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  1. Would You Sell It All For Your Own Pond?

    Great point. I've had a talk with my pond guy about that already. Apparently there is a lot of thinking that goes into proper placement of an aerator.
  2. Would You Sell It All For Your Own Pond?

    Good feedback all. I don't know that I'd completely give up on public water fishing. I would likely do a lot less, and like BigDave2 said, I'd also focus more on group trips when I did go public. A big driver for me is to have an extra activity on the recreational property. I do look forward to having my own pond though. I envision my pond being a quarter acre or less. Hoping for upwards of 9' deep if I can make it work in the space I'm willing to use.
  3. I'm planning to put in a fish pond on my property this summer. I have been working with a fish/pond/water guy the past few months, and I think it'll work out. Here's my question. If you guys could grow your favorite fish in a pond on your property, would you give up public water ice fishing? I'm seriously considering it. It really only matters when you consider whether you were planning to build storage for a boat and a fish house some day. There are clearly many advantages a pond won't have, but there are also many advantages a pond will have that public waters won't. -no littering, no crowding, no poaching, no mob harvesting, no broken axels, no wheelers or sleds, no huskers or hawkeyes (just kidding guys), no licenses, no gas costs etc etc etc. What do you think?
  4. Big Buddy's on sale

    I like that. Look, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who've owned one and never had a problem, but with this heater, I don't understand one bit of what RebelSS said about his routine. I have simple expectations in a heater. It should turn on and produce heat when I want it to. I should not need a degree in engineering to break down and clean what should be a $20 after-thought fishing appliance. Now that we've got this out of the way, when can we expect some real ice? I've got a massive pile of pumpkins and squash out for post season deer feeding and counting. I think them devils are getting off lucky with the above freezing temps. Should make for easy stomping and gobbling.
  5. Big Buddy's on sale

    I wouldn't walk across the parking lot to throw a new one in the dumpster for free. Those things have always been junk. For any of you that have been around a while, this is my annual post to warn everyone to not buy one. If you're in doubt, just google "Buddy heater problems" and you'll find all the supporting material you need to talk yourself out of it.
  6. Anyone use nanofil in the winter?

    I had the same experience. Now I just use 2lb fireline and then run 30" of flourocarbon if I am in clear water.
  7. The state’s deer herd is growing

    I hunt zone 1. Very interesting to see those numbers. From what I have seen the herd is showing signs of rebound in our neighborhood. We're a ways off from being able to tolerate hunters choice, but we're seeing deer again finally. I agree the herd is in better shape than 2-3 years ago when many people saw no deer and no signs of deer. So what does it all mean? I suspect the widespread pain of the glut in major swaths of zone 1 for the dark years has woke some up to the idea of passing does. There was certainly more opportunity with fewer bucks-only zones and larger doe tag numbers in certain DPAs. What will be interesting is how the DNR responds to more deer on the landscape up here but fewer does being shot. We had two doe tags in our group this year and we proudly tossed them in the fire, unfilled, at the end of season.
  8. Page 36 of the MN ODN mentions the meeting, no time though. Potter Auditorium Chatfield Feb 8
  9. It's interesting more from the standpoint that he'll likely refute some parts of the DNR's response plan. It's prudent to question his motives just as much as it's prudent to question the DNR. Going to be quite the social experiment to see how this gets handled down there.
  10. Sustainability

    Truth be told, I'm only fishing for a reaction from one fellar, and he's eluded me today. You can box about everyone into one of four buckets: True sportsman/conservationists Low impact off/on participant Raging hypocrites Shameless looters Attempting to save the lakes in MN from collapse is a waste of time. You'd have a better chance at good fishing again if you'd let them get fished and netted to collapse where meaters go and get skunked time and time again and quit coming. It wouldn't shock me if the DNR wanted to see the lakes collapsed in an effort to save them from water quality degredation, invasive species, and littering. The best fishing I ever had on Red was when it was just coming back from the collapse before the limits were rich enough to draw the meaters. I imagine Mille Lacs will be the same.
  11. Details are somewhat incomplete at this point. What's known so far is that this is a non-DNR sponsored event. The event is being moderated by North American Whitetail. Q&A will take place and questions will not be screened prior to asking. The topic will be something to the tune of addressing the facts and fiction of CWD. I'll post more if I can get my hands on it. For now, February 8th, Chatfield. Don't know any more beyond that.
  12. Sustainability

    Who's gonna feed my kids then? You have any idea what the payments are on an 8x12 Ridgeline skid house with a trailer? Throw in my boat and we're pushing $50k I owe to the bank. If I'm not hauling in at least two meals for five per outting, I'll go bankrupt. That usually requires me to hit a multi-species lake to get the livewell full enough.
  13. Sustainability

    I'm not a trophy fisherman. I fish to feed my family. I paid for my license, I'm going to keep what I'm allowed to keep. And If they're still biting, I'm going to go get the rest of my family so they can take a limit too. If there was an actual problem with the pressure on lakes, I'm sure the DNR will head it off before anything bad happens. Until then, keep throwing 'em back guys. That's less food I have to buy at the store.
  14. Cwd in se MN

    I hooked a quick break and was able to get away... Well if that ain't sound scientific method I don't know what is. That's not nice. How has that impacted your hunt? I have also personally advocated for a flat federal income tax in the past. Will you pin that on MDDI as well? This is your world PF, I just live in it. Asked and answered.
  15. Cwd in se MN

    I gotta head for bed. Need to have the truck at the shop early tomorrow and I've got an all day training course. Take your time and we'll pick it up after work.