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  1. The state’s deer herd is growing

    I hunt zone 1. Very interesting to see those numbers. From what I have seen the herd is showing signs of rebound in our neighborhood. We're a ways off from being able to tolerate hunters choice, but we're seeing deer again finally. I agree the herd is in better shape than 2-3 years ago when many people saw no deer and no signs of deer. So what does it all mean? I suspect the widespread pain of the glut in major swaths of zone 1 for the dark years has woke some up to the idea of passing does. There was certainly more opportunity with fewer bucks-only zones and larger doe tag numbers in certain DPAs. What will be interesting is how the DNR responds to more deer on the landscape up here but fewer does being shot. We had two doe tags in our group this year and we proudly tossed them in the fire, unfilled, at the end of season.
  2. Page 36 of the MN ODN mentions the meeting, no time though. Potter Auditorium Chatfield Feb 8
  3. It's interesting more from the standpoint that he'll likely refute some parts of the DNR's response plan. It's prudent to question his motives just as much as it's prudent to question the DNR. Going to be quite the social experiment to see how this gets handled down there.
  4. Details are somewhat incomplete at this point. What's known so far is that this is a non-DNR sponsored event. The event is being moderated by North American Whitetail. Q&A will take place and questions will not be screened prior to asking. The topic will be something to the tune of addressing the facts and fiction of CWD. I'll post more if I can get my hands on it. For now, February 8th, Chatfield. Don't know any more beyond that.
  5. Cwd in se MN

    I hooked a quick break and was able to get away... Well if that ain't sound scientific method I don't know what is. That's not nice. How has that impacted your hunt? I have also personally advocated for a flat federal income tax in the past. Will you pin that on MDDI as well? This is your world PF, I just live in it. Asked and answered.
  6. Cwd in se MN

    I gotta head for bed. Need to have the truck at the shop early tomorrow and I've got an all day training course. Take your time and we'll pick it up after work.
  7. Cwd in se MN

    Is this what you mean when you say you don't claim to know what people thought statewide? Remind us, what was our recommendation for your area? Please go to your bin of evidence shreds to educate us.
  8. Cwd in se MN

    Yeah, you cracked our secret plan alright. Absolute indictment. You got us. MDDI's "Save a doe, let the herd grow" campaign was all about growing big bucks. We were going to secretly grow more big bucks by taking does off the table. We were going to save all the bucks for ourselves by placing the does off limits and forcing the meat guys to kill bucks only. That was our idea to force big buck structure. You got the soundbite version of the past because you forgot it. I don't know anything about your area because I don't know where "a fish bowl" is located. But let that not derail us. Your farmers are being run outta business by deer, so all farmers must be. I get it. You conducted a meeting in Fish Bowl county and all the farmers passed a resolution condemning the existence of deer. Now you believe the DNR protocol was well thought out and executed? I can re-post my list of blunders, according to their beliefs, if you'd like. Lastly, how are you gathering all this feedback from farmers and hunters across the state? Do you have the post hunt survey data already? Are you predicting an instant turnaround from the 80+% disapproval of the herd numbers outside of zone 3? I'm fairly certain there isn't a single zone 3 guy that was helping push back on the DNR in our group. Everything revolved around zone 1 and 2, or perhaps more aptly stated, the other 90% of Minnesota.
  9. Cwd in se MN

    Maybe the cheese is starting to slide off your cracker. Didn't see any point in rehashing all we've gone over the past few years. Did you forget about our discussions with FarmsFullTime where he declared the state herd healthy because he had deer at his place? If we must go back, at the Deer Day hearing in 2013 Steve Merchant blamed it on the forestry lobby. State farm tells us that one in 60 of us will hit a deer each year. I've never heard any actual farmer complain about deer, yet the DNR seems more concerned with ag matters than farmers themselves, the farm lobby or the MN Dept of Agriculture. This conversation is about the CWD response. The main point here is this; if the DNR were in charge of a response to a real threat to humanity we'd all be goners.
  10. Cwd in se MN

    Could be the pollinator lobby because deer eat all the flowers Could be the moose lobby because deer are the single biggest moose predator Could be the clean water lobby because deer overgraze stream banks Could be the CO2 lobby because deer fart much like cows Could be the insurance lobby because deer hurl themselves at cars like World War Z zombies Could be the farm lobby because deer take 31% off the state corn and soybean yield each year Could be the duck lobby because deer eat baby ducks (google it) Could be the forestry lobby because deer pushed NAFTA causing cheap canadian forest products to displace MN loggers Could be the media getting back at gun toting Trumpsters
  11. Cwd in se MN

    Nobody knows who's calling the shots, but they haven't been bashful about their wishes to drive the herd into the ground.
  12. Cwd in se MN

    I think you guys are fooling yourselves if you believe the DNR actually wants to stop this disease. They're playing fast and loose with the supposed science. They haven't banned deer urine sales and use yet. Still no enforcement of the deer parts import ban. The Brainerd area farm herd hasn't been destroyed and incinerated. The land inside that same farm hasn't been condemned and quarantined to prevent soil transmission. So I have to ask, are they really trying to stop it? Or are they just killing as many deer as they can before the public turns on them?
  13. Cwd in se MN

    Now come on guys, I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason for placing a 30 yard dumpster of potentially CWD infected deer on a pile within the city limits of Rochester. Afterall, this is the MN DNR. They are so smart we'll never be able to comprehend their tactics.
  14. Any Habitat Junkies Here?

    Good stuff! Did you snag any pics? Here's a shot of ours from opening weekend. Lots of the same. Tops going fast, bulbs getting chewed, and even some popped out of the ground and carried off the plot and dropped.
  15. I've got no concern that they're fudging the numbers. I don't think they have a clue what the actual numbers are. How do you assess how many deer aren't registered? How do you assess the number of deer killed and not recovered? How do unregistered deer dynamics change in a year when a zone is one tag only vs managed? I think fawns are going to make up an alarming portion of the harvest because that's where the numbers are. When a meat guy walks up on a fawn that only has 20lbs of meat on it, is it "worth" tagging? For everyone else reading this, don't bother jumping all over me as if this is an indictment of you specifically or all hunters in general. I'm only speaking for the people I've encounted over time. Sadly too many however.