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  1. I bought 3 more, no trespassing signs. Placed them strategically around the traps, entry points to the traps that were another 25 yards onto my property (which I hadn't noticed in the dark before). problem solved. Thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks for the info. There is no tag or id on the trap. The land is posted but not where he is entering. The road is 45 feet wide(I know, really wide apparently the developer didn't do many roads when they made this devolopment so its wider than most roads) so that gives him 8 feet from the edge of the road which he has exceeded. I think I will give him one more opportunity to take it home with him then contact the dnr. Thanks for your input. Now back to the ice fishing forum.
  3. Thursday night my wife came home around midnight and saw someone on our land with a flashlight and placing something in a culvert on our property. I jumped in the truck and went up to the area where she saw this and looked. I saw what looked like an ammo box and backed away, not knowing what it was. Called the law, they came out determined that it was a box with a trap in it. We live in a secluded area and didn't know if it was a drug or money drop, police understood and went on their way. They moved the trap, it was clear that it was moced by someone. Drove past it yesterday, ir was set again. I tripped it and set it on its end so they would know I was there. Come by again today and it was further onto mmy land, I moved it up to the road right of way and left it there. Im not familiar with trapping regulations, but I assume I'm not in the wrong here. Any advice would be aappreciated. I have outdoor cats that roam oout there and do not want traps out there. Thanks in advance. I'm not against trapping, but if someone is going to trap my land it's going to be me.
  4. New RV'er!!

    If you plan on using your rig in the early spring or late fall I would recommend getting a 1500 watt ceramic heater. I do this and it saves plenty of propane, used mine last weekend at Hinckley and the furnace only kicked on a couple times. It was in the low 20's ourside.
  5. ok here goes... milage 2801, no studs or hitch, im listing this for my neighbor, the pics im sending are a bit washed out and do not do this sled justice. its well worth the price and is a VERY clean and well maintained sled.
  6. machine is a one owner sled and has a 440 motor , 2 new clutches nice clean machine. pics available tonight. the clutches are worth what is being asked for the sled. located 3 miles north of stacy.1000.00 here is the pic link
  7. Trail Grabbers

    my neighbor has them on his sled. he said they are not very good. he left them in but added studs. he says they just dont have any gripping power. might want to consider this. and about a quarter of them are missing too. craig