want that. Its a matter of making the same joint that you'd use on a long corner. The top factory edge slips over the bottom. You trim the bottom flange and channel. To replace the entire trim, its going to make the job easier if you cut the corner out 1st. Take a razor knife and make a cut inside the channel along its entire length. You'll be able to roll the corner back. This frees up the siding from the channel that would otherwise have to be bent to clear the channel and that is another chance to crack the siding. Start at the top and unlock the sliding back about 5" , that should be enough room to do the repair. They make an unlocking tool for that. Insert it at the end then pull down and slide the tool along the lock. Pull the nails from from the sidings nail flange. Continue on to the next row till you get to the bottom nailing flange but don't unlock the bottom. Pull the old nailing flange off and install the new trim. Lock the siding back starting at the bottom. Put the sliding into the corner channel, then by using the tool where you left off, pull down and slide the tool toward the corner. Nail the row of siding in and move on to the next. Do not nail the siding in tight. It has to be able to move.
  3. 40HP merc steering issue

    Whether your trying to free up the steering or replace it, you have to pull the steering cable out of the tilt tube. Remove the arm from the end of the rod, then back out the big shiny nut on the bottom picture. If that is where the steering is froze up then once out you can clean it and reuse it. You'll probably need someone pulling on the cable and someone taping on the end of the rod with a wooden mallet.
  4. My 12 model 12.

    That is the problem with classic firearms, your afraid to do with them for what they were intended. When you hand it down to your daughter she'll have the same dilemma and because its from you she'll feel that shes stuck with it forever. Why make her a gun collector. Unless the gun was handed down to you I'd sell it now before its condition degrades. Buy a new shotgun, its going to have a better action and choke tubes. Something that your going to use. Or use the 12 and just take care of it. When you hand it down to your daughter tell her you want her to use it and its her time to put a ding or scratch in it. That bluing that rubbed off it from your hands caring it afield. If you think she not into using it then sell it. Don't make her a collector of something she hasn't interest in.
  5. 40HP merc steering issue

    In addition to cleaning the tilt tube and steering rod like it does in the video you might have to use penetrating oil to free up the cable. Lift up the cable and let the fluid run into the cable by gravity. You might have to work it back and forth cleaning the rust off as you gain movement. Also check the steering rack. That are could be corroded or rusted.
  6. Backup sump pump

    If you have a sump that constantly cycles I'd go with a setup like Awarrior. I'd also have 2 deep cycle batteries to lessen the chance of needing the water driven pump. Because of the frequency of startups I can see the pump failing as well. That would probably have me changing out the pump as routine maintenance.
  7. New home made gear

    Great work and always nice to see what your working on.
  8. Corners on rubber roofs

    Yes you use a corner fold. You google it I'm sure and find pictures but if you can imagine gift wrapping a box its like that.
  9. Camera compass

    The Camera Compass works and if you forget it at home and end up wrapping the cord around an ice scoop or something you'll realize how good it does work. I picked up the Marcum pod with remote and I like that even more.
  10. Ice Shelters

    I don't know where to find that list but you can contact Frabill at
  11. Jig Spin

    I notice the teardrop style jigs really spin on the way up. My line can be wound up like a rubber band. Then at every lift/jig you get one revolution. Half the time I'm using plastics and if you don't get them on straight it'll really spin. I've watches these things on the camera and cringe when they rotate when they should be sitting still. After you reel in let the jig spin and unwind while hanging with a few feet of line. A good time to do that is when your moving to the next hole. I'd rather not use a swivel because the sounder marks it and fish are attracted to it but its the lesser of evils. The swivel helps but your still getting some spin. Pause more often to let the jig unwind when there aren't any fish around. I'd like to hear what others are doing.
  12. I want Ants!

    When I'm after Gills, Ice Flies(ants) tipped with a waxie is what I start out with and pretty much stay with them. If I change anything its color.
  13. Thoughts on a new front door

    I lock the door at night, If the door gets kicked in it'll wake up the whole house including my guests, Smith&Wesson. The longevity of doors has a lot to do with quality of install. Next would lack of maintenance. I've seen plenty where everything is in good shape but the bottom of the jambs are rotted.
  14. Auger mount for atv

    Nice, storage and rack. Looks like the LED light bar is attached to the rack too.
  15. Auger mount for atv

    I use a Digger mount on my ATV and sled. Its fast and easy. I'm on the ice everyday testing and tweaking Nils blades. I rack the auger on every blade change and some days that could be 20 times so for the me the Digger is exactly what I need. The clamp on the Digger makes fast work of securing the auger and removal. The height of the Digger frees room on the rack for more gear. Once in a while we'll take my buddies ATV out fishing. Hes got no auger rack so we'll bungie the auger to the ATV rack. It works but it makes me appreciate the Digger rack all the more. Any rack would be an improvement there. In the past guys have posted their homemade racks and I hope they do so again.