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  1. What are the ventilation requirements for heating a garage with a kerosene / diesel heater? Some call them salamanders some call them torpedoes. I'm talking about heating a work space for a few hours at a time. I've used them several times over the years without thinking about it but I may be using one several times a week in an unheated garage this winter.
  2. Reel Flutter

    On the reel it happens on most I'm running 20# PowerPro at least an 1/8th inch from the rim of the spool. Although I've had it happen on 8# Fireline also. Anti-reverse is always engaged.
  3. Reel Flutter

    I don't know what else to call it. I'm talking about setting the hook and the line on your reel peels off the reel before catching. I've heard that it can be caused by closing the bail with the handle instead of manually but I'm not so sure. I run all Stradics and it seems to be more prominent when trolling spinners and setting the hook on a bigger fish. Is this a Shimano thing, a maintenance issue, Anyone else noticing this?
  4. If you had the chance...would you?

    I worked on a shrimp boat in the Gulf back in the day. I don't regret it at all. Not the same as the fisherman on the tv shows but it had it's times. Ah to be 18 again.
  5. SKUNKED!!!

    This time of year I go big, go deep or go home.
  6. Boat Fire

    Onboard chargers are the way to go. I have what is technically referred to as a 3 bank portable "In-Garage" charging system that consists 3 separate Harbor Freight portable chargers. (one for each trolling motor battery) And they do get pretty warm sometimes. Particularly when I charge 10 amps into that battery I bought from you last year.
  7. Boat Fire

    This is a big wake up call for me. I hook up 3 chargers at the end of every trip.
  8. Diesel Fuel Storage

    Thanks guys, I have access to the additive.
  9. How long can today's diesel be stored? I have access to several hundred gallons for my truck. Can I store it for a year without it going to pot?
  10. Transporting crawfish question

    Although to me crawfish in any form is bait I do know a few cajuns who insist on eating them. So for legal purposes I would think cooked crawfish are defined as food and not game or bait.
  11. Help with Lindy rigging with bow mount

    I do both. Most of the time when I'm riggin or jiggin I have both in the water. Unless you get an I-Pilot there's just no way a bowmount can hold you on specific structure like a transom mount back trolled. On the other hand for covering water the bowmount shines.
  12. Self Inflating Life Jackets

    If you're going to wear it they are great. What I don't like about them is that unlike a regular pfd you must be wearing it in in the boat you can't just have it within reach or you can get tagged. If I would have known that before I bought mine I wouldn't have spent the money. I know that you should be wearing one at all times but that's not realistic in most cases.
  13. Reel advice.

    Does she have a sister?
  14. Reel advice.

    In my opinion you're on the right track. I have 4 Loomis's with Stradics on them and I couldn't be much more satisfied. I haven't looked at a new spinning reel for a couple of years now but from what I understand the ci4 is just a Stradic in a graphite frame and they cost $40 to $50 more. I'd suggest a regular Stradic and pick up some super line and a few rigs or lures with the savings.
  15. Slot limit thoughts

    I am adamantly opposed to a state wide slot for lakes that don't need it. However the total inch concept is an interesting idea.