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  1. Tips tricks and helpful hints

    Very! I'm far from an expert, so this is not gospel, but..... I've hunted turkeys a handful of times, learning as I go. Had plenty of close calls, but could never seal the deal, aside from a jake I made a move on and manged to get. Then last year I hunted with a friend who is very experienced in turkey hunting, he was essentially my guide. We put birds to bed, and we're back on them first thing in the morning. I never once pulled out one of my calls. Granted this was one time, and one bird, but we brought him in over 300 yds away. What stood out the most to me was how little and softly he called to him. The whole time I waited, I was wishing I had a call on me because I wanted to rip some loud yelps to really get him going again because I was doubting my buddy's strategy and wasn't sure the bird was going to come in to our spread. Sure enough though, he came closer and closer. He'd stop and strut a bit and rip some gobbles and my buddy would maybe throw a soft putt and purr at it, at most. He brought that tom in on a string and we were done within an hour of my first morning. As soon as I laid that bird down, I learned a valuable lesson... of all those close calls I've had with toms in past years, the biggest reason I never sealed the deal was I called WAY too much! When you've got a hot tom, all you want to do is hear him gobble back at every call you make, and when he does, it makes you want to keep going and going because it's such a rush. Maybe there are times where that is the key, but I think once you have his attention, the best strategy is to shut up and let him work his way to you. Maybe give him a soft yelp, putt, purr or something occasionally to remind him you're still there, but restraining yourself from over calling is big in sealing the deal. Dang, now I'm really pumped to chase some birds!!!
  2. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    I wouldn't be too worried about APR's in the Arrowhead region of MN. Between the harsh winters, uncontrolled wolves, bears and the DNR out to kill whatever's left to save the moose, our deer heard will always be way too low to try and manage antler points.
  3. Clam Pop-up Screen Tents

    Awesome! So it's holding up pretty good after 5 years? No blown hubs or bad zippers?
  4. Clam Pop-up Screen Tents

    Anyone out there have one? Opinions, reviews? Thinking of buying one and curious if they hold up and worth the $$. Thanks!
  5. MN Turkey 2018

    I’ll more than likely be doing archery if I’m able to swing a turkey hunt this spring.
  6. 6" vs 8" kdrill

    Are you using the black cutting head or the red one with the power point? I have a hard time cutting the clover leaf with the black cutting head (8" nils - orange auger). I am thinking about getting a replacement red blade with the power point next season for this reason.
  7. The Ranch

    Peaky is awesome! By far the best show on Netflix, IMO. Well worth watching. I HIGHLY suggest watching with Closed Caption On, as the thick English accents are hard to follow at times. I just started Godless and that seems like it'll be a good one, too.
  8. Super Bowl lii

    Yeah, I said the same thing. This is one of the big reasons I wasn't really all that bummed the Vikes choked. As much as I wanted them in the Bowl, once NE won, I knew if we made it, we most definitely would lose that game and I'd rather not go 0-5 in SB appearances.
  9. Super Bowl lii

    Brady's hand "injury" was actually just a surgery to add a 6th finger for this years ring... See, the internet said so:
  10. Super Bowl lii

    Have no issues with the Eagles team, but their fan base can suck it. Hope football immortality puts on a clinic and wipes the floor of the People’s Stadium with them. Skol Pats!
  11. Shaffer Opposition

    Looks pretty cool... Only issue I question is it’s functionality when it gets wet/frozen up and long term use/abuse?
  12. Thanks! That's the reason I was inquiring. I tried cutting overlapping holes and it was pretty much impossible. You need a point to center and steady the auger to get the hole started. I think when I buy a new cutting head, I'll buy the 8' power point head.
  13. Frank, are the Nils blades interchangeable for all the drill models? Wondering if I can put a red blade w/ power point on the orange auger? Thanks!
  14. Vikings vs eagles

  15. 6" vs 8" kdrill

    On the other hand, you could stick with the 6" and if you're ever fishing waters that have trophy fish potential you could always cut the 3 hole clover leaf.