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  1. 2016 Pheasant Survey

    Well was pleasantly surprised first trip out the last weekend in October. Out of our 30 birds we had 23 wild and only 7 pen raised. Usually it's the opposite, we shoot far more pen raised than wild. This past weeks MN Outdoor News had a pretty good article on SD pheasants. They were saying they estimate as many as 1.2 Million birds are released each year! Just think of what things may look like if that wasn't going on. And with more and more habitat being converted to corn and beans the future probably isn't going to see that change much. I wonder what if any effect it has on the Wild population. How much interbreeding goes on etc.
  2. 2016 Pheasant Survey

    Thanks much for the info Dave. I plan on talking with others who are hunting public land in the Chamberlain and Winner areas to see if they are harvesting as high a percentage of pen raised birds as we seem to be. I know when I was first shown how to tell the difference we were kind of shocked at how few wild birds we were finding/harvesting.
  3. 2016 Pheasant Survey

    RunDave....question for you. You say the pen raised birds don't factor into the roadside counts. That's something I've always wondered. So do the lodges have to wait to release birds after the surveys are done? I always thought they released some birds in the spring and then again in August as well as throughout the season to suplement what's been shot. If that's the case, how are those birds not getting counted in the survey? It's always seemed convenient that the highest #s in the "Golden Triangle" are also in tbe area of the highest concentration of lodges. We hunt public land and road rights of way in the Chamberlain and Winner areas, and 80%+ of the birds we shoot are pen raised, showing the humped beak where you can see through the nostrils from the blinders being on them. Last year my dad even shot one that still had the blinders on and we were at leadt 8 miles from any lodges. I wouldn't be the leadt bit surprised if in those areas the survey routes are mapped to go by as many lodge properties as possible to get higher counts.
  4. This issue is still being fought in the legislature. Even for those that don't likeep or want muskies, you should be troubled by the precedent that will be set if this effort to ban musky stocking is successful. What's next, a Lake Association deciding duck hunters are dangerous so they should be banned from "their" lake? Water skiers and jet skiers are annoying them, so get your legislator to kick them of "your" lake? Decide the Walleyes being stocked, into "their" lake which never historically held them, have harmed the pan fish population so the Walleyes must go? Where does it end? We as anglers either want scientists making decisions on our fisheries or we want legislators doing it. I know which I'm in favor of! PLEASE if the idea of legislators doing the jobs of fisheries biologists troubles you contact your Representatives and Senators and encourage them to vote no. If you feel giving those who choose to purchase property around a lake a louder voice than other residents of the state, to whom those waters belong to just as much, is troubling then PLEASE contact your legislators. This is about more than just Muskies. It's about allowing private land owners more influence over PUBLIC resources.

    I would recommend the Cabelas Professional series vacuum sealers. We burned out several of the foodsaver brand, including the game saver model. They just dont seem to hold up as well. Going on 4 years with the one from Cabelas, and still works like new. Cabelas also seems to have some decent prices on Chamber models, but still a lot more $$ than a vacuum model.
  6. Wheel house landings??

    Yep contact Woodland. They are the only ones I know of that do any plowing on ice. Im sure you could get a spot cleared for your house.
  7. Harvey If the rifle is still available please send pics to
  8. Are the panfish sweetheart and tripwire sill available? Is the tripwire the light, medium light or walleye model? Sweetheart have inside or outside guides?
  9. Nice prizes but it sucks for folks who dont want to sign up for Facebook in order to enter!
  10. Score on this deer?

    I apologize for my comments. Just find it troubling the way our "sport" is heading. p.s. for those who think it really is "to each his own" please tell me how APR fits that bill?
  11. Score on this deer?

    Who cares! Hunt for the enjoyment of being outdoors and all the wonders of nature you encounter while out there. Hunt for the high quality meat your able to put on the table doing so. Hunt for the memories with family and friends.
  12. gas mileage

    Doing your own math as to miles driven on a given amount of fuel gives a much more accurate reading of MPG than the "real time" read outs do! Those real time read outs all depend on whether you look at it going up a hill, down a hill, on the gas, coasting to a stop etc. The ONLY way to get your avg MPG is to "do the math".
  13. Thanks Wanderer I missed that in skimming over the 6 pages!
  14. Still wondering...where did the slug end up? Was it found inside the truck? Do any further damage to the interior? Take out the opposite window?
  15. Local source for TurDucHen?

    $99 for 10lb! Quite a bit more than many of the online places. Seen quite a few of them that were $59.99 or $69.965 for a 15lb. But apparently none of them ship after today, and by the time I tried to place an order it wouldnt have been processed in time to ship today. Dont need it the week after Thanksgiving! Going to keep doing some more looking. Maybe check with a couple butchers to see if they can order one. I will post if I find one and if so how it turns out.