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  1. Thanks NEUT6899 That's kinda what I thought. good luck too.i'm going to start at Bitter and go from there
  2. Hi I was also planning on coming out this weekend, can a person stay in a wheelhouse over night on the ice, or does it have to be removed each night? Thanks Perchlips
  3. perchlips

    Smoked Northern

    What kind of brine did you use for the pike?
  4. Has anybody on here used this place. Thanks. Perchlips
  5. perchlips

    How do you carry your stand in?

    Hi B-man715, I was wondering if you could tell me where to get them under $40 Thanks Perchlips
  6. perchlips

    Tree Stand Modifications

    I would also like the link of the seller on the bay. Thanks Perchlips
  7. perchlips


    Thanks for the info perchlips
  8. perchlips


    Any updates?, thinking of coming down this fri Thanks perchlips
  9. perchlips

    Turkeys out of state

    Thanks DonBo Perchlips
  10. perchlips

    Turkeys out of state

    Hey Powerstroke, where and how does one get a bowhunter ed card from? Thanks Perchlips
  11. perchlips

    FM Ultimate Fish House

    What company did your spray foam? Thanks Perchlips
  12. perchlips

    Spirit Lake Hatchery

    Esox_Magnum How long do you usually keep the fish at the hatchery? perchlips
  13. perchlips

    Spirit Lake Hatchery

    Thanks for the reply Esox, hoping to bring the boy down to see some fish when it happens. Thanks perchlips
  14. I was just wondering if they have any fish coming in? Or is there ice on the lakes yet? Any info would be great Thanks Perchlips
  15. perchlips

    best boat warranty

    I would lean more towards the warranty then a few extra little features, I have dealt with one of the big three mentioned above and was basically told that,I didn't know how to drive. And was not covered.