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  1. Aqua Vu Micro "Minnesota Rig"

    Fantastic! Way to think outside of the box.
  2. I'll have to call the DNR on that. It doesn't say that in the regs.
  3. Muskie Photo Gallery

    My buddy caught this Saturday while we were on the "big pond" 51 1/2" - 23" girth - 36 lbs
  4. With the regulation change regarding open water hunting on a few lakes, I'm wondering if I can fish and hunt at the same time? The only info in the regs is, you have to be anchored while hunting open water. I couldn't find anything about hunting/fishing at the same time. I made a few phone calls and was told to contact a C.O. I left three messages for three C.O.s but no return calls. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks
  5. Ft Meyers Beach

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
  6. I'm heading down for some sun and Grapefruit League baseball. Our friends have a house on a canal that leads out to the ocean. Can anyone give me a heads-up about the kinds of fish that I can try for right off the dock? We will be shark fishing on the big water but that dock is calling my name. We will be there from March 17th thru the 24th Thanks Will
  7. Belarusian Rover (Video)

  8. Chaska pond

    They were bigger than in the past, we caught 2 12" and the other 5 were 15" or bigger.
  9. Chaska pond

    5 1/2" where we were
  10. Chaska pond

    My wife and I pulled out 7 and missed at least that many.
  11. Video of ugly stick ice rod getting tested to its limits.

    2thepointsetters, You said you just figured out how to download pics right from your iphone, care to share?
  12. Slender spoons

    I've only seen three sizes. I use the mid-sized one in gold and silver. They have a piece of reflective tape in the middle that comes in several colors, green and red have worked for me.
  13. How does late ice affect the early ice bite?

    Apology accepted, thanks.
  14. How does late ice affect the early ice bite?

    Tyguy02, Thank you very much for your input and proving my opinion to be 100% wrong. Now I know that my experiences have been 100% incorrect. Again, thank you.