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  1. New rig

    That's about what I figured. After accessories, ~$2K. Someday, maybe.... Enjoy!
  2. New rig

    That's a sexy set-up for sure! I upgraded this summer from my old relic Hoyt I've been shooting for the last 10 years. Really would have loved to buy the Defiant, or one of these had they been out then, but they're way too rich for my budget. Curious how much these RedWrx bows are retailing for. I had to settle with the PowerMax, which is a sweet rig, but noting like these beasts. Congrats on the new toy!
  3. Limit question

    Nevermind... delete
  4. Viking's Free Agency, 2017

    QB is the most important position on a team, therefore, unless you have an established Franchise QB and a solid back-up, a QB should be drafted every year, or a FA prospect signed that shows potential. Every year there should be a QB battle at camp. We FAIL at QB. Until that changes, we will never compete. Bradford looked okay at times, I'm excited to see how he plays this year, but we have NOTHING to fall back on if he gets hurt or sucks. Teddy will likely never play again.... Why, oh why did we not add another QB in the draft! Who's the other bum we signed.. Keenum? Are you serious Spielman?!
  5. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    What ever happened to the All-Season tag? I didn't bow hunt back when that was around, but if I remember right, people didn't like it or something? I think our licenses need to be restructured back to an All-Season format option. It's ridiculous that folks need to spend $90 to participate in all 3 hunting season if they choose, for 1 stinking deer. You should only need to buy 1 tag to tag 1 deer, regardless of the weapon. That's how bonus tags work.
  6. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    But I THINK, if you get a firearms tag and hunt in a management/intensive zone, you can tag a buck with that tag. I think....
  7. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    No. It's all based on the limit for the respective zone. If you bow hunt in a lotto zone, you can tag 1 deer. Your bow tag is either sex, and your firearms tag is buck only (unless you are drawn in the lottery). So if you stick a doe with your bow in a lotto zone, you tag it with your main tag and the only additional deer you can get is traveling to a management zone and buy bonus tags for does. Your main tag/buck tag is dead.
  8. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    Where did you see this info? Nothing posted online.
  9. How do you wax the string on the bow?

    I wax every exposed part of the string.
  10. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    When the heck do they issue them? Seems to be getting late. I'd like to know what kind of slaughterhouse Zone 1 will be, or if they are going to play it smart and continue being a bit conservative
  11. Sno-Boat One Man Shelter

    Still have my old sno-boat. Best portable shelter out there for pulling by hand. You scored a heck of a deal! I feel mine is irreplaceable! I don't use it much, but when I do, I'm so glad I have taken care of it and still have it 16 years later. I've had 1 zipper replaced on the D-door and some patching done at Canvas Craft years ago. I think the other zipper is on it's way out, and will definitely get that repaired when needed.
  12. Older Strikemaster Auger Help!

    Whatever the hole is going into the carb behind the blue filter on the gas tank. Seems like a valve to me, but I'm not a mechanic.
  13. Older Strikemaster Auger Help!

    Update: Put some fresh gas in, sprayed the carb valve with some cleaner and cleaned the filter. Also adjusted the idle speed up a bit. Runs great again! Thanks for the advice and help everyone!
  14. Decoys/Advice

    To all the experienced turkey hunters here, what's your preferred decoy spread, when and why? Looking at decoys, I see a guy could spend $30-$200. Are turkeys that keen to notice the details? I enjoy turkey hunting a lot, but I live a long way from turkey country and don't get after them as often as I'd like. I have an old cheaper hen deek and an inflatable feeding hen deek. Looking to get a jake for sure, and possibly a new hen. I got drawn for the B season in 508, anyone hunt around Hinkley/Pine City area?
  15. Older Strikemaster Auger Help!

    Once it's running, I turn choke off and it runs fine wide open cutting holes. Once it's warm it idles fine. Thanks ST! I will attempt those and see what happens. I always open the vent on the gas cap when I run it. I'm planning on upgrading to a Nils and a cordless drill for next year, but would like to keep the SM going for a back-up or to sell if I choose to.