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  1. Sausage making book

    Was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a good book for sausage making and smoking? Seems like theres a ton of options. Ive made my share of meats but feel like theres alot to learn yet. Thanks in advance.
  2. Outboard repair around fargo nd

    Got a new used boat with a mercury outboard, wondering if anyone has any recomendations of good mechanics around the fargo moorhead area? Thanks.
  3. 9mm or .40 cal

    Can you find ammo for either? I went with the 9mm due to popularity and avalibilty at the time. Wish i would have went with the .38, my second choice.
  4. November Diagnostic Challenge (wrapped up)

    Sounds like possible security issue for the passlock sensor...install tech2 and
  5. Retriever problems...

    Been working with my 5mo old yellow lab doing pretty basic retrieving. My problem is that he will sit and stay when i throw the bumper and stay untill i release him with his name no problem, but does not like to bring it straight back to me. I have been constantly working him on a 30 foot check cord and pulling him back to me everytime saying come but as soon as i start to pull on cord he will sometimes drop the dummy and try to bite at the cord. He is very familiar with a leash so its nothing new to him. He will continue this process untill i get him back to me. Is there anything else i can do as this does not seem to be working. I have tried the retrieving in the hallway thing and he does better untill we get back outside. Any input appreciated.
  6. chevy silverado help please

    Is the engine running ok? I have seen a fuel pressure regulator start to leak bad enough that it causes missfires and will turn on cel. Simple way to check it(its on the end of the fuel rail) pull the vacuum line off it while its running. There should be no fuel present. This will also cause a longer crank time when the engine is warm.

    Great info...I was wondering if anyone has any good experience with any of the pre made kits. I recently made a 25lb batch of goose sausage with the cabelas smokehouse seasoning kit in brat flavor...was not the flavor i expected. Im trying to find a good flavor to make some deer brats with, but scared to make a 25lb batch and it have a bad flavor. Any suggestions? Also trying to find a breakfast link kit if anyone has recommendations?
  8. Your probably looking at roughly 75 bucks for the sender.Have you had the fuel pump replaced lately? If not i would just replace the whole fuel pump assembly since the gas tank has to come down. You would be looking at around 400-450 somewhere in that range for a delco pump assembly. If i remember correctly it pays about 2.5 hours to pull the tank and replace the pump. So tack on 2.5hours x whatever your local shop rate is.
  9. Sounds like your fuel level sender is going out. Its in the tank attached to the fuel pump. Could also be your cluster as gm clusters are known for sticking and acting up, but sounds more like the sender. How many miles?
  10. Waterfowl Reports

    Ditto to that...just got back inside and heard snows flying south. Snow flurries forecast for saturday morning and colder temps will have them moving this weeking. Gotta get well the gettins good, also last weekend to chase ducks before the real deer season opens compared to all you mn boys
  11. Made it out on sunday. Hunted a cut corn field with a small patch of water in it hopeing to get into the honkers but only ended up with a greenhead and a couple gadwall. Canadas seemed to have dissapered. Hopefully colder temps setting in for this weekend will make for some new birds comeing in.
  12. Waterfowl Reports

    Lots of new birds around saturday, 2 man limit of mallards and gadwall by 8:30. Lots of snow geese in the area too. Sunday was a little tougher ended up with 10 birds mix of spoonies mallards and gadwall.
  13. How will the snow change the hunt?

    We havent seen any of the cold or snow theyve been predicting...all this rain is going to make for some heavy feet when you get tromping through the chisle plowed fields
  14. Bonus Tag ?

    Im going to have to go with no. A bonus tag is only aroud 14 bucks or something like that now days, its worth it to have the extra meat in the freezer