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  1. I want to learn to do this. I currently shoot with my left eye closed and shoot fairly well, but I want to change to having both eyes open for better field vision. I would really appreciate any pointers and tips to change this over. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I'm thinking about putting a Trophy Ridge on my bow so that it will hold my arrow in place. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Lighted knocks???

    Nocturnals for me. For practicing I put 2 #4 shot and 2 #6 shot pellets (from shotgun shells) into the inside of a regular nock and use fletching glue to hold the shot in place. It is just the right weight to match the Nocturnal lighted nocks.
  4. Lowrance H2Oc

    Mine did that too- I replaced the batteries and now it works fine(even with the power cord hooked up).
  5. Nock weight

    I like hunting with the lighted nock. After practicing with them and a regular nock, I can see that the lighted nock shoots a little lower. I know it's because of the weight. For practice is there an easy way to make a regular nock the same weight as the lighted nock? I would like to know because of the price of the lighted nocks. Thanks for any input.
  6. which broad head to use?

    Got my first turkey this year with the 2 blade Rage. I'm sold on the Rage's.
  7. Just somw thoughts for the new archers

    DONT shoot from different different angles without pulling your arrows first. mabr- what does this mean? I'm new to archery and am trying to learn. Thanks.
  8. Rochester idle mixture screws?

    The only number that I can find on the carb is 61714227. Is that the number you were asking about? Out of curiousity why were you wondering? Thanks- Greg.
  9. I have an 88 Lund Tyee 5.5 with 3.0 ltr. engine with a rochester 2bbl. carb. The rear idle mixture screw has no effect on the engine while trying to adjust the carb. Is there an easy fix for this or does it need a rebuild? Thanks for any tips and ideas.
  10. Starting a new tackle box - back to basics

    1. Crappie rig for shore fishing. 2. Bottom bouncer and spinner for trolling. 3. Jig and a minnow for spring fishing. These 3 work well for me.
  11. Good boat cleaner for painted aluminum?

    On my Ty-ee I just use 409 in a spray bottle and a soft rag. Always works great for me and no problems.
  12. Charging a marine battery?

    It's my understanding that a marine battery is a cross between a starter battery and a deep cycle battery. I use the marine battery for my starter and for my gps, depth finder and boat radio. I have 2 seperate deep cycle batteries for my electric 24 volt trolling motor. So I'm wondering which setting to use on the marine battery. Maybe it doesn't matter, I don't know.
  13. Just wondering what setting to use on my charger (deep cycle or starter battery setting)to charge the marine starter battery in my boat?
  14. New Floor for the Lund

    Looks great! What did you use to attach the wood to the boat? Did you treat the wood with anything special?
  15. 12 volt screw in light bulbs?

    Just bought one at Menards- under two bucks.