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  1. Irratic AutoPilot Steering

    I had the same thing happen to my turned out it was the power head and it cost me about 150 to replace it. The guy at the shop told me that trailering with it mounted on the bow is what takes this out. It does seem to bounce around, but take it for what its worth. I have them repair it at the Bloomington shop and its good as new.
  2. hot tub ??

    If you have a lot of sexy girls to hop in the tub with u then it is worth the investment!
  3. Lakemaster 2010

    I installed the new 2010 lakemaster chip in my lowrance 334c igps and i noticed up on mille lacs last week that it is really slow to load the maps. It does not seem to be that way for smaller lakes, but on mille lacs it would take 20 sec or so.....even if i just zoomed in or out. It is quite annoying since you cannot scan the lake for key spots. I didnt have the problem with my last lakemaster chip which was 2006. Anyone else have this issue? I updated my unit and it still is slow.
  4. Lowrance Problems

    Also, you can disable sounds by hitting the menu button twice and selecting the sound options.
  5. Lowrance Problems

    update the software.....I think the new version is 1.7 first you want to do a hard reset. You will lose all data and it will restore it to the same condition as the day you bought it. Follow this by doing the update....see the HSOforum ( Use a SD card that is formatted to FAT and not FAT 32. If you still have a problem, then it must be something with the unit. I have the same unit.
  6. Lowrance 522c ticking me off

    I have a 334C iGPs and it seems to do it when there is a lot of algea in the water. Other than that , it works fine.
  7. Lowrance update

    Make sure you format the sd card on FAT and not FAT 32. It will not work. I messed with this issue for 20min yesterday. Most new SD cards are not FAT. You can format them on for computer to FAT, the default is FAT 32 and you will have to change this.
  8. Prior Lake Thursday night tourney??

    I heard a rumor that the 5p-9p Thurday night tourneys that go out of Captain Jacks are starting 6/11. I fished these last year, but cannot find any info. Is this true? any help would be appreciated. pete
  9. Prior Lake Thursday night Tourney's

    Last year I started fishing the Thursday night tourneys out of Jacks on Prior Lake, but this year I cannot seem to find any info out on these tourneys. My link to is not working. Is the site down? Does anyone have any info on these tourneys? thanks Pete
  10. cormorants

    I think they are on every lake now....Waconia is loaded with them. If they can do what they think they did to Leech Lake, then these smaller lakes don't have a chance! I bet there is a thousand of them on Coney Island on lake Waconia.
  11. new 2005 crestliner sportfish 1850

    Overall I am estatic about this boat. I love it. It is a huge upgrade from my older 16 ft sea nymph. It had a 50hp evinrude on it and ran well, but I was tired of getting bounced around and wet on the bigger lakes. Thanks for all your inputs.
  12. new 2005 crestliner sportfish 1850

    I have trimmed it out until it starts to bounce, so I know I have utilized that the best I can. I am not too worried about it, 44 is fine with me, I just thought it would do more. As far as, running it full throttle during the break in, I didn't do it the 1st hour and there really is nothing wrong with it as long as you keep your RPM's under the limit and don't sustain the top end for more than a minute or so. That is quoted from my salesman and it even states in the owners manual that the most important thing is to vary the RPMS for the first 2 hours. The main question i had though was does the computer program for the motor limit the RPMS for the break in? I am wondering why my RPM's are that much below the limit. I figured it should top out closer to 5500.
  13. new 2005 crestliner sportfish 1850

    I did play with the trim a little. RPM's are running just over 5000. I believe max is around 5700. I am considering a ss prop with a 21 pitch. Anyone in that category? Any thoughts?
  14. I have a new 1850 sportfish that i purchased a few weeks ago and started the break in period on today. It has a 150hp merc optimax on it. I cruised around for about an hour or so today changing speeds like they recommended etc, but i am a little disappointed in the top end speed(about 44mph). the prop is a 14-1/2x19. I was expecting a little closer to 50mph. Does the electronic control on the motor limit the performance until the break in is complete?
  15. Leaders

    Cut a 16inch of braided line off for use as a leader. It will not affect the lure as much as a steel leader. I do it all the time when I am fishing for bass and pike. I use Berkley 50lb, I have never lost a fish from a bite off with it. If you are fishing purely for Muskies or Pike I would still use the steel leader though. Just in case that tooth catches the line just still may bite off!!